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  1. would love a copy! please and thank you cdgilley@yahoo.com
  2. Looks great ! May I please have a copy? cdgilley@yahoo.com Please and Thank You!
  3. id love a copy! cdgilley@yahoo.com please and thank you!
  4. would love a copy if you don't mind... cdgilley@yahoo.com
  5. anybody have sequences for fourth of july? my first year doing fourth of july...last year was first halloween and second christmas...
  6. would love a copy also...cdgilley@yahoo.com
  7. jason, I have found dave at holidaycoro.com to be very helpful, I started with only rgb lights and dave has been a great help! i do have lots of sequencing i have been working on for my rgbs and am willing to share...i will psot a list by the end of day
  8. if you wouldn't mind...may I also get a copy? stxbear36@gmail.com Please and Thank you!
  9. I am also new to the coro rgb pumpkin face this year , would love some shared sequences also... stxbear36@gmail.com
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