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  1. I would like a copy for the pixels so I can do more next year with my tree. mqoa2005@yahoo.com. Thanks
  2. I am having a problem getting my pixel sequence to transfer over when I use the Show Builder. I am using version 5.0.14. The rest of my show works just not anything with the Pixels. I use an G3-MP3 Gen 3 for my shows and am using NET 2 in enhanced mode for the pixels. The pixels are a Tree Kit from LOR and I have tested it and programed it to be Unit 5 (since I already have 4 controllers) on Aux A. It is also selected with the prop in the sequncer
  3. I currently have 4 CTB16PC and a set of light linkers that I have used for 5 years. I just bought a Pixel tree kit and now I am wondering if I just shot myself in the foot. I looked over the Network speeds for the equipment I have and I see that none of my controllers are compatible with the Enhanced network needed. I use a G3-MP3-Director to run my show. The light linker is hooked up to my 4th controller so I can use it across my driveway. Is there anything I can do besides upgrade my hardware?
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