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  1. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    My Christmas Show runs about 30 minutes. Halloween runs about the same.
  2. SuperStar Clipboard

    As for the SS folders, Brian answered the question a few messages above. I am using a Beta Version of SS that I found in the forums.
  3. SuperStar Clipboard

    Brian, I just downloaded the Beta of SS and discovered that you were able to add folders to the clipboard so that props can be classified by holidays. Thank you for considering that idea. Looking forward to the next update.
  4. Light clubs in South Jersey

    Hi. I am just outside Hammonton. Even though I am still new at this, I, too, am willing to help out anyway I can. Just message me.
  5. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    72. Started with LOR in during the summer of 2013 with my first show at Halloween. Still learning thanks to the forum.
  6. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Happy New Year, Everyone! Just think--it's time to start thinking about 2017! The wife and I took down everything today but a few CCPs on the house. Too old for the roof stuff so waiting for the son to come this weekend for that part. As some of you have already said, it sure looks dark out there now that the lights are off. Old Sarge, sorry for your loss. Hope you are feeling better and got the flu shot.
  7. Tried to upgrade tonight from 24 CCRs to 40 CCRs. After reregistering, nothing changed. Could this be because I am using v. 4.3.18?
  8. SuperStar Clipboard

    Load/Save Clipboard files. That way each holiday would have its own folder,
  9. SuperStar Clipboard

    Brian, Any news as to when we might see "folders" in the SuperStar props section? Just checking. Also, Happy New Year. We will be celebrating a little before you tonight!
  10. Problem with CCPs

    That is an excellent idea and, as you stated, it will make next year's setup a lot easier. I just made up the chart and printed it out. Tomorrow I will get it completed. Thanks again.
  11. Problem with CCPs

    Thank you, Alan and Don, for your suggestions and comments. I decided to go with adding a Network C. I have 9 songs and only had to change the network for the CCPs which took about half an hour. I tested them out this afternoon and everything seemed to work fine. I went this root because when I purchased my "screen" package from WowLights, Mike said it would be best to only run 6 CCRs per high speed USB for best results. For some reason, when I went outside to check them out tonight, all the lights on the Regular Network and the new Network C seemed to be brighter. Also, I use SuperStar but not the Visualization file. That is next on my list of things to learn--but not until January or February! Again, thank you so much. Merry Christmas. Lee
  12. Problem with CCPs

    Thanks, Alan. Don't rush because I am going to bed now. It's 12:19 AM in NJ and this old guy needs the sleep. Will check in again later in the morning. Again, thanks much for the assistance. Night.
  13. Problem with CCPs

    Alan, I am running the show from my laptop and it does have another USB port available.
  14. Problem with CCPs

    Yes. Just don't know how to go about hooking it up.
  15. Problem with CCPs

    I am running 3 CCPs (CC Pixel 100s each with two strings of lights) with each of the three controllers having its own ID (7, 8, and 9). They are running on my regular network using the USB-485B with Booster. This USB has connections for two different outputs--one for the CCPs and one to run 5 of the 16 channel controllers. My problem is that all of the CCPs don't always turn on. Sometimes one string is off while five are on. This also happens in other combinations at various times. Other times, they all work fine. I want to take the CCPs off of the regular network and run them off of a USB-485 HS (the red one). This is where I need assistance. I don't know how to do this. Can I just plug in the high speed USB-485 and run the CCPs or must I set up a new network? If a new network, how would I do this? Right now I am running the following: Regular Network - five 16-channel controllers and the three CCPs; Network A has six CCRs and Network B has six CCRs each with a USB-485 HS. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.