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  1. 12 volt power supply rated at 30 amps only part of the train using LEDs and yes they are dumb LEDs are spokes on wheels I'm going to recheck the wiring I'll get back to you guys after I check the wiring
  2. Example train buy it self (only thing programed) all others off trees flashing on and off(rgb) red lights
  3. I have 2 cmb24 and I am getting a crossover feed I have things lighting up when they should not I do have wires running together zip tie together the network cable is separate as far away as I can get them and the other wires I am getting some type of cross feed are there any common cause for this or not enough detail about the problem thanks
  4. When doing a musical sequence, how do you insert single props? Example - Done a musical sequence and now I want to go back into the sequence and add a train prop sequence into it. How do you get insert the regular timing grid for the items you want to add. What do I need to do?
  5. I found something not out of place in a christmas dsplay Mailbox painted white added in the display for my CMB-24 and power supply exact fit and water proof. And to beat all free from work with small dent they can't sale them.
  6. Watts UP


    I have done all but I am thinking it a network problem. Not sure what I need to set each one to, When my wife and I first got the software it did work. I will keep trying to get it going. Not sure what the defaults are. Thanks for your help.
  7. Watts UP


    Does the form page have a start to finish of how to use the Visualizer. Thanks I can sit for 8 hours a day programing a cnc machine but this is driving me crazy.
  8. Opps the 2nd PDF the 1st had 2 of the same. snowman2.pdf
  9. Take a look.......... what do you think! I am going to try to use rope light and some incandescent lights to build it for next years display. I didn't mean to step on someone's post! snowman 20-1.pdf snowman.pdf
  10. Watts UP

    More Channels

    Sorry being new with the lights, I guess I am lost, If we were talking helicopters, I have 15 years experience but we are not talking helicopters. . This is what I have and want more and the best bank for the buck! I have 1 CBT16PC and want to add more, maybe (2) The big question is what do I need, I don't want the kit, can I buy just the controller Thanks!!!
  11. Watts UP

    More Channels

    I want to at this time stick with regular incandescent bulbs, not that I don't want to learn anything new, but it is at this time more of a cost thing. (and I hate to say it also my age) not a problem with LED's other then the cost at this time still IMO a new thing on the market. I have seen the cool stuff that can be done with them.
  12. Watts UP

    More Channels

    This is what I think I want to buy next year ….. Hope they go on sale 2(CMB16D-QC) and also the also a heat sink kit, and the outdoor enclosure. And the big question is am I going in the correct direction? Not a problem mounting the board in the box and the wires. Is this what most or some do? Bottom line I need more channels. Feed back Welcome! Watts UP!
  13. I thought I seen chat about something about LOR owners map, I have not found it (google Maps or ?) does any one have a link to the map. I noticed last night after 3 hours of driving with my christmas crazy wife we only found 3 homes with any ammount of light's and was not much. I have 16c and plan to add a 2nd 16 between now and next christmas. Any help on a map or a way to get one started. I look at it this way it you have it show it! Thanks Leonard Siler City, NC
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