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  1. Sounds great Brian. Any idea when this might be released? I could use it right away. Hopefully it will be included in next beta release.
  2. 12 ribbon Candle from Jamills706.zipWith permission of the original author/designer, Jamills706, I am uploading a zip of his 24 ribbon candle converted to a 12 ribbon file. Because he had twice the resolution horizontally, I had to change the very nice candle base with handle to a very plain base. Thanks again Jamills706 for your design.
  3. Since I don't have any "coro monsters" (nor want any since I'm all RGB), I wanted to know if anyone has done a 12 or 16 ribbon tree Halloween sequence. I have "Google it" and have no "hits" so far. The sources to buy sequences seem to oriented towards Christmas for the ribbon tree. Even Brian, who has an alter EGO related to Halloween type critters. I've been playing around with some SuperStar animations in a file (not a real sequence, but more a collection of a set of Clip Board items that could be pasted in a real sequence). My display, if I do one will be just the "tree" (no audio as I live in place I couldn't stop traffic for a display), and a couple of plastic pumpkins and some spider lights. I've been working on some typical Halloween graphics such as ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, witches and so on, but I'm not a great artist and would like to see what others might have created and be willing to share. I would be happy to share my file, once I learn how to upload it or put in Drop Box or some cloud server. I guess I need to figure out how to record my visualization and post on line. What might be the best way to do a screen recording, with cheap or free software for a windows box? TIA Mike
  4. I received my "molded back" star last week. The star arrived quickly and was well packaged. The area at the top of my "Midi Tree" (Too big for a Mini, too small for a Mega) is 3/4" plywood. The tree has 16 strands of 50 count 12mm pixels spaced 2" apart in the new plastic strips from Boscoyo, and is a 2D tree. The final "legs measure approximately 9' tall, therefore, I call it a Middle Sized Tree or Midi. I removed 6 of the machine screws from the around the edge of the star and replaced them with longer screws to pass through the plywood. Double nutted the screw with one nut holding the molded back to the star's front piece and the other on the back of the plywood with fender washer. Thanks Brian for a quality product.
  5. Count me in on this request too. I would also like to "turn off" auto clip at times.
  6. On further review, the same holds true for the smooth effects. The clip window is only 6 ribbons wide.
  7. Hi Brian, I am using SuperStar version 4.0.16 with a dmx visualization with key words with a 12 string MegaTree as the first 12 columns and column 13 is the six row star. I works fine on the sequences I create with it. When I open a sequence I did last year and import my current visualization, the clip window is allowing only the first 6 columns to show on animated images. Any way to fix this other than one image action at a time? Thanks for your consideration. Mike
  8. Thanks, Matt. Didn't even occur to me that the two reds in a "box" would be the key by changing one. Palm to forehead.
  9. I can do a Colorwash in nutcracker/xlights just fine. However, in PE I'm not sure what to do to get the same effect. Even a simple change from red to green over time. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Mike
  10. Saw this bug too, a mini Tree with 6 legs of 10 pixels each. Only 5 of the legs got exported. Was going to report it today, but now don't have to. Waiting for the next release. Thanks for finding it so quick Brian.
  11. Thanks Brian for the quick service. Glad to know I can update soon.
  12. I really like SuperStar. I've been trying to setup a DMX style Viz file to let me sequence several objects, A 12 ribbon MegaTree w/4 channel Star (incan), a miniTree (6 legs with 10 pixels each and a single incan star), an Outline Tree with 50 pixels on each side and single incan star, and 150 pixel bulbs on the eves, I've gotten the Viz file working well except for one thing, the incan. stars. They will only work if they are on the last column on the far right of the sequencing grid. I have the 12 ribbon tree on the first 12 columns with the star the 13th column. then some blank columns followed by the mini tree, outlilne tree, and roof line. I'm using Superstar dmx commands on the comment line of the props, for example superstar dmx=2,1 row=1 column=1 for the first leg of the Ribbon Tree. I used superstar dmx=1,1 row=1 column=13 for the first part of the MegaTree star. However, if I import it into superstar and place a proper effect in the box it will not work unless I move the star to the far right column, for instance "superstar dmx=1,1 row=1 column=27". Any tricks to getting this to work? Thanks for taking a look. Mike
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