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  1. Can I get a copy please? wdhensley77@msn.com
  2. Could I please get a copy? wdhensley77@msn.com
  3. Can I get a copy please? wdhensley77@msn.com
  4. Can I get a copy please? wdhensley77@msn.com
  5. Can I get a copy of arches sequence and a spiral tree if you have one? Thank you wdhensley77@msn.com
  6. Can I please get a copy? wdhensley77@msn.com
  7. I would Like a copy please? wdhensley77@msn.com
  8. The area's circled in red is where controllers are going to be set up. The entrance is up in the left corner of pic and circle around and out. The red barn up in the left I have made 7 big archies that you drive through. If anybody has any sequnces that I can run would greatly apprecite. With a show on each set of channels for controlers. Sarge does this help. You can contact me I sent you my contact info. If anybody would like my contact info just contact me.
  9. Running 5 controllers each 16 channels. Using cat5e to connect together. Not sure what would be the best way to run. I will add a google map pic of the fair grounds tomorrow when I get to work. Running from one computer. Cat5e is cheaper then wireless this year. Have a lot of power supplies all over the property. Running the displays near each controller. I have a really good FM transmitter can't remember name but starts with an E. Bought on recommended from here. Can each controller run its own show or run show with 80 channels. Have the channels setup 1-16 in one spot 17-32 next spot and so on. Thank you for your help
  10. I have run one controller on my house for couple of years. Me and a guy I work with decided to light up our county fair grounds for the community. We have 5 controllers to light the grounds up with. Going to do 5 different area's with static displays between. The grounds make a big horse shoe shape. Will be drive through display. Running off one computer. Needs sequences that could be run this way if possible. Daisy chain all the controllers together. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wanting to do this ever year and make it bigger each year. Thank you David
  11. I got STO 16/3 wire from Americord for $0.16 foot to make my cords, so they will last. They have the best prices's that I can find. They have spt-2 for the same price if you perfer it.
  12. There is a second set of fuse's on the boards. You have to take screws out becareful ribbon strip is short. It just slides off. Then you can replace fuse's on board. Four fuse's per controller. Hope this helps. The board is feed of the 1-8 channel side of board. I had the same problem could not get channels 1-8 to work. Unplug all your feeds and check, then plug leads in one at a time to find short. My channel 3 was killing my board. Bad plug on electrical cord.
  13. Thanks for everybodys help. I got everything up and running in 2 days will post a video soon of the best sequence. I'm Hooked
  14. Got it up and running thanks for the help. I had to replace fuse on board. I had a bad end on electrical cord.
  15. Please send my way wdhensley77@msn.com
  16. I'm new to this took out of box set everything up and channels 1-8 not working. Checked fuse's, power supply, put lights on different channel and they work. Can anybody help please.
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