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  1. Thanks, I uninstalled AGIN, closed all programs, temp disabled anit virus,spam etc, then tried again. I'm still getting the same message. Ahh Gonna contact one of the previous posters who offered remote. Thanks Tim
  2. Ok all, I did the wipe. Still having smae issue. I foolowed the instructions, Remove LOR, reboot, run wipe, reboot, try to install program. Same thing. I'll contact the people who offered a remote type help. Tim
  3. Ok questions guys... I clicked on the new link provided for the LORRegistryWipe.exe, then cliccked 'Run", then got a window that reads..." LORRegistryWipe.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer" So my question is, 1) I didn't hit the "download" button,I clicked on "run" and 2) my options are delete, action, or view download. Which one do I click on? Sorry, I just don't wanna make matters worse. Thanks Tim
  4. Thanks all, I am in the middle of some last minute Hurricane Irene prep (just outside of Phila),but will contact the ones who kindly offered some remote help. HUGE thanks!!! I'll contact you soon, before power goes out. Tim
  5. I tried the wipe, and got this message, REQUESTED PAGE DOES NOT EXIST Sorry, but the requested page no longer exists or is currently being updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Don, Yes I removed or uninstalled LOR after the first attempt, then reboot, then tried again. Still nothing. Anything that was suggested I tried. I need someone who know this program well and someone who knows what they are talking about in regards to installing the program. It appears the forum suggestions are not cutting it, and just maybe a verbal conversations/walk thru. This should not be that difficult right? I mean this is a company that sells software for a living. I will say that glitches can happen, I may be doing something wrong, etc, whatever the case, I should be able to get someone to get this program installed without have to go back and forth in a thread 2 months ago 18 times, and still no resolution. Now a phone call, and the know one answers, the voice mail doesn't work and then no response to an email. Come on, I have a damn good reason here to be frustrated. Anyone ? T
  7. Jldavis, I contacted them 3-4 days ago, has nothing to do with the storm. t
  8. here is the link to the thread from 2 months ago http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=26669&forum_id=72&highlight=tim+p
  9. Hey Don thanks, Below is the email I just sent about 3 days ago. Also I'll include a link to the thread in regards to this topic that I started about a month ago. Email:body Good afternoon, I got a new laptop around Christmas, however had no need at the time to sequence or run show from new laptop. the show was running on old pc. About 2 months ago I tried to install on the new laptop (hp, windows 7, 500 gig hard, 2 ram, )and could not. I read everything I could find on the LOR page, posted issue on forums ( got several suggestions from admin, I think Bob), and even asked fellow users. Could not get past the error. I put the issue aside and gave up. I now really need to get this installed, so can someone PLEASE help me get this installed on my new laptop. It appears the install is almost complete , but then can't run. I get to a window that says, " Installation is complete Light-O-Rama has all the information it needs to run. Click next to begin. And thank you for choosing Light-O-Rama. (there is no button that says "begin", however I hit the obvious button that says "finish". The error is, "Error: Bad file name on number Or step: Install Demos." Then I click "OK" and a new window opens up. It reads, "Light-O-Rama is not correctly installed." Please help me get the software installed asap. Thanks Tim
  10. Hey all, I simply need the software installed in my new laptop and am having issues. I called LOR and now answer, also Voice mail has been labled as " Crashed", so you can't leave a message. Also, I wrote an email to support about 3 -4 days ago, still no response. Are they closed or on vaca?? I did go back and forth with Bob and tried some of his suggestions about a month ago, but nothing worked. I just need help getting the software installed. Thanks Tim
  11. GOT IT !!!!!!!!! GOT IT !!!!!!!! First of all , THANKS TO ALL!! Jeff, I certainly do appreciate you offering your controller to me. That says a lot about the kind of person you are. Thanks WORD OF ADVICE to all, and like Jeff said. Inspect ALL of your cat5 cables and connections, including the copper pins on the cat5 cable ends. MY ISSUE were the copper pins on a cat5 cable. After hours of trouble shooting, I pulled a cat5 out of one of the jacks on a controller board, and the 8 little pins on the tip/end of the cat5 were slightly corroded and one of them was not a flat pin, it was corroded so much that only a tiny piece of the copper pin was exposed. Now, even though it was slightly exposed, it was also corroded. Essentially, there was no copper to copper contact being made. For now, I cleaned it and everything is working perfectly, but I do have to replace the cable or at least replace the cat 5 tip, and crimp a new one on. Also, I have never been happy with the loosness of most connections of the cat5 cables into the jacks on the boards, they sometimes also cause issues. Like I said, Check for loosness, check all aspects of connections and cat5 wires, no corrossion etc. Thank you again, show is on and running. Lots of people have been out front since 5pm. Tim
  12. Ken, thanks. Forgot to mention, the day before we had a coating of snow. We have had to s of rain in recent weeks, extreme cold and no issues. But it did snow for the first time. Also I do have a cat5 running along side an extention cord that feeds a controller. But it's been like this for 3 years.
