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  1. Thanks, I uninstalled AGIN, closed all programs, temp disabled anit virus,spam etc, then tried again. I'm still getting the same message. Ahh Gonna contact one of the previous posters who offered remote. Thanks Tim
  2. Ok all, I did the wipe. Still having smae issue. I foolowed the instructions, Remove LOR, reboot, run wipe, reboot, try to install program. Same thing. I'll contact the people who offered a remote type help. Tim
  3. Ok questions guys... I clicked on the new link provided for the LORRegistryWipe.exe, then cliccked 'Run", then got a window that reads..." LORRegistryWipe.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer" So my question is, 1) I didn't hit the "download" button,I clicked on "run" and 2) my options are delete, action, or view download. Which one do I click on? Sorry, I just don't wanna make matters worse. Thanks Tim
  4. Thanks all, I am in the middle of some last minute Hurricane Irene prep (just outside of Phila),but will contact the ones who kindly offered some remote help. HUGE thanks!!! I'll contact you soon, before power goes out. Tim
  5. I tried the wipe, and got this message, REQUESTED PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Sorry, but the requested page no longer exists or is currently being updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Don, Yes I removed or uninstalled LOR after the first attempt, then reboot, then tried again. Still nothing. Anything that was suggested I tried. I need someone who know this program well and someone who knows what they are talking about in regards to installing the program. It appears the forum suggestions are not cutting it, and just maybe a verbal conversations/walk thru. This should not be that difficult right? I mean this is a company that sells software for a living. I will say that glitches can happen, I may be doing something wrong, etc, whatever the case, I should be able to get someone to get this program installed without have to go back and forth in a thread 2 months ago 18 times, and still no resolution. Now a phone call, and the know one answers, the voice mail doesn't work and then no response to an email. Come on, I have a damn good reason here to be frustrated. Anyone ? T
  7. Jldavis, I contacted them 3-4 days ago, has nothing to do with the storm. t
  8. here is the link to the thread from 2 months ago http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=26669&forum_id=72&highlight=tim+p
  9. Hey Don thanks, Below is the email I just sent about 3 days ago. Also I'll include a link to the thread in regards to this topic that I started about a month ago. Email:body Good afternoon, I got a new laptop around Christmas, however had no need at the time to sequence or run show from new laptop. the show was running on old pc. About 2 months ago I tried to install on the new laptop (hp, windows 7, 500 gig hard, 2 ram, )and could not. I read everything I could find on the LOR page, posted issue on forums ( got several suggestions from admin, I think Bob), and even asked fellow users. Could not get past the error. I put the issue aside and gave up. I now really need to get this installed, so can someone PLEASE help me get this installed on my new laptop. It appears the install is almost complete , but then can't run. I get to a window that says, " Installation is complete Light-O-Rama has all the information it needs to run. Click next to begin. And thank you for choosing Light-O-Rama. (there is no button that says "begin", however I hit the obvious button that says "finish". The error is, "Error: Bad file name on number Or step: Install Demos." Then I click "OK" and a new window opens up. It reads, "Light-O-Rama is not correctly installed." Please help me get the software installed asap. Thanks Tim
  10. Hey all, I simply need the software installed in my new laptop and am having issues. I called LOR and now answer, also Voice mail has been labled as " Crashed", so you can't leave a message. Also, I wrote an email to support about 3 -4 days ago, still no response. Are they closed or on vaca?? I did go back and forth with Bob and tried some of his suggestions about a month ago, but nothing worked. I just need help getting the software installed. Thanks Tim
  11. Mike. Thanks!! I will be reading this as soon as I get home in an hour or so. I probably should have found and read that on my own. T
  12. Mike, I tried un-installing and restarting, several different time and in different sequences/order. Not sure what a registry wipe is? T
  13. Well that didnt work. I am lost. I guess I should pack it up. This isn't worth the hassle. Thanks anyway. Tim
  14. Paul, THANKs, your instructions were easy to follow, and I did exactly what you said, However it didnt work. Wonder if I should do what you said but maybe in a different order( meaning "remove LOR" ) and start completely over. or restart etc Thoughts? Tim
  15. Paul, you are correct, I have windows 7 and yes it is home premium edition. I also followed your instructions and when I got to "check compatability"... there was no option to select xp sp3. What happend after I hit check compatibility, it gives u options to check a box. Any other ideas or help? I think you are onto something though. T
  16. Bob I tried that, same thing happens. I must being doing something wrong. The only thing that I can see that is different, I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 right before I tried to download LOR to this laptop. Puzzled, or shall I say clueless. Tim
  17. yes im logged in under owner, also yes, the directory exists. not sure about another location, havent tried, don't know how. tim
  18. Actually Bob, I found the screen right before the error has this info for a directory, cusersownerdocumentslight o rama. That make more sense? Tim
  19. Ok Bob, I got some info. It wants to put it into cprogram files (x86) light o rama. It does give me an option to "change" but I don't know what to. last, I am not sure about windows user account and security privileges? HOpefully this helps Thanks Tim
  20. True, it did ask but I ok'ed to it's default location. I'm not at the laptop right now. I'll check in a bit and reply back. Thanks Bob
  21. Also tried installing an older version, but a message popped up stating something about , not good, corrupt something. Tim
  22. yep, tried that several times, also tried restarts. :?
  23. Hello all, I have a new laptop and I am trying to download the latest version of software, I have followed the instructions but are get meesages that read, Error: Bad file name or number on step. Install Demos. Lor is not correctly installed. Any idea what is wrong? I also have my product key ready, but never got to a point to enter it. I hit save, and then eventually the run button when prompted, and it appears the programs are there (start/all programs/lor/control panel. That is when it goes through a few steps/accept etc, then the error message. Thanks. Tim
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