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  1. woodinvillejohn

    Pixcon 16 color shift

    Thanks to all of you. As i was lying in bed last night it dawned on me that the RGB order must be incorrect. I was thinking i would have to change the wiring at each port. I'll see what i can figure out for the Pixcon 16 settings. I don't find this controller to be very easy to set up, but that might just be me. Thanks again.
  2. woodinvillejohn

    Pixcon 16 color shift

    Hello, First year adding pixels and what a learning curve. Trying to get everything going has challenged me. I finally got it all going and have an issue with my new 4 pixel arches run off a pixcon16 controller. When the arches light up there is a big color change from what is programmed. My red is showing up as Blue and Yellow shows up as green, purple shows up as a green/blue. This happens in all 4 arches. 2 arches are within 3 feet of controller. The other 2 are within 12 feet. The color is constant in all of them. My whites are not too bad, maybe a little blue, but acceptable. I'm not sure where to go with this. Is this a pixel issue (Ray Wu 100 pixel strips), or a controller set up issue (pixcon16), or could I have done something when I set up the visualizer or superstar sequences that affects color? When i view the sequences in superstar and the sequence editor the colors all appear correctly. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your help.
  3. woodinvillejohn

    Enhanced LOR

    no worries
  4. woodinvillejohn

    Enhanced LOR

    I run the show off a SD card using the G3 controller. The HS485 adapter looks like it only runs off a pc. Am I missing something?
  5. woodinvillejohn

    Enhanced LOR

    I'm going to ask one more question about this. To set up the second network would I have to go back into the superstar channel configuration , or visualizer channel configuration and then re-import the sequences into sequence editor?
  6. woodinvillejohn

    Enhanced LOR

    I just added 4 100 pixel ribbons and am having problems getting my show to run on enhanced LOR on my G3 director. I finally got everything else running by setting it up to run on a regular network. I suspect my issue may be a couple of older controller units that can't handle the enhanced network. My question is this. Since the G3 controller can have 2 networks. Can I keep all of my other controllers on the 1st non ELOR network and run it at slow speed like I have done over the years. Then can I take my new Pixcon 16 controller and put it on an auxillary enhanced LOR network at 500kbps by itself? Assuming I can do this, what do i need to do to set this up? As a side note, I still have the Pixcon16 connected with the other controllers tonight and my show is crashing once in a while while running as a regular network. I figured the Pixcon16 just would not work. Is this typical or might I have other issues somewhere? Thanks in advance
  7. woodinvillejohn

    printing channel configuration

    Thanks for weighing in. I appreciate the knowledge everyone is willing to share.
  8. woodinvillejohn

    printing channel configuration

    I'm sure you guys that have lots of pixels have run into this before. I have until this year used standard LED strings and when I wanted my channel lineup printed out i just got into Channel Configuration and hit the print button. This year i added a Pixcon 16 controller and some RGB arches. When I hit the print button I get a printout showing 4800 channels on the Pixcon board. Is there a way to print this out showing only each of the 16 channels on the Pixcon 16 board and not have each individual pixel treated as a channel? Thanks John
  9. woodinvillejohn

    Fog machine relay

    Thank you for all of the information. Knowing which relay to buy was the big challenge. I just ordered 2 of these relays and will see if I can get everything working. With the info you provided it looks easy. For anyone else reading this post you do have to enter AC relay in the search box at frightprops to find this relay.
  10. woodinvillejohn

    Fog machine relay

    I have been trying to find a source for a fog machine relay that I can use to control my fog machines off an LOR channel. Creativelightingdisplays.com seems to have shut down. Does anyone know of another source? I am willing to try assembling my own relay as others have done. I know everyone says it takes about $20 worth of parts. I've seen some of whats online, But simply telling me to buy a relay and make my own is too general. I have no experience doing this and am afraid I need detailed instructions on how to hook everything up and what type and model of relay I need to buy. Does anyone have any information like this? From the forums, it looks like I am not the only one looking for this information. Thanks for any information you can send my way.
  11. woodinvillejohn

