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  1. I have to admit, I thought you were way off on the sequence sharing the same channel as unit 7. Because I've used these sequences for a few years now... but the first "intro" sequence for this year is borrowed, and I just checked and there were channels down at the bottom... unit 7 channels that were over riding my sequence.... you were spot on. Thanks for the reply. Problem solved!!
  2. Ran the HU on all 7 of my LOR boxes, and everything powers up as it should. Here's the problem Unit 7 is a CTB04, which I use to keep all the static props on. It has a 4.5 hour looped animation, that I assign the 4 channels to. When I use HU everything lights up on unit 7. When I insert the animation sequence into the background of a show, I start the show... the background (unit 7) comes on for a split second and turns off, and the remaining sequences in the musical section with the other 6 LOR boxes, continues to play... any ideas? Any feedback appreciated
  3. Would love to have a copy of this for my show if you are still sharing... Nuno.78.fernandes@gmail.com
  4. If your still sharing I would love to use this in my display. Nuno.78.fernandes@gmail.com Thanks
  5. i scraped the filler sequence and created a new. works like a charm.... thanks again for the help
  6. I'll try it tonight and get back to you. Thanks for the guidance
  7. That's correct. The background sequence is only programmed to unit 7 which keeps the lights on in the side of the house during a 30 minute show. That unit is not used for any of the sequencing. The filler sequence actually runs, but shuts the lights off after 10 minutes. Although it's programmed for 14 minutes.
  8. looking for some assistance with this guys... i run my show every 30 minutes on the 1/2 hour... for example at 7pm the background sequence starts and runs for 30 minutes, which lights up the side of the house which is not sequenced. the musical section starts at the same time and runs through the 12 songs. by the time the musical sequence is over, i insert an animation sequence to fill in the last 14 minutes which keeps all the lights on until the next 1/2 hour when everything starts again. my problem is that the filler animation sequence which is about 14 minutes long, shuts the lights off after only 10 minutes. i checked the length and its correct. any ideas?
  9. I started putting up lights but we're in for a cold stretch now in the north east. It's going to be a painful couple of weekends in the cold until lights on... can't wait Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  10. Guys I have a bit of a dilemma... third year LOR'r but first year in this great big house of mine. I have two 16ch controllers which I think I want to mount near the electrical plugs on the wall outside. It has ample shade from the weather and pretty close to most of the decor. Box one is running the lights on the house, so almost everything is within 50ft or so. Box 2 is running 6 channels up the driveway and a few items on the front lawn. Here is where I am not sure what to do... The run from the driveway to the existing LOR box location is about 130ft times six runs (one for each channel) is that cool? Or am I better off locating the LOR box on the front lawn somewhere and shortening the extention cords? I have 1000ft of 18awg zip cord and connectors ready to start making extentions to the driveway but I am just not sure that is the best way to go. By the way, each channel on the driveway will be under .5 amps... Your thoughts? If I put the box in the lawn, what is my max length in Lan cable I can run from box one?
  11. this will be my third year with a light display, but only the first year at this house. not sure how the traffic will flow. i was thinking of having a 30 minute show and 30 minutes of static, but from what i can tell it seems that no one really runs their displays static at all. thank for all the great feedback.
  12. got my sequences ready to go for Christmas. feeling accomplished being that its not even thanksgiving yet. i have about 30 minutes worth of sequences to go through, question is..... how long and how often do you all run your shows??
  13. James, I would love to have a copy if you don't mind. thank you in advance for the help. nuno.78.fernandes@gmail.com
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