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  1. Nader, any chance of getting a copy. Thanks in advance mwilwand@mts.net
  2. A copy would be awesome please mwilwand@mts.net
  3. I would love a copy please, Pentatonix , one of my favorite groups! Thanks, mwilwand@mts.net
  4. I would too love a copy......running 80 channels this year. Thanks in advance.............mwilwand@mts.net
  5. Brian, can I use your "do you hear what I hear" sequence please. my email is mwilwand@mts.net Thanks in advance
  6. yeah.........been a crappy year for this house and its members.......I'm behind this year and added 2 more controllers, can anyone help out with some 80 channel sequences? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! mwilwand@mts.net
  7. Hi Matt, I'm scrambling this year..........too many kids to raise, lol! Can you help me out please. Jingle bells and rockin around the xmas tree, and maybe one or two more........Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! mwilwand@mts.net
  8. James......can I get a copy too? Thanks in advance! mwilwand@mts.net
  9. I would love to try these out, my first year with 80 chanels.....my second year with lor....thanks in advance......mwilwand@mts.net
  10. Hi Sarge..................just added to more controllers this year......still calling myself a newbie though......would love a copy. Thanks in advance! mwilwand@mts.net
  11. Hi Sarge, hate to bother, you had sent me some last year, but I was an idiot and didn't back anything up. I too am a newbie, trying to set up 48 channels this year. Can you send me the following, and thanks in advance!! Merry Christmas from Winnipeg Manitoba!! 5, 11, 22, 29, 31, 37, and 51
  12. My 4 girls would absolutely love you if I can have a copy. Thanks in advance. mwilwand@mts.net
  13. I too would love a copy. My second year doing the lights, not having much luck finding the songs as I live in canada and amazon.com wont let me buy because of where I live. mwilwand@mts.net thanks again. Mike
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