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  1. Pink Floyd Time

    I would like a copy please. again thanks
  2. Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    JR, Is this for the singing faces if so could I get a copy please? Once again Thanks,
  3. JR, could I get a copy of this I have it set to lights and can add the faces to it. Thanks for all your sharing.
  4. Singing Trees sequences?

    Could I get a copy please? Thanks in advance. tbuff23@msn.com
  5. JR, I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing. tbuff23@msn.com
  6. Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

    If you are willing I would like a copy of It's The Most Wonderful Time of The year. Thanks, tbuff23@msn.com
  7. Singing faces light sequences

    I’m looking for singing face sequences for Christmas any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. tbuff23@msn.com
  8. CCBII

    Ok the ID # was wrong I have 1/2 the string working. I need to change the unit ID mode but it is grayed out the manual is not much help does anyone know how to change it to dual normal CCB two unit ID's? Thanks for the help
  9. CCBII

    I set up another controller CCR IT WORKS FINE
  10. CCBII

    The controller is a CCBII 2 strings 100 bulbs each string
  11. CCBII

    3.24 PRO the comm port is good. The channels could be wrong I right clicked the last channel added new device and am starting over with the numbering It set it up as 2 controllers and gives me the 600 channels 300 per sting.
  12. CCBII

    Ok I set the max ID to FO and I found the controller I can test the lights in hardware utility but not in SE.
  13. CCBII

    I purchased a CCBII pulled it out of the box I tried set it up but no luck. The red light flashes then turns solid So I know it is seen by the computer. I set up the RGB channels in SE it will only let me do 512. I have CCB II with 200 lights which = 600 channels. The Hardware utility will not even recognize the controller Do I need to set up 2 channels one for each string? Thanks in advance!!!!
  14. Anyone have a Singing Snowman Prop?

    If you could, could you send a copy to me also? It would be greatly appreciated. e mail isTbuff23@msn.com
  15. At witts end

    I resolved the problem it was my channel #ing I numbered them 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 it should have been 4....9.AbAc.10 etc thank you for all the help it was a great help learning exprence.