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  1. Congrats and good job. That said, how did you keep that on Youtube? They have muted many of mine picking up the audio and copyright issue.
  2. Looks like we are good to go for a few days and welcomed cooler temps as well. I have a meeting tonight, but may unplug these two channels and just replace the male ends when I get home.
  3. It has been raining since I got home from work, so no update.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response above, it is appreciated. If the male connectors are bad (which I really thinking is the case), I will simple change out the vampire plugs are these are cords that I made. The plugs look different in color from others as the green is more of a lighter color than all of my other plugs used throughout the display. I even made note of the color yesterday when plugging them in saying to myself, why do these look so different. Again, thanks for all the replies to those in this thread. I always say it but will again, I love forums for this reason.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I will look into corrosion, but these dongle have always been used and never exposed to the element. I appreciate all of the help and will try and diagnose further this afternoon after work. Kapkirk brought up a good point, as I recall these channels (my firesticks) had dull male prongs when plugging them in.
  6. No damage sir, as they are identical to all other dongles from a visual standpoint. Regarding care, I treat these guys like gold when handling them as well. It is very odd that a minor movement (bending) of the dongle will make it work. Earlier I had the issue and moved these channels away from each other (while hanging) and also worked flawlessly for hours while I was finishing up the display this afternoon. I will take a look tomorrow in daylight again and also show you guys a picture of the two positions I am speaking of.
  7. Yes, these are the hanging black 3 prong dongles out of the bottom of the controller. Hanging straight, they do not power the channel. Slighly bent at the very end (where the female end is) they light the channel. I don't think that it has anything the do with the connection in the controller box, as we are talking about no movement at all from 99% of the remainder of the wiring other than the end...? I will try the above mentioned. EDIT: Yes, these are also the Gen 3 controllers fully assembled from LOR.
  8. We are up and running with 64 channels this year but having issue with 2 channels. Controller 2, channels 13 and 14 are not lighting but when I slightly move/bend the dongle, they function fine. I only have to bend it 45* and all good, let it go and the channel is not firing. I currently have zip tied the dongle to another holding the position it likes, but obviously that is not my preference. I purchased the controllers two years ago Thanksgiving weekend. Thoughts on what it could be or a more permanent fix?
  9. Definitely good to have members like this willing to help at all times.
  10. By all means, feel free to provide as much detail as you did on any reply to me. It is definitely appreciated.
  11. Hello, and just posted seconds before you above. This was it and all good now as well as appreciate your assistance.
  12. Mr. P, thanks for the info. At first it did not work with SE and CP open, but closed SE and re-opened and viola we had function. I had totally forgot that the CP should be open when running a sequence being that I don't use it often and running my yearly show off the mini director/SD card. I also want to thank all that replied. I know that a lot of people now use FB, but I am still a forum guy at heart. Now, back to adding the new elements to the other 12 songs in our show....
  13. I also updated my signature to reflect the version that I am running. Have no idea how it show 5+.
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