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  1. I am getting my system hooked up and have a question. On my controler lay out controller 3 is closer to controller 1 than controller 2 is. Can I go from controller 1 to controller 3 then to controller 2 then controller 4? I am not sure if they have to be in order. Thank you
  2. sdccards

    In over my head

    Superstar sequencer? I do not know what that is.
  3. sdccards

    In over my head

    I received my system yesterday and need a little help if possible. I purchased a 64 channel system. I am setting up my show just like the WOW lights 64 channel system shows on their site (this year) so it will match the sequences I purchased from them. I have purchased a song that I have liked for years and was going to try to do the sequencing for it. This is where my issue is. I look at all the items and time to fill in the sequence and feel overwhelmed. I know that it is late in the season to try to sequence a song. Does anyone have a sequence for Christmas is a time to say I love you (Billy Squire) ? I want to thank everyone that has posted information. I am learning tons.
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