    GFCI tripping issue

    Let me weigh in on this. I'm out in rainy Seattle and finally got my show to stop tripping. First I don't think this has anything to do with your controller. Some of the other responses were right on when they said it is from current leakage. A GFCI trips when there is a difference of 5ma between the current going out and coming back. I successfully run my show with GFCI's even when there is standing water. But it took a long time to get this right. First, you have GFCI breakers and not outlets. Long runs of wire have both conductance and resistance. In a nut shell this means that you can bleed very small amounts of power through long runs of wire. Shorten your wire runs as much as possible. It is better to use a GFCI outlet rather than a breaker because is closer to the light strings. Next you need to break up your show into smaller parts off each GFCI. The way to do this is to add GFCI outlets. You can have multiple GFCI outlets on each circuit. The way to make this work is to have the circuit supply each GFCI using the LINE feed. You do not want to use the LOAD terminals to feed the GFCI's downstream or the first GFCI will pick up the faults on all of the rest. If you are not comfortable wiring, find someone who is to help you. LOR controllers are split in two. Channels 1-8 can run off 1 GFCI and channels 9-16 can be plugged into another GFCI. Right away you have cut the load on each GFCI in half. Try to keep extension cord runs short when possible. I find that I do well to keep under 20 strings of lights on a single GFCI. The above addresses very small leakage through long runs of lights and wire. These leaks are accumulative and add up. Using the multiple GFCI's gets you around this. I have 6 GFCI's on one of my circuits just to break everything up. and insure any leakage stays under 5 ma. The next issue to address is if you have a serious fault that is above 5ma by itself. Wire frames and mini trees on tomato cages are prime suspects, as is your mega tree. Any short on these metal objects goes straight to ground and will trip the GFCI. To narrow it down try disconnecting 1/2 of your show and see if it still trips. If so disconnect more until it stays on. Then add 1 circuit back in at a time until it trips. If you can find the one circuit that trips you can start looking at everything on that circuit. I suspect you have all of the above going on. Break up your show into multiple GFCI's and I bet these problems go away. John
  12. woodinvillejohn

    What files do I need to transfer to new computer?

    Tim, What is going on with your MP3 director unit? I'm currently working out some issues with mine. First they don't like SanDisk SD cards. LOR recommends Kingston cards. It doesn't seem to like any SD cards even ones I have used in the past. I don't think that the card is my issue anymore. I am thinking I may have a bad cat 5 cable powering the unit. The screen on the G3 MP3 director has an error message that looks like TRI9. This has stumped the help desk. I sent in a photo of the actual message to see if they could decipher it for me. I'm waiting a response. John
  13. I run my show off an SD card in a G3-MP3 Director unit. After about 1 hour the show will start having glitches. A sequence will start and then quickly shut down and jump to another sequence. If I ignore this the show will shut down completely. I'm running 6 CTB16PC controllers and a CMB24D DMX controller. Rebooting the Director unit solves these issues in the short term, but after another 3 or 4 cycles through the show it will glitch again, requiring a reboot. The frequency of the glitches seems to increase the longer i run the show. I'm running 5 songs with 15 short sound bites between them so it's not a huge amount of data. Does anyone have any similar experiences with this, and if so what was the solution? Thanks
  14. woodinvillejohn

    GFCI trips

    Thanks for all of the tips. I'm only using newer LED's in the display and the critters have not been an issue. I'll have to give the child outlet cover caps a try. When I do set up next year I'll be extra cautious with all of my connections. Sounds like trying the non-electric contact grease might also help. I'll focus on minimizing any connections or sockets that could go to ground. Two years ago my trips were minimal, but this last year was bad. I attributed this to the heavy rain, but maybe I just got sloppy and let some connections stay too close to the ground. If anyone else has any ideas for minimizing GFCI trips i would love to hear more.
  15. woodinvillejohn

    GFCI trips

    Thanks for all of the feedback. When I said breaker I meant the GFCI outlet, not a house circuit breaker. I have 2 GFCI's that are feeding most of my show with 10 controllers on them. One is a brand new GFCI so I don't think it has gotten weak yet. It is the first plug in line and feeds 2 other recepticals on the load side of the GFCI. Everything runs fine even while damp, it is only when the rain starts dumping that I get the trips. The controller that seems to have the most problems is running a mega tree. I do have a metal pole but it runs into a pvc sleeve in the ground. The bottom ring is also PVC, so I think I have the pole isolated from ground. The other controller that has issues is running a section of lights that lay on top of some 6" rocks on the ground. I would think this is where I would most likely have a stray ground. If I'm following what most are saying, adding more GFCI's will not reduce the number of trips, but will isolate them to a smaller section of the show. Although Ken says he has had no trips with multiple GFCI's. IS it possible that some faults are too small to trigger the GFCI? If so Ken's system seems to have merit. If even a tiny fault will trigger the GFCI then I would agree that multiple GFCI's only help to isolate the issue and the oly solution is eliminating the faults. This is where my confusion comes in. Some of you swear by multiple GFCI's and others do not, all with good results. Do all GFCI's trigger at 5ma, or do some have a higher threshold? Do you guys want to weigh in further? Finally, I never tape connections and try whenever possible to elevate any connections off the ground. What is really making it tough is that a lot of these faults appear to be somewhat random. Every time I think i've isolated things to a single controller or a single channel, it runs for a while and then trips again.