  13. I agree, a communication issue. I have store bought and LOR bought cat5, however I did make a few of my own. They are triple checked and never had any issues. They are also used mainly between the rainbow wall runners. I checked all of them and the show ran all of last yr and 3 weeks this yr with no issue. Tim
  14. 1 is a showtime 8 channel 30 amp 3 are pc 16 channels, I put together, but didnt need any soldering. 1 dc board and 2 that are in a custom box, but are 16 channels, they were assembled too, but no soldering needed. John, if you need model numbers, I'll have to get them later, I'm heading out to the Nutcrcker. Hope this helps THANKs Tim
  15. I am really hoping someone can identify this issue. It is the last weekend before Christmas, and I cant run my show. Yesterday around 3:30pm I touched the touch pad on my Laptop as I normally do. It takes it out of sleep or hybernation mode and instantly I go about my business on the cp. Well, the some of the lights came on out front, then more then more. They all were doing different things at random, some on, some shimmer, maybe 1 channel went on from the 7 channel arch etc, then the whole arch. Also I was not limited to any one controller. Things I looked for: 1) show was enabed, however, keep in mind it was only 3:30pm, show was NOT scheduled to come on until later. 2) I tried to restart cp, it restarted, however , lights kept on doing there thing. 3) I unplugged the USB from CP and they still kept going crazy, but not as bad, some of them stopped going nuts. BTW, I had the usb plugged into the same port as usual. 4) I unplugged the 1st controller in line and the cat5's, that helped and made a difference, but not not really. 5) Unplugged all controller from power, turned all breakers off at panel for 5 mins, didnt work, happened again, once I plugged the usb back into usb. 6) went into hardware, did a controller refresh, and it only found 4 out of my 7 controllers, eventually It found all seven, but some of them that were found were listed as "unknown". 7) During the above test, I found all but one controller to have a solid li LED light inside the controller boxes on board. The board that was not lit and blinking, was the DC board. I unplugged and replugged in the CAT5 cables and still a blinky light. At some point the light on the dc board became solid lit. After all of that and all controllers seemed to be getting reccognized, STILL HAVE PROBLEM !!!!! AHHHHhhhh, (hair pull out). I had checked and made more room on my hard drice (c drive), but that was never an issue before, but that didnt help either. I tried it because I knew c drive was getting low. ANYONE, have a clue what all this could be?? I am running LOR 2.8.6 btw. I really want to get this up and running, It is the week/weekend before Christmas and I have my sons school of 700 kids plus families coming by on Tues night. They have a yearly walk for lights and although 700 plus dont show, it is about 200 people. I have recorded all kinds of voice overs with the principle and staff.its a surprise to my son. Thanks Tim
  16. Great job, I noticed on the marty fan , when doing a chase it appears that it is not only doing a chase, but appears that is is morphing colors. Is it possible u are using the new rgb tool in this or is it just an illusion? Thanks T
  17. Ok, I think you just helped Light O Rama sell about 20 of these ccr's simply because of this well sequenced video. GREAT WORK! T
  18. Sounds like we got the answer. THANKS everyone Tim
  19. I am in need of a new laptop, and the most of the ones I looked at are 64 bit. If I were to buy a new 64 bit lap top, will ALL of the LOR programs/features work with it? Thanks Tim
  20. Don, It looks real nice!! I think it looks very nice for a couple of important reasons. 1) it is easy on the eye, easy to follow. You laid everything out carefully without to much clutter and everything is balanced. 2) you took the time to sequence with some precision, also not making it to busy and hard to follow. Last, making something look as good as it does for a first timer and only 32 channels, thats impressive. My advise, keep all the same things in mind as you add channels. Take care Tim
  21. Oh [Foul Language Used], Jeff. Did you type all that , or do you have a template ready to go for topics of importance/interests of yours? haha. That was some great info and I understand what your saying. Ok, I'm packing up the display, to much for me. Maybe I just do a candle light display next year. Alright enough with the kidding around, I'm gonna take some advise , and look at things a bit closer. Thanks Jeff, Oh , went looking for Kellen display, but couldnt find it. I did find about 5 streets near his house though that had these HUGE cany canes at the curb of each and every house. Very cool. I got pics, I should post them. Take care T
  22. Hey Jeff, As you know, we are having our fair share of rain here in the S Jersey/Phila area and I do understand the " No taping or baging" the connections, however I have another thought. In addition to maybe raising the connections, can I cover the plug/connection with a 4 legged mini tent/carport? I'm imagining something that looks just like a car port but about 5" tall and only about 6" square, Sides open or maybe even screened. Picture the little legs pointy enough, so that you just run on down the line and push the mini carport thingy into the ground over the plugs. Will this work or be a benifit? Obviously, something that is quick and easy and not gonna take to much time. I am having the GFC pop thing this year, but I also have double the amount of connection on the lawn. Thanks Tim
  23. Great question, and Jeff, Great answer. I just learned something. Thanks to both of you. Tim P
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