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  1. At witts end

    I resolved the problem it was my channel #ing I numbered them 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 it should have been 4....9.AbAc.10 etc thank you for all the help it was a great help learning exprence.
  2. At witts end

    I have a 12 string 50 pixel mega tree I am running it with a pixie 16D using only 12 channels. I have checked the wiring and rechecked It, it is hooked up right. I checked the lights by swapping them around they all work I even went as far as buying a new controller still the same thing channels 1, 9, 10, 11 ,12 do not work. I checked the unit ID even took all the wires apart and reconnected them any ideas would be greatly appreciated .
  3. Pixie 16D

    I hook up my pixie 16D and only 1/2 the first string lights up. I push the test button all the lights go through the test stage. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  4. Pixie 16D

    JR, I just up graded to 4.3.24 HU found the controller right off no more unknown device. I renumbered the channels in the sequences and let the controller do the rest. It works fine right colors and all I appreciate all the help you are a life saver.
  5. Pixie 16D

    JR, Ok then that is where I am going wrong I am #ing all the channels myself not letting the computer do it for me. I will update the software to ver 4.3.18 tonight. Thanks 16 days till I start to put up my lights and I am starting to panic my mega tree is the hart and soul of my display.
  6. Pixie 16D

    Do I need to use the 0A 0A etc? I numbered mine 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19. I upgraded my lic to pro but did not upgrade yet I am using 4.3.26. Thanks for the info.
  7. At witts end

    I run sequence editor I run the sequence I tried all my sequences it is the same with them all. Thanks,
  8. At witts end

    I ran test mode today and the channels still did not work which would lead me to think the bulbs are but I can change the strings around and they work. It is just those 5 ports that do not work on 2 different controllers. The ports and channels use to work 12 ports 150 channels per port. They used to work then one by one they stopped I have power to the ports. Thanks,
  9. CB100D controller

    Ok thanks
  10. CB100D controller

    I hook my controller it is a ( CB100D) I am not running it in DMX mode I am running a sequence I have all the bulbs set to red the first two strings everything is good the bulbs are red the last two strings are blue even though they are set for red. There is only one controller hooked up so there is no chance of having mixed up channels. Thanks in advance
  11. CB100D controller

    Start is 0 and end is 100%
  12. CB100D controller

    how do I check that?
  13. CB100D controller

    This shows up now What does it mean? Thanks
  14. CB100D controller

    YES I did it is not checked
  15. CB100D controller

    I am using bulbs
  16. CB100dmx controler

    I have my controller it is a ( CB100D) I am not running it in DMX mode set up I am running a sequence I have all the bulbs set to red the first two strings everything is good the bulbs are red. The last two strings are blue only one controller is connected to the computer so I know there is not a channel conflict. I went through everything I can think of even reset the controller. Thanks in advance
  17. Visualizer Not Working

    Since I added my RGB channels nothing in the visualizer works I believe that I set all the channels up correctly unit# color and channel #.
  18. Visualizer Not Working

    I upgraded my license the channels are in LOR they worked before I added the RGB lights.
  19. Pixie 16D

    This worked I up graded my license and assigned each port an ID worked like a charm. Thanks for all the help. Now I need to figure how to import the sequence from pixel editor to sequence editor. to get the most from my mega tree. Again thanks.
  20. Pixie 16D

    Do I need to up grade my license ? I am running basic plus does it support that many channels? Thanks
  21. Pixie 16D

  22. visualizer

    When I try to use the visualizer an error comes up states that windows time is running backwards reboot is needed. I rebooted my computer several times but the error still pops up. Thanks,
  23. visualizer

    I did that even took out the battery. It never did this before.
  24. Superstar

    When I Use super star auto sequence it does not use two of my channels. Can any one assist? Thanks,
  25. Superstar

    Yes it did work thanks