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  1. Davis Family Christmas 2017 Trailer

    Well done and very creative.
  2. HELP please, will pay

    Good stuff! I love seeing members help each other out and that what this passionate hobby is all about. Well done Dennis Laff.
  3. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    2nd year LOR user and have been updating my sequences since late October as we added 5 additional palm trees in the front yard. I bought additional strings in January to line them with red, green and white. We can't wait, but will hopefully go live the weekend of Thanksgiving.
  4. Starting up - Help Please

    It will be a huge jump from your previous animation and next year will be even better. I have added elements to mine this year and going through adding them to last years sequences. In doing so, I am changing things up being that I am much more familiar with the software. Congrats and have fun.
  5. Starting up - Help Please

    People told me the same last year and I bought on Black Friday with my ordering and it is only Nov. 13th. I was up and running on the 10th of December using 45 of my 48 channels through New Years Eve. This included making 4 firesticks, putting together 6 mini trees with 900 lights (R, G, W), and then running all of the zip cords and wiring to controllers. I will say that my static display was already in place, so I was not completely starting from scratch. While is was not the full season like some displays, I had a great felling of satisfaction and neighborhood loved it. By the week of Christmas, I had cars pulling up with children who would sit and watch the show for 10-15min. Now that being said, I am a little OCD so once the software was purchased, it consumed my every extra minute for weeks. I was also lucky enough to have my oldest daughter who was 15 at the time as excited as I was, so she worked on 3 songs as well. OP, jump in and go for it. The amount of info on here as well as tutorials and youtube will be a great starting point.
  6. Changing my show next year to RGB

    If I can ask in this thread being that there is a lot of Flood discussion, does the 8 pack with controller from LOR just integrate into an existing show that I have with my 3 other controllers? I believe that I can run a total of 4 controllers off the mini director, so that would be ideal and a great asset to the show this year.
  7. Best lights to wrap trees

    I wrap all of my trees with 5mm wide angles.
  8. Introducing Tor

  9. The Hype Is Building!

    This happened to us when my two girls were younger. We had an amazing show near our home in which the kids used to stick their heads out the windows and moonroof to watch the show when we were parked. One year he simply stopped doing it and I am guessing because some grinchy neighbor complained about it. It truthfully was our motivation to begin building our home display each year and then finally getting the guts to jump in and go animated last year. My oldest and I do the programming and both have been hard at work the last week adding new props to our display. Regarding your later posts about putting up some form of a display, good for you guys being aware of how special it is to some and I am sure it will be appreciated.
  10. First Season - Tips & Tricks?

    Sequencing can be very time consuming but the reward is well worth it. We have added to our display this year and currently working a few hours a day on the new items. OP, As I newbie last year my advice is to jump in ASAP and get familiar with the software. I would also recommend buying your spool of SPT1 early and order double of what you think that you will need.
  11. My newest addition to my show

    What size are your arch's? I really like the effect of them when all chasing.
  12. My newest addition to my show

    Love that song by them.
  13. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you to all on the forum that helped us with our first year. Our display has brought joy to all of our neighbors, and love seeing the glimmer in the children's eyes each night. Very happy with this year, but already have a vision/plan to make next year that much better. Thanks again
  14. Video from Drone

    Very nice, and appears that you have the neighbor two doors down sync'd to some of your channels as well?