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  1. I've been following this for three whole weeks now and the learning curve is HUGE. And I know my way around electronics and computers. So far I have 6 channels and 4 songs and I'm pretty excited. So partly to keep things straight in my head and partly to help others I've started a blog of what each day has been like as a newbie. It's stuff everyone on this list has heard before, but I'm trying to collect the things I found useful together in one place. And maybe remind you old timers of what this looks like from new eyeys and what you take for granted. Like WTH is SPT? :-) http://lightinganimation.blogspot.com Enjoy, Dave
  2. dwhitnee

    What a RUSH!

    I am embarassed to say I have only 6 channels going so far, but hey I've only had the thing a week. On the topic of SPT, running lamp cord around outside scares the heck out of me (living in soggy Seattle). Is SPT-2 significantly better, or will it just help me justify being equally dangerous for the $10 extra that 500 feet is? Or am I vastly underestimating the footage I'm going to end up with. ;-) And thanks for the links, these sites have been great for me so far http://www.christmaslightshow.com/ http://www.christmasdesigners.com/
  3. I got started with VirtualBox (free) on a 10.7 Mac. USB works fine. It is driving my first 6 channels as we speak. You can also get an downloaded evaluation copy of Windows valid for 90 days, too, so at least getting started has been free. Well, after dropping a bundle to lightorama :-) I do wish I could at least do the sequencing on a Mac.
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