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  1. I just purchased one of these cards (16GB Lexar SD). Couldn't format it to FAT (even through command-line); could only format it to FAT32 (exFAT and NTFS were also options). The show software recognized it, and wrote to the card just fine, but when put in the master controller, it wouldn't recognize the card
  2. I didn't realize there was more to this error string (these screens appear after the first error) (appears I've exceeded my image upload limit, so the following is the text [verbatim] from the message boxes): "There was a problem while attempting to create the MP3 show. Error was: " (there was no text after "Error was:") "Your SD card was NOT CREATED. Please make corrections and re-run Simple Show Builder"
  3. Sorry for the confusion. My profile info is for my personal setup. The issues I am discussing are for my neighbour's setup. Is there a size limit to the SD card I can/should use? My "shopper on the scene" can't find any 4GB Kingston/Lexar SD cards anywhere. EDIT: I just tried using the Simple Show Builder (on the 4GB SanDisk), and I'm getting the same error:
  4. I am attempting to write/save the sequences via the Hardward editor
  5. I made sure to re-format the card before attempting to save the show (ran into that issue before 🙂 ). We are running 128 channels, using sequences purchases via WOWLights. Is there a particular reason for using Kingston cards only, or this is a known-but-unaddressed issue with LOR?
  6. We are trying to create a show that, once compiled, is more than 2GB in size. I have a 4GB Sandisk SD Card (formatted in FAT, 32Kb allocation unit size, the exact same as our 2GB Sandisk SD Card), but when I click the CREATE SHOW button on the Hardward application (v3.12.0 [Advanced license]), LOR doesn't seem to recognize the card. I don't have this issue with the 2GB SD Card at all. How can I save my show to a 4GB card?
  7. I think I may have figured out the issue, but I'm not 100% certain: My neighbour has a stand-alone LOR controller, whereas I have to run my show from my computer. As I mentioned, he gave me the .SEQ and .MP3 files produced from the LOR MP3 tab of the Hardware Utility application. Are the .SEQ files only for use on stand-alone units, and I need the "raw" sequence files for my computer-run setup?
  8. After years of watching my neighbour's 144-channel display, I purchased a 16-channel unit this year. Today, my neighbour gave me a copy of his show (all the SEQ and MP3) files so that I could run it on my system, kind of in sync with his. However, I am not able to load any of the sequences from his show on my computer (although all of the files are on the SD card). I know that he created his show using an ADVANCED license for LOR, and I have a BASIC PLUS license. Will this cause problems on my end of things? I cannot add any of my neighbour's files using the EASY SHOW BUILDER.
  9. That was the issue. Switched 9 to up, all others to down, rebooted the CMB. HU found the unit instantly. Thank you so much for your help[
  10. Switch on controller is set to 01. Adjusted MAX ID to max on the slider (F0). Rescanned. Still nothing.
  11. The Network Utility looks ok to me (but then again, I'm a newbie to all of this)
  12. I have the same issue. Nothing else running, Hardware utility says Comm 3 is in use, solid light on the CMB unit, but the SELECT UNIT TO CONFIGURE...DOWNLOAD...TEST says Found 0 units. Here are the port settings (see image). Something is nagging the back of my brain about the bits per second value; I think I remember seeing something about this value needing to be 56k, but I am not 100% certain.
  13. Got my controllers yesterday! I can't wait to start playing with them So I ended up buy this kit from HolidayCoro (includes CG1500 case, power supply, and mounting kit), and the total came out $58.............until the shipping cost kicked in, at which point it became more expensive to ship it to Canada than it did to buy the kit in the first place! $68 for shipping! I nearly spit coffee all over my monitor when I saw that, but I definitely needed an enclosure and power supply (which I can't find in Canada).
  14. After many intense negotiations with my wife, I finally got the official okey-dokey to go ahead and purchase the following: Showtime Central Starter Pack 10W RGB Flood 8 Pack It just occurred to me, though, that I need to buy a case of some kind for the RGB Flood kit, as well as a 12V adapter, don't I? Based on what everyone has mentioned throughout this incredibly helpful thread, here's what I think I need: Case - CableGuard CG-1500 Coax Demarcation Enclosure (there's no picture of the inside of the case, so I can't tell if this will work or not) Power supply - 12V 360 Watt Power Supply As always, I await the opinion of the experts here before I buy something I shouldn't (*cheap pandering* ) @canadianchristmas: My initial plan is to tie in with my neighbour across the street for Christmas, but will be definitely doing something for Halloween. You're definitely more than welcome to swing on by whenever you like, and I might just pick your brain for ideas over a couple of pops in the not-so-distant future. Feel free to contact me offline anytime. @oilmoney: I hope your and your family are alright after all that's happened in your neck of the woods. If you're ever down this way, feel free to get in touch.
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