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  1. Greg and Mega Arch, I finally got down to work on Christmas again and I tried the AutoFlip program. Greg's directions worked great as I actually got a "flip" when I ran a test. Mega Arch, thank you also for your excellent suggestions. Both of you were very helpful and I thank you both again for taking the time to respond to my post. Lee
  2. Thank you both for the replies. Sorry I didn't respond sooner but my daughter just got married and I didn't have much time for visiting the forums. Give me a few days to get back into LOR and I will get back to either one or both of you. Your suggestions are much appreciated. Lee T.
  3. In the sequencer, is it possible to copy an arch sequence on one controller and paste it to another controller so you get a mirror image? Or would I just reverse the plugs on the second arch? Thanks in advance.
  4. Mind are chained to my flag pole and my porch. They are covered with black trash bags just enough to cover the plugs.
  5. I am 100% LOR too: 6 - CTB16PC, 3 - Dumb RGB, 12 - CCR for Matrix Screen..
  6. You can also use political signs made of coro. I made ten two-foot trees using them. A sign should also work.
  7. Best of luck to all of you who went "live" tonight. Hope your displays bring some Christmas Joy to those who watch. The same goes to all of you who will be turning on your lights at different times in the coming days.. Our family tradition is to turn on the Christmas Lights on December 1st so that is when our show begins. That gives my wife and I a little more time to get everything in place, especially the three-fourths of a mile of extension cords. Merry Christmas to all of you on the LOR forums for all of your help and suggestions over the past year. Have a great bright and musical holiday season.
  8. My Christmas Show runs about 30 minutes. Halloween runs about the same.
  9. As for the SS folders, Brian answered the question a few messages above. I am using a Beta Version of SS that I found in the forums.
  10. Brian, I just downloaded the Beta of SS and discovered that you were able to add folders to the clipboard so that props can be classified by holidays. Thank you for considering that idea. Looking forward to the next update.
  11. Hi. I am just outside Hammonton. Even though I am still new at this, I, too, am willing to help out anyway I can. Just message me.
  12. 72. Started with LOR in during the summer of 2013 with my first show at Halloween. Still learning thanks to the forum.
  13. Happy New Year, Everyone! Just think--it's time to start thinking about 2017! The wife and I took down everything today but a few CCPs on the house. Too old for the roof stuff so waiting for the son to come this weekend for that part. As some of you have already said, it sure looks dark out there now that the lights are off. Old Sarge, sorry for your loss. Hope you are feeling better and got the flu shot.
  14. Load/Save Clipboard files. That way each holiday would have its own folder,
  15. Brian, Any news as to when we might see "folders" in the SuperStar props section? Just checking. Also, Happy New Year. We will be celebrating a little before you tonight!
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