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  1. I am having the exact same issue, and the space bar will not start and stop the sequence. Have you heard anything back about this problem yet? Thanks John
  2. That is exactly what I do. I edit on a windows 7 laptop, and run my show on a windows XP laptop. The home directory for my LOR software is the default structure but it is located on my network drive. So I edit and add new files to the network location (which is Raid level 1) and when I am ready to move sequences over to my show I copy over either the entire directory or just those sequences and audio files that I changed to the XP laptop. The XP laptop runs with the default LOR directory structure and it is located in My Documents. I have also used the same network location for both laptops, but I like having them seperate. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have another copy. John
  3. Issue: I was converting all of my sequences from 3.9 to 3.10.14, I found some of my sequences would not stop after they had played. Steps: 1) Hit Green Play Arrow to play the sequence 2) Let the sequence play until completion 3) Red Stop Square is still active and it will not allow any editing options This has only happen with certain sequences, not all of them. The only way to recover and return to editing mode is try to close the Sequence Editor application, then cancel out of the save confirmation dialog. Then the sequence returns to a state that you can once again edit it.
  4. This is my second Christmas with the show. and I have SO much to learn. I only have 16 channels so far, I am just learning about RGB strips, and the different network types. I have a feeling that I am not spending my money wisely in upgrading my show.
  5. Good afternoon, What is the preferred process for reporting bugs with the S3 suite? I updated from 3.9 to 3.10.14 last night and I have found a couple of issues. Thanks John
  6. What is the general opinion on update firmware? My unit is two years old and is working perfectly. I haven't checked the firmware version yet, but was curious if it was worth updating the firmware. Thanks John
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