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  1. scodavis: Yes they all turn off. I'm not sure but if I recall correctly, I believe so. Yes it continues normally. Through the first unit. No, I basically close and reopen the entire LOR suite (through the windows tray) jstorms: I will try that when I get the chance, it's hard to find any time to do anything anymore. Life, am I right? Anyway, that could be it, especially considering I crimp my own connectors. Though, the connector spends all of its time in the enclosure or inside the house. Anyway, both of you, thanks for the replies. I honestly thought the thread went dead, but I guess not. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, This year I am using 2 out of my 4 controllers (because of power concerns) and that's fine with me as I was able to squeeze everything in to 32 channels. My controllers are connected using plain old cat 5 using standard LOR protocol with unit id's 1 and 2. The problem lies when running a standby sequence that just has the lights on steady at 80%. Periodically (I'd say every 30-45 minutes) controller 1 just shuts off. The only way I can fix it is by unplugging the LOR to usb adaptor from my PC and plugging it back in as well as completely relaunching the sequence editor. Mind you, I am not using the scheduler at the moment because when it tries to activate, the console keeps repeatedly throwing HandleEvent Error: Subscript out of range. In case anyone is curious, the console logs are in the attachments. Then again, this is a problem for a different post in a different section. I just need to try and figure out why controller 1 keeps turning off. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! Emanuel lor.txt
  3. Yea that's what I ended up doing. Before, I had those RedDot spring covers because they were nice and flat. Then, the other day I put those chile proof things on my outlets. Oh BTW, it was only partially the GFCI's. The other part of the problem that I figured out last night, was that some of the older light sets that I had, had bad male ends so they would come loose and stop working. I just ended up replacing those plugs.
  4. Awesome! You got it working! Well good luck with your display this year! Mine keeps getting messed up when the sprinklers turn on. I had some outlet shorts. Anywho. I might stop by your display this weekend, so keep an eye out! Talk later Orville!
  5. Well I suggest that you check all the day sequences to see if they have anything in them...
  6. I would do what Tim here said above me. I would run a cable from the controller to a tree or attach it to the wall somehow. Then put a padlock on the controller. This is relatively theft proof. The only way it could be stolen is if they break the plastic enclosure where the lock is attached. Still there would be noise created, enough for you to notice, certainly. Anywho, I've rambled on long enough. Good luck with your controller!
  7. Wow I feel really bad for you. Now I'm going to keep all my controllers mounted on the wall or on a Tupperware of some sort. Good luck!
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