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  1. Jr, Could I get a copy please? Again thanks,
  2. JR, Using audacity have all my songs converted and it seems to be working better, Thanks again for all the help.
  3. I opened audacity and I am lost can I get your word document? I get my music from youtube and convert it to a Mp3 or Mp4 and copy it to my sequence. Again thank you for all the help I don't know to much but just enough to make me dangerous.
  4. Yea it helps a lot I have the audacity and see what happens. Thanks
  5. What do you consider a network? I have 3 RGB controllers and 2 regular controllers. They run a mega tree 12 strings (RGB), 2 singing bulbs(RGB) and a singing snowman. Thanks for the help,
  6. JR, I am using a USB485 and it seems to be dragging my singing faces just are quite matching up. I have a lot of RGB channels now Can I change the 485 to high speed and get a better out put? Thanks,
  7. tbuff23

    Pink Floyd Time

    I would like a copy please. again thanks
  8. tbuff23

    Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    JR, Is this for the singing faces if so could I get a copy please? Once again Thanks,
  9. JR, could I get a copy of this I have it set to lights and can add the faces to it. Thanks for all your sharing.
  10. tbuff23

    Singing Trees sequences?

    Could I get a copy please? Thanks in advance. tbuff23@msn.com
  11. JR, I'd love a copy. Thanks for sharing. tbuff23@msn.com
  12. tbuff23

    Sharing 2 Singing face sequences

    If you are willing I would like a copy of It's The Most Wonderful Time of The year. Thanks, tbuff23@msn.com
  13. tbuff23

    Singing faces light sequences

    I’m looking for singing face sequences for Christmas any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. tbuff23@msn.com
  14. tbuff23


    Ok the ID # was wrong I have 1/2 the string working. I need to change the unit ID mode but it is grayed out the manual is not much help does anyone know how to change it to dual normal CCB two unit ID's? Thanks for the help
  15. tbuff23


    I set up another controller CCR IT WORKS FINE