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  1. JPat

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Definitely good to have members like this willing to help at all times.
  2. JPat

    My first year

    Nice work.
  3. By all means, feel free to provide as much detail as you did on any reply to me. It is definitely appreciated.
  4. Hello, and just posted seconds before you above. This was it and all good now as well as appreciate your assistance.
  5. Mr. P, thanks for the info. At first it did not work with SE and CP open, but closed SE and re-opened and viola we had function. I had totally forgot that the CP should be open when running a sequence being that I don't use it often and running my yearly show off the mini director/SD card. I also want to thank all that replied. I know that a lot of people now use FB, but I am still a forum guy at heart. Now, back to adding the new elements to the other 12 songs in our show....
  6. I also updated my signature to reflect the version that I am running. Have no idea how it show 5+.
  7. Thank you, and I will give that a shot.
  8. I will give that a shot tomorrow morning again, but that upon the first trial, I only opened the SE and ran the song. The programs are closed and only the ones with the blue lines are opened.
  9. I think the issue may be the software. I have no idea why my info shows the software version of 5+, as I have done nothing to do so and my initial purchase shows that I have 4.3.* I do have to say that my daughter added the new controller to the channel configuration, so I am not 100% sure how she did it. Opening the channel configuration does show each of the new channels associated with the new controller.
  10. Just pulled one down and yes, G3. That got back to my original question. do I need more or the 1st controller before just connecting the 4th to my computer for testing?
  11. I did not change my license when I purchased the new controller, and the LOR rep said that there was no need. I purchased 3 controllers back in 16' and my license is Basic Plus.
  12. The Control Lights is checked in SE and understand what he was saying. I was trying to communicate the HU was used to set the ID to 4.
  13. I previously had 3 controllers the last two years and purchased a 4th this year. I received it, set the unit id to 4 and tested communication. I have added the 4th controller to my channel configuration and have been programming in the new elements of two 7 channel arches. Today I built one arch and plugged in 1-7 channels of the new fourth controller. I attempted to run a sequence and had no action. New controller for 18' was my attempt to say that I added a new controller for 2018.