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  1. I take two skimmer poles for my swimming pool rig thre parts together so that they will still telescope to various lengths at the one end I tape a 1 inch opened end wrench to the pole and hook my lights on it this way as you go around the tree you can set your pole at diff. lenghts and use the wrench to adjust where u want your lights my tree is about 35 ft tall maybe more But as someone said make sure no power lines are present all my lines are in the rear of my house
  2. can you get parts for the controllers at radio shack? I have one of my controllers one channel wont close lights stay on all the time the other controller has a bad channel as well it doesnt have any power in it was just curious if radio shack sells any parts that will be good enough to make these repairs .. Once I figure out what the problem is! any help would be appreciated
  3. this one was pre assembled we just added the pigtails..funny bought three of em this past year one totaly to assemble the other two just add pigtails and we are only having trouble with the ones pre assembled lol
  4. I have one channel that stays lit all the time even when I go to hardware utility and try to shut it off it still stays lit all the other channels work fine with that controller as per earlier post I had water issues with that side of the controller and replaced the fuse on that side and plugged this perticuliar light into a non controlled circut and all was fine plugged everything back into controller and left for a few hrs when upon my return home that darn light was on and was unable to turn it off without unplugging it from the controller. Do I have a bad triad??
  5. O.K. I thought I had everything waterproffed by using about 14 rolls of GOOD electrical tape on all my plug connections. I guess not!! 2 controllers down due to GFCI's tripping!! Iam i the only one with these problems? What does everyone else do to proctect their shows??
  6. I haven't had a chance to check mine out weather has been crappy but sounds like we have the same issues like you all we did was connect the pigtails:?
  7. lit mine up tonite had people taking pics of it 20 mins after first lighting pretty neat
  8. could the plug end be wired in wrong i .e. neutral to hot hot to neutral ground to neutral etc etc would this cause the problem? this was a unit that i had to add the cords to it
  9. did all that new lights old lights same results where would one look for trouble on the board??
  10. Like Tom last year was my first year to kinda rushed thru it all it looked good .But this year I planned a bit more and took more time to details when hanging lights and doing sequences. The finished product is awesome!! Merry christmas
  11. My first test was fine too Son -in _law said ya shoulda seen my face grinnin from ear to ear had a few bugs to work out wrong channel assignment was thie biggest error one channel kicks breaker luckily it was for my rudolf he was just a fill in any way Fri night count down started YIPPEE
  12. On controller # 4 Channel 15 pops the gfi when i plug a srtand of 100 lights in it plug those same lights in another channel every thing works fine whats up with this?
  13. shg

    cat5 cable

    Thanks so not much differrance
  14. Light-O-Rama sure does rock If this keeps up I'm gonna need a bigger house for a larger SHOW!!!!
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