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  1. JPat

    2017 Setup Photos Gopher Hill Farms

    Looks good and the snow gives such an amazing effect.
  2. Yes, there are C7 retrofits. I buy all of my lights from Holiday Light Express that has a great sale from Jan 1 - Feb 27th and save a fair amount. Do yourself a favor and don't by the stuff from the box stores if you can help it.
  3. Hate to say it, ditch the incan's and go to the LED's. Buy after the new year or in summer to get a nice discount.
  4. I don't think the C9's will be too much as the spacing is generally 12" apart. I have them around my lower windows and also the front door. That being said, I understand your concern but look into C7 retrofits so you can still cut/design perfect lengths for quick installation each year.
  5. Say no to net lights IMO.
  6. Congrats and welcome to the madness. Regarding string lengths, buy some C9 Socket line and bulbs and build the perfect application for each section. Tag/label them and each year it is a simple installation. There are some companies out there that sell lighting strips that you could mount around the framing (or to it) and then just clip the lights in. With the limited space that you have, you may want to consider multiple strings of different color lighting for the roof line, firesticks for vertical movement with controllers, mini trees in yard (few on each side, and/or arches along the driveway and sidewalk. As to surrounding neighbors, they will come around next year with a little more to keep up. We went animated last year and this year many of my neighbors throughout the community have increased their personal displays and I hear it from the families each night when viewing ours. My best advice is to set a plan for style and color. About 5yrs ago I made the commitment to upgrade to much better quality products and stop buying from the box stores. In doing so, I chose my three color style (R, W, G) and then purchased from authorized vendors when running sales.
  7. JPat

    This is why we do it

    Yep, I feel the same. We love it when parents bring the little ones by and they are just staring out of the window watching the lights.
  8. JPat

    Being original.

    I have built my display using Holdman as the sample. I always loved the simplicity of the three colors he used. I never knew that he shared his sequences and would love to see a few of his.
  9. JPat

    HOA said NO to my sign

    All solid advice, but taking that advice might also cause them to spine up and prohibit his display in general for 2018+ due to traffic, nuisance ....etc. If he got a letter about his sign, someone is already not a fan of his display in general.
  10. agree completely but the HOA requires this light on at night and is on a photocell.
  11. Thanks, and my daughter was a little miffed at me for posting the vid. She is not happy with the audio or film quality from my Note 8...
  12. Thank you . Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch
  13. Thank you. The entire family enjoys the show and my youngest (13) is working on Santa Baby.