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  1. Tried to download some of the RGB star props found in the shared props thread and all I get is this error message: Not Found The requested URL /uploads/imported/316317=17274-4 was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. In fact, this is the same message I get when trying to download anything from the shared props forum. Server problems? dave
  2. Hoping to add singing faces to my Halloween and Christmas displays this year, but I have questions and hoping some experienced users can chime in: LED or Incandescent? Icans are much cheaper, but what do you do if a single bulb in the middle of a run burns out? How bendable is 3/8" Rope light? Is there a general difference in bendability of LED vs. Icans? Cutting interval: 20" cutting intervals are harder to find and much more expensive. What's the best source for 20" for either LED or Icans? Thanks guys dave
  3. I use Waterproof 3-lead pigtails on each end of the string, and I solder and shrink tube every solder point. My philosophy is to over-engineer every connection so that I only have to do it once.
  4. Hi guys, A few people had questions at the Virginia Mini yesterday about my soffet mounted pixels. I didn't have pics with me yesterday, so I'm posting a couple here. These pixels are permanently mounted, and I use them to light up the house for the just about every Holiday - Red for Valentines, Green for St. Patty's, RWB for 4th of July, etc. It's nice to have a way to turn on some lights without having to set up and take down each time I want to celebrate. I'm using 1/2" white aluminum J-Channel from Home depot. Each pixel is mounted in a 1/2" drilled hole spaced as evenly as possible. The the J-channel is just screwed directly into whatever feels solid at the edge of my soffet. I really have no idea what I'm drilling into, but its highly unlikely I'll hit any high voltage. And these strips have been mounted for the last full year with no problems - which is a testament to the highly durable nature of bullet style pixels. My mounting system is a blatant copy of what someone else showed here on the forum a couple years ago - but his name escapes me right now or I'd give proper credit where its due.
  5. Hi Andy and Matt, Thanks again for hosting the mini yesterday. Had a great time meeting new people and seeing new ways to use lighting. A couple people asked about my soffet mounted pixels. I have a few pics to share, but I don't think the Vendor Marketplace would be the right place. I'll open another thread under General Decorating Questions. dave #1
  6. Two of us from North of Wash DC will be there. Looking forward to it!
  7. Figured it out. Had pins 4 and 5 reversed. Doh! Now its working like a charm.
  8. Is there a tutorial for running the CTB16 in DMX? Or some clear info on pin assignment? Specifically, I'm converting to all DMX this year and I'm attempting to control the CTB16 via DMX output from a port on a San Devices 6804. I've got the 6804 port set for DMX output, and built a Cat 5 cable with connector as follows: 6804 Data (HOT) out to pin 5 " " common (Cold) to pin 4 " " Ground out to pin 6 I've got come communication when testing - all lights either on or off, even when some of the channels are not selected. Some data is getting through, but none is correct. Do I have the pins connected wrong on the cat5 cable? I am using a CTB16 Gen 3. Any help would be great Thanks dave
  9. Downloaded singing faces sequence for Ghostbusters from Stuarts dropbox (Thanks Stuart!) But the sequence ends - or a better description would be cuts off - at 2:47. The Ghostbusters song continues out to 4:04. Is anyone else seeing the same thing? Or is the problem on my end? thanks dave
  10. The Vegas odds of a beta release on or before March 31 are 50/50.
  11. I'd like to see a demo of combining Superstar effects with Nutcracker. I assume you'll just import SS into this new pixel editor and fill in the blank spaces with NC effects. It will be nice to see it all on the same preview. Open up your wallets - LOR isn't giving this away for free.
  12. Figured it out - Had to set my CMB24 to Start Channel 1 - which is the same dip switch settings as if it was Controller 1. Also moved the jumpers to DMX control, and built my RJ45 cable to Data +/- on pins 1 and 2, and gnd on pin 8.
  13. While I'm patiently waiting for new software to be released, I decided to begin my hardware shift to all DMX. I've got a few 6804s and 2 CMB24Ds used for floods. When reading through SanDevices documentation, I see that I can output one of the ports in DMX. Can I use that port as my bridge for DMX into the CMB24? I know how to make the RJ45 DMX cable (google is my friend). Just wondering if anyone has done this already. And if it is possible, do I set the 6804 port Universe (in my case I'm up to Universe 13) to match the address settings on the CMB24 - also set to Universe 13? Or am I asking the wrong questions again? Thanks dave
  14. Check for channels 511 and 512. Those two channels get ignored in each universe. I'm not the right guy to explain, but delete 511 and 512 from your NC setup for each universe and see if the channel count matches when you are done.
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