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  1. I just updated to 3.1.4 and I've created the channels I'd like and started to work on a sequence. Every time I try to save it,I get a pop up that states: Error saving file... Do you want to try saving to another file name? Detail:automation error The specified module could not be found. Any help or advice?
  2. So, progress has been made. After a "quick jaunt" to my mother-in-laws Sunday, I now have the USB425B adapter, the radio signal sender (not the one offered by LOR) and a seventh controller, which I don't plan to use at this point. I also got ahold of LOR and they are letting me upgrade the software too. They were really easy to work with. With everything finally in one place, I plugged everything in last night in an effort to see if I could get everything to talk to each other and actually light some lights. By "everything", I mean: Computer>USB connector>easy light linker>controller. My FIL set up two controllers attached to plywood backer boards and each of those was connected via cat5. When I started poking around the hardware program, it wouldn't let me test anything at first. I finally disconnected the second controller and poked around enough till it let me change the controller ID and light some lights. All this leads to a few questions: 1. Should I eliminate the light linker when I'm testing the hardware? 2. do I need to connect the controllers one at a time to set their IDs cause they won't change IDs when daisy chained? 3. After I get that all set, all the controllers need to be daisy chained with cat5, correct? 4. It appears that there are two Cat5s coming out of the light linker, does that mean. I can have two daisy chains? Thanks again gentlemen. Mike T
  3. Because I'm new to the forum, I was only aloud to post an initial post which wasn't well thought out or organized, sorry. I have been doing more reading and research since that post and have figured some things out. I have found the the "sending" half of the transmitter. I actually have two more controllers here at my house and possibly one or two more at my MILs I have six totes full of lights and their "corresponding" extension cords. I have not physically located the RS485 but my awesome in-laws kept paperwork, so I've found documentation of purchase and a manual and drivers CD for a USB adapter. My main question is... If I understand correctly, the RF sender will connect to the USB connector, but from there I will need to connect the control units with cat5? The pairs on each board are connected but then I'll need to chain the boards together, correct? The next biggest crux is the software. My FIL set up a copy of the software on my old laptop so I could do a sequence or two. The version number is 2.8.12 according to what I can find. Do I get some award for oldest version and should I donate it to the LOR museum? LOL 1. I hope that it's eligible for update from my laptop, which is what I plan on using to run the show. 2. In order to update the software (original system, or the copy on my LT) you need access to the email address that was originally connected to the purchase. I obviously don't have access to that. I hope they understand and let me transfer it. Thanks for the feed back gentlemen! I hope to keep you updated on how it progresses.
  4. Gentlemen, and ladies too, I inherited my father-in-laws LOR set up when he passed in early 2013. Being an electrical engineer type, and never one to do something half ass, I got quite the set up. I only helped him set it up once and even then, I was really only the light hanger. If you would please help me figure out what I currently have and what I need to look for on my next trip back to the MIL's More pics in the next post.
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