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  1. For Sale: Quantity 1 Used LOR CMB24D RGB and power supply mounted to board (NO ENCLOSURE). Moved, changed layout, etc. This was used either used for 1 season or setup as a spare unit (sorry can't remember at this point), then packed away because we built a home. Asking 65.00 plus shipping. I'm located at 45331
  2. For Sale: Quantity 1 Used LOR CTB16PCG3. Moved, changed layout, etc. This was used for 1 season, then packed away for a year because we built a home. It's in an enclosure but I had hooks one it to hang in garage (it was never used outdoors) and some holes in top of case. Asking 145.00 plus shipping. I'm located at 45331
  3. Holes referenced in #1. #2 is a clean round watertight vent built in the same spot.
  4. I have two CMB24D for sale, fully assembled. I bought these a few years ago, used them for Halloween and Christmas that year (once each season) and then we ended up building a home/moving and I've decided to move in another direction. These were mounted in the garage and I used long extensions to get to my props (worked great). You will see I installed I hooks on the tops of both and on one drilled holes for ventilation in the front (since they were mounted inside, water tight wasn't an issue), which could easily be fixed with a new box or some sort of hillbilly bush-fix. 1) CMB24D without vent in front (holes drilled on front) as pictured 2) CMB24D with vent (black circle) with pigtails coming as pictured 3) Assortment of extensions (3 10 footers, 2 20 footers, and 5 40 footers). Yes 40 foot extensions. I had no issues with them as far as power loss. I'd go $325 if you want it all, plus shipping. I am located at zip 45331 Feel free to ask questions. I've attached photos so you see what I'm taking about with i-hooks etc. i-hooks installed on top
  5. Is there a dummies guide to power consumption for the LOR controllers or is it all based on the lights connected? I'm going all LED and some RGB (right now plan on one AC controller and one DC controller). Should this be on it's own breaker? Thanks and happy heart day eve all
  6. Whatever number I decide to group things, should I group them close together?
  7. Looking to get some advice on setup. I've tossed several ideas around and even jotted several down but wanted everyone's thoughts since this is all new to me. Thanks, The Plan: 1 - 16 channel AC Controller 1 maybe 2 - LOR Dumb DC Controller(s) I had planned on outlining the windows and garage door with dumb RGB (then I can use that setup during halloween as well). Other than that, I've tossed around several layouts. Should I group by 4's as recommended or accommodate to my layout. Any help is appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Did you solder the tail on your strip? Are you doing any extension and what are you using, where you getting wire and cables? Thanks. Hope you got everything fixed. I'm in my planning stages still so sorry I couldn't help answer anything for you.
  9. What's everyone using to extend Dumb RGB LED 4 wire? Where you getting the cable and ends? Thanks.
  10. What type of wire do I need to make extension cables for the RGB? Where you all get it at? Ends? Any advice on making my own? Thanks, Jeff
  11. Newbie Alert Where's everyone buying RGB LED Strands, strips, floods, etc? Is making my own extensions for the RGB lights easy? Does it involve soldering? Anyone leaving RGB strips up all year? If so, how are they holding up specifically with UV? Thinking about leaving some up all year but only in area's that are under eaves and not in direct sunlight all day. Thanks and Merry Christmas All. Jeff
  12. So if I have a 16 channel LOR and add the CMB24, is that a total of 24 channels total in SE (16 ac and 8 RGB)? Any issues with extending the cords (low light, etc)? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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