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  1. Lets say you have a channel that has on and off settings in a sequence. But you want to create a different channel with the exact opposite settings, so when the original channel is on the new one is off and vice versa. Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  2. Found what I was after at http://www.planetchristmas.com/wire-sizing/
  3. Sorry, As you can tell a numbee here. I should have told you this but these are standard dumb led light strings. There is 60 bulbs per tree. The driver just powers the 3 strings nothing more. Note the strings are connected to the driver via a special cable and they are wired in parallel Time to purchase a 30v power supply. The board does not have to be used for RGB but I am using it because I may wish to go to RGB next year. This was my first year and only used 32 channels, I plan to go to 200 channels for 2014. Thanks for all your help, just wanted clarification.
  4. The mini trees are run from a driver that is 110V ac input and 30V dc at .08A output. My plan was not to use the drivers that came with the trees but purchase a supply. Note that one driver powers 3 tress at once. But I want to control the trees, one on a channel. So I have 27 trees but only 9 drivers. I did a volt measurement on the trees and they are at 30V. As of today I have not done a current measurement. I thought the CMB24 took its voltage from one of the 12 channel banks but as long the voltage was greater or equal to 12V that would be fine.
  5. Greetings, Well I have purchased a number of mini trees that come with LED lights. I would like to use a CMB24 RGB controller for this. I am not a complete novice to basic electric, ohms law and such, but I am novice when it comes to driving LED light strings. The driver for the light strings I have are 30v .08 amp output. I was planning on getting constant voltage or current limiting power supply as I have read it is not the voltage that is important with LED's but the current flow. I have 24 of these trees, but one driver powers 3 connected in parallel. I am planning on the CMB24 since it allows 24 channels and will allow me to go into RGB products in the future. Please advise. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with the group this year. Steve
  6. Is the a formula to compute the maximum wire runs for stp-1 wire? I assume the max load on the wire will decrees as the run length gets longer? Can someone advise?
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