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  1. Grinch

    Free lor musical sequence

    Just rename the file extension It will work just fine
  2. Grinch

    Layer Priority Feature

    Fantastic Thanks Brian. When do we get to play with the new version?
  3. You can do as many as you like. Just select the portion of the song that you want to add to and when you bring up the instant sequence dialogue box select " SEQUENCE BY SELECTION ONLY"
  4. Grinch

    Pentatonix's "Hallelujah"

    Thanks for the comments. There is no arguing your results, the sequence looks great.
  5. Grinch

    Pentatonix's "Hallelujah"

    Nice Job.... Do you think it is easier in Xlights or using the original way in Papagayo to do the faces?
  6. Grinch

    Unable to Connect to Pixcon 16

    I had it connected direct from PC to card like the instructions suggested. After connecting thru a Router I was able to connect Thanks
  7. Grinch

    Error Loading SUP file in Sequencer

    Check the end of the SUP file on the grid, I think you have lights coming on that may go beyond the end of the song.
  8. Grinch

    Unable to Connect to Pixcon 16

    Thanks for your help. I know enough to be dangerous.
  9. Grinch

    Unable to Connect to Pixcon 16

    PC IP address is I can Ping the Pixcon 16 which is What do you want to know about the TCP/IP from the PC LAN properties?
  10. Using LOR 4.3.14 PRO I have connected ethernet cable directly from PC to Pixcon 16. So they are the only things connected on the network. PC IP address is I can Ping the Pixcon 16 and I see the address (Network Scanner) No errors on Ping. When I ping the Green Light on the Ethernet Port is ON and the Yellow light flashes showing acivity Start LOR Network Config and Click on FIND/CONFIGURE Pixcon 16. It searches then comes back with NO DEVICE FOUND Tried with Windows 10 and XP no change. Have Firewall turned OFF Tried having the COM LISTENER on 5568 by Default it was 8837 Green Light is Solid and Red light flashes. I have tried Pressing the Factory IP when powering ON No change I have tried to reset the Board Holding Both Buttons Down No Change What am I missing? Thanks for any help.
  11. Grinch

    A Mad Russian's Christmas

    Brian Yes those are the features that I am looking for in the software but my real question was how you did the " I made the blocks be 50% intensity so they would appear more in the background and the other effects that are 100% intensity will show up more." in your sequence."
  12. Grinch

    A Mad Russian's Christmas

    Brian Any comments?
  13. Grinch

    A Mad Russian's Christmas

    When you draw an image in Super Star....How do change the intensity on that particular image?
  14. Grinch

    A Mad Russian's Christmas

    Nice video Brian. Can you explain how you set the 50% intensity? Its been on my wish list of features.