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  1. Hello, I was also able to register via off-line registration. So all is good. As for Registry issues, as I said before, I"ve only run Version 5 on this PC but did un-intstall and re-install to try and solve the problem. Happy to be back in business. Thanks for the help. John
  2. Matt, I"m sorry but it i still does not work. I double-checked the name license key for spaces/ I would add that the error message changed to this one after Mike said he fixed something about my license. I think the previous messages was something about my license not covering this version. I have also unistalled and and reinstalled the software. I would note again that I have never had version four installed on this PC. Thanks again for your help. I was enjoying the new version. I had gotten all my current tunes updated and was working on some new stuff when the update came out.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if it was because I'd never actually installed version 4 on this system? I can try that. John Lamar
  4. Hi I was using the 5.016 beta without any problems. It expired. I downloaded and installed the 5.018 beta. But my 4.7 license not seem to work. It still is in demo. I have tried register online button. does. not help. Any ideas Thanks John Lamar
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