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  1. LightORamaDan wrote: I knew that there was a subconscious reason I chose LOR!!!!! GO Huskers!!!!! (Relatives all over NE all over including Columbus.) Matt
  2. BobinFL wrote: I paid target to do it for me.... Not real pumpkins, plastic with light bulbs included.
  3. Rod Evans wrote: Just send him a PM or email. Not to speak for him, but he has been very gracious in sharing sequences in the past. If not let me know and I can send you the one that I've done for Time Warp from RHPS. I won't send you his, that's NWSanta's decision to make. Have fun, pumpkins are easy... Start on your christmas programming now. Good luck. Matt
  4. The locks that you are looking for are called security terminators or locking terminators. They are removed with a tool like the one below. Search for CATV tools, the most popular is the gilbert variety. Helps to have 100's of them floating around the truck, and the benifit of your employeer supplying the tools to put them on... Just promise to only use them on your dispay and dont' get in trouble using them on your CATV service... no endorsement of the following links, just what I found with a quick google search Tool http://www.customtoolsupply.com/product_info.php?products_id=175 http://mccartenco.net/product.php?productid=1289 Termiator http://www.appliedtel.com/Site/Shop/ProductView.aspx?prdID=664&asctgID=43 http://www.yourbroadbandstore.com/product.php?pid=073674&r=CPC01
  5. To clarify Tim's post a little bit more. It's 15 amps per side only if you are powering from 2 separately circuit breakered 15 amp outlets and are not jumpering power between the two sides of the board. Matt
  6. I've found the spreadsheets created by Rick Williams VERY Helpful in caclulating power needs and controller loads. It makes it really simple to balance things out. It also higlights when you are out of range on amperage on a per channel basis or full controller basis. Give it a try, I highly reccomend it! http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/12.html Matt
  7. NWSanta, here are some pictures at least, still havn't gotten a chance to work on the video yet. Matt Attached files
  8. Gotcha, that makes sense... Any other issues anyone see's?
  9. I'm getting ready to install additional outlets for my lighting controllers on my breaker box. Is there any reason that I can't just use a 40 amp (20 per side) 220 volt breaker and outlet that is then wired to the LOR controller (with the appropriate jumpers switched out)? I would be wiring this to a 4 wire outlet so I would have the 2 hots, nuteral and ground all running to the controller. Not only would it save some wiring in the controller but it would simplfy some of my house wiring issues. Thanks, Matt
  10. I'll have a video up as soon as I can figure out why the heck adobe premier keeps outputting 115MB files for a 3 minute video... Youtube just laughs and chokes. Funny thing is that no matter the quality or screen size I cant get the size below the 100mb limit. I'm missing something, I just have to figure it out. Matt
  11. Hey all, Thanks to NW santa (and his wife) My 10 pumpkins are singing away. I finished sequencing Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show a couple of weeks ago and thought that those that are using the same idea could use it. You can get the music mp3 from here: http://hyperfileshare.com/d/dea7a8ff Video to soon follow... Matt Attached files Time Warp 3.lms
  12. Is there any chance of you sharing the lor sequencing and other related files? Want to try and get the same type of thing going but running out of time to sequence both halloween and christmas this year.... Darn this new hobby.... Maybe post to LORsequences.com or email? Matt
  13. MattCole

    Extention Cords

    evana wrote: Ok I don't feel as bad now... Now I just have to find the $1 ones to make my deal work...;)
  14. MattCole

    Extention Cords

    man I would kill for this kind of deal... $1 per 50' cord... I'll have to check at our fleemarkets around here.
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