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  1. Nibeckd@gmail please and thank you. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. Me to please and thank you. Nibeckd@gmail
  3. This is a best practice and should be done regardless of OS.
  4. Depends on drone and gimble. Cheap hardware will yield inferior results. If your camera is not on a gimble expect poor results in modest wind conditions.
  5. Ditto. Easily handle 100. As for twinkle and shimmer? This is something that has been discussed since those effects first came out years ago.
  6. Please and thank you. Nibeckd@gmail.com
  7. Try launching the app by double clicking sequence.
  8. iresq

    PixLite in LOR

    So you have set up in network settings?
  9. Can you reverse the wiring to the servo?
  10. What is Christmas? I don't see many happy birthday songs. For me it's about providing entertainment. Let it go was huge last year. To hear dozens of kids standing out front singing... Still makes me smile. This year is Star Wars. How do you do a traditional Christmas with pixels and such? Maybe we should go back to traditional decorating. C9 outlines with candles in the windows (which I totally enjoy). I like the TV show but understand its motivated by keeping viewers engaged to watch commercials.
  11. Don't know about lor pixel controllers but plenty of others play well. I use SanDevices and liking what in reading about Falcon.
  12. Don't think they really need to. Not a lot of options when you search for Christmas light controller. I am surprised at the music. They must be willing to pay royalty fees.
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