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  1. For sale

    Following, if you decide to part out equipment please let us know. I think you will not have problem to sell ctb16 by themselves alone. Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  2. Looking for Enttec USB DMX dongle

    nice, i just got 5pin enttec from ebay for $47
  3. Video Projection from Inside House sync'd

    I happy for you. All working... Look at ebay. Lots of NEC projectors 2000 lumens and up. I like NEC cause you may setup sleep future. Projector will be in sleep mode till you start playing video. It will save you lamp houts alot And It will go back to sleep if now video. They have that future i think from 2008 version projectors.
  4. Video Projection from Inside House sync'd

    PS, 10C dont project black screen - Project Falling snowflakes or just some christmas loops, you may find some free on Web, put them before and after your video - IMO,,, here is some i found for you Link HERE
  5. Video Projection from Inside House sync'd

    You correct 100%! you will need create mpg4 File, Software if your choice, I never use Sony, it shouldn't be that hard, Im Adobe user. but its always same concept, You will have your Main Audio track and you will need to add video, put video on exact time spot, and on video track disable your Audio or when you rip video , rip only video without audio! Im using MacX DVD Ripper Pro, i found it at ISOHUNT website. You gona be ok with VGA cable, i was using 100f! In lor Sequnce editor you will need setup video Playback and make sure it set to play on full screen - just look in forums, basically if you playing show from laptop - your projector gona be same as second monitor on vga output! - simple test - before doing full setup with projector you can setup second monitor at vga cable! Just remember LOR does Not have Media Player, its using Windows media player to play files!
  6. Video Projection from Inside House sync'd

    Also. I dont know how long you can run hdmi but i run SVGA cable 100 feet no problem
  7. Video Projection from Inside House sync'd

    LOR can play inly 1 media file from show computer like wav mp3 or mpg4. Yes you will need extract video clips from dvd-rip them out. And yes. You have to edit them. Pls provide more info. Do you need to show video in window all the time.during sequence or Window will be dark and in some point of sequnce video will appears in window. Im doing this dor halloween for 4 years front projection for pumpkins and rear inhouse projection for witch. And im using Wal-Mart FROST shower curtain. Pls tell me detail how you wona Play it. I think i can help
  8. Video Projector Cable

    I did 100 ft !!!! with vga cable from china ebay or aliexpress. Work great. No loss quality. Just get it. Its cheap. No need to mess with connectors or adapters and no worry about ground shielding issues.
  9. controllers forsale

    Dennis. I send you email
  10. Im using brightSign players HD2000 and trigger them with dmx relays. Next year goal to add 1 more projector for projecton mapping.
  11. Our 2016 show with Animatronics and Pneumatic props. All run by LOR s4 PS. Don't pay attention to skeleton, that bone head is quitter. Enjoy
  12. Hello. trying to split lor and dmx networks. looking for Working Enttec DMX usb dongle Thanks
  13. USB485 problem

    i wiil follow this, i got similar problem too
  14. Hardware Utility can't find Comm Port

    If I use dmx mode to run LOR controllers and also dmx (not lor controllers ). In in lor network Under LOR tab Do I Have to Use Com port and Under DMX tab my usb dongle? Or I can just use DMX and set Com port to none?
  15. Hello. Running CTB16 and 2 servodogs in dmx mode. Using LOR usb dongle. All addresses set property and dmx working. Issue 1 When in SE DITOR and saving sequence losing connection to controllers. Red lights start blinking. I have to uplug and plug cat5 cable from 1st controller to restore connection 4.5 times. Question. In network utility do I have to list COM3 in LOR tab ? In DMX tab my controller listed. And DMX listener running. Issue 2 Servodog changing Id number by itself Im changing manual again and agin. I even did firmware update.