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  1. If you are still sharing I would love them all! gork68@hotmail.com thx!
  2. this is my sisters favorite! would love a copy please, James. TIA! gork68@hotmail.com
  3. I would love a copy as well, James. TIA! gork68@hotmail.com
  4. I would love a copy James. TIA! gork68@hotmail.com
  5. I would also like a copy. Thank you! gork68@hotmail.com
  6. one of the best pieces of advice I was given was to forget about extension cords... buy bulk spt wire and vampire plugs. This was my first year and it took me 4,000 feet of wire and hundreds of plugs. This saved a ton of money compared to the price of extension cords and it was a beautiful thing to roll out from the spool exactly the length of wire I needed for the application. Another great piece of advice is labeling... label EVERYTHING! this might not seem like a big deal the first year because you know what you are working on right now but the next year you wont have a clue!
  7. I have not used those but I have many of the bullet nodes. I zip tied them to structures (ferris wheel, tomato cage mini trees etc...) with a zip tie on each side of the bullet node they stay in place and look great. I assume the square ones would work even better... I used the strips for my arches and star and plan on outlining the house this year. soldering isn't hard... if you don't do it or haven't in awhile, just grab some solder and old wire and practice... you will get the hang of it soon enough. then bends, corners etc... will be no issue for you. the strips are awesome to zip tie to PVC. but the real question is which do you prefer?!? because nodes and strips look very different. you can always buy a little of each and see which you prefer. you may find that you like one for one project and another for something else. I covered my bushes in nodes which looks awesome but I don't think they would look very good with strips
  8. I used the following: sales@holidaycoro.com I have also used their chat feature on the site as well as phone number. Never had an issue with talking to someone if not immediately then certainly that same day.
  9. this was my first year doing anything at all... a complete noob. I started with 4 LOR controllers but fell in love with RGB. I started bugging and harassing David at holiday coro and ended up with 5000 RGB channels on top of the 64 LOR channels. His prices are good even not on sale especially when you factor in all the videos, articles, email, chat and phone calls... Yes David is a wonderful guy to purchase from. He always made sure every question was fully answered and that I knew exactly what I was doing. His product, prices, support and warranties are top notch. I highly recommend checking out David at holiday coro. I plan on buying more from him for next season as I am going to do a pixel mega tree, a matrix as well as outline the house in RGB.
  10. Hey Bill! Welcome to the madness! you are going to love it tho This is my first year and I have the great fortune to have a spouse that not only doesn't complain about this hobby but pushes me to do more... Starting out slow is probably a good idea that I didn't do. I thought that I would just get a few controllers and automate my existing display... well I have been decorating a static display for a dozen years and add to it every year. so I figured 4 controllers - 64 channels would be a good jumping off point with all I have. I got all that done and thought hmmm I sure do like RGB's... so then I built 4 RGB arches and incorporated that into my shows. then we started putting lights up in October and the wife was having trouble with the net lets on the bushes. she didn't want to fool around with them any more and wanted to replace them. I said hey why replace them with more stupid net lights... lets do RGB!!! so then I covered the bushes with 1100 pixels then I got all that done and incorporated into the show and the wife says, "you know I really love my ferris wheel and wish you would get that working again..." so I cut off all the lights from it and get more RGB's I figured since I was going to get another controller for the RGB's on the ferris wheel I would have a few more outputs that I could do something with... so I built pixel trees. I barely got that finished and incorporated into the show before thanksgiving. Then once the show started I had time on my hands and a few extra RGB pixels so I thought, hmmm it would be nice to replace my boring static star over the stable in the nativity scene. so I built a 5 foot RGB pixel star. so yeah word of caution... this hobby is addictive and time consuming so be careful! Oh also, you will use lots Lots LOTS of extension cords... one of the best pieces of advice I got from these forums is to buy SPT wire and vampire plugs and make my own. I have 4000 feet of cord
  11. I have been all LED for years for many reasons - power for one obviously but I also love the brightness and colors. I have been decorating the house for more than a dozen years with a static display and this was my first year attempting to automate it. I was adding a ton of new stuff and my house has one single circuit outside... so I had an electrician come out and install 4 new circuits to make sure I would be fine. I have over 25,000 lights and I added 1660 RGB pixels (I know I am crazy, first year and I throw in 1660 pixels). so for grins and giggles I decide to route everything through my kill-a-watt meter while everything is on and at full power and RGB's @ 100% white... I laughed when I saw that it pulled just under 9 amps total...
  12. would love a copy of this as well, TIA gork68@hotmail.com
  13. I don't know what I need to be able to pump everything I have... I have thousands of pixels over 20 universes and the netbook has trouble at 3 universes. the nice thing is it became an issue at a great time! with all the deals going on this weekend I order an intel i7 4970k 16 gigs ram an ssd and everything else to make a very nice show computer for only $600!!! This way I know my show computer will be able to keep up for a few years as I continue to add...
  14. I am wondering what kind of horse power it takes you guys to run a large display? I ask because I thought I would use a new netbook I have lying around that is 1.6 ghz proc and 2 gig ram but it is not enough for my display... It runs the show fine with just LOR channels and 2 DMX universes but once a 3rd universe is added it starts to studder and hiccup. I tried to run all 20 universes I have but it hangs for a fraction of a second on 2 second intervals. It is a problem with the computer running the show because I have a massive gaming rig I built and I ran the show from it with no problem at all... I obviously don't want to use that as my show computer so I am going to build one for the show. so if you are running LOR channels and 20 universes of DMX e1.31 what would 'minimum' requirements be on a show computer?
  15. would love this one as well please, gork68@hotmail.com
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