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  1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    id love a copy please speedym@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Now Sharing~ 2007-2014 Mashup 4 faces any holiday

    id love a copy of this please speedym@gmail.com Thanks,
  3. Free Halloween HC sequences

    id love a copy thanks speedym@gmail.com
  4. i will take a copy of this for sure. Many Thanks, speedym@gmail.com
  5. id love a copy also any singing face songs Thanks, speedym@gmail.com
  6. Pixel sequences wanted

    Sorry to jump on this Bill but I'm also jumping into pixels for this year i just got 2 of the ccb100 Bulbs. if anyone is sharing please include me in this speedym@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Controllers for sale

    what are the controllers?
  8. Show ran good for two days

    this also might sound a little stupid but have you added another sequence someone else shared that hasn't been configured to your controller numbers? i don't know much about the Animated Lighting controllers, but if they are like LOR with the power light and it is on then the computer is connected to them
  9. ABBA - Happy New Year- Singing Faces

    can l take a copy of this speedym@gmail.com Thanks
  10. Where Were You - Alan Jackson- singing faces

    id love a copy of this please speedym@gmail.com Thanks
  11. Show ran good for two days

    is the light steady (ON) or blinking?
  12. Show ran good for two days

    but is the light on inside the controller?
  13. Show ran good for two days

    have u checked the power light inside the controller box?
  14. Show ran good for two days

    what controllers are u using?
  15. Show ran good for two days

    does it pick up the First controller and not the next two? might be worth checking the cat 5 cable is tight in the daisy chain from controller 1 to the next one. is the led inside the controllers on or blinking?