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  1. Hello , i am using LOR for 5 years now , knowing how to sync lights. But i want to start with animatronics in my show. This is new for me so what kind of LOR hardware do i need to get my animatronics synced to the rest of my lightshow? does anyone have good sites where i can learn about making animatronics? TIA
  2. Hello, my pixcon 16 works correctly but when i buy a sequence it seems like red =blue and blue = green and so on. can i change that anywhere? TIA! Ronald
  3. i use all led becourse incadescent costs a lot of energy. i use like 15000 led lights over 80 channels. some items are 20 metres from the controller i cannot do anything bout that.
  4. Hello, i run a christmas lightshow in the Netherlands using light o rama controllers. some items of mij display are lit (leak power) even when the controllers are in stand by. how can i solve that? i use american light strings and put an transformer to 240V between the lights and the controller. TIA! Ronald
  5. Ik denk dat ik nog een reserve heb liggen hier in Breda. als het nodig is mag je hem komen halen om te lenen als ik hem maar terugkrijg. even aanmelding op facebook bij dancing winterlights om in contact te komen. of stuur ff een mail naar movieman4@hotmail.com groeten Ronald ( I think I have a spare here in Breda. if necessary, you can come and get it to borrow if I get it back. just sign up on facebook at dancing winterlights to get in touch. or send a mail to movieman4@hotmail.com greetings Ronald)
  6. Hello, will it be possible to put a string of smart RGB bulbs to a dumb RGB controller like the CMB-24D? will the RGB bulbs act like a dumb rgb string or wont they work at all? TIA! Ronald from the Netherlands
  7. thats a good one too for me to remember.
  8. Thats what i wanna to hear thank you!
  9. hello , just a simple question: can i use the same unit id in differend networks? like regular network with unit id 01 and aux-a network with unit id 01? TIA!
  10. ok , put everything in startup menu and now it is working fine! Thank Jim , really appriciates it!
  11. o yes sorry , i assumed the HU was already done and the pixie16 has his unit ID already.
  12. just open the sequence in the sequence editor. than tools/channel configuration. here you see the channels , you must put the correct network , unit and circuit matching your pixie 16.
  13. Thanks Jim , i will try that. my show becomes on speakers , not on radio freq. my neabours will go crazy if the show runs the entire evening , lol. so i give 1 or 2 shows every day on frequent hours.
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