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  1. They are 30 ft long. and have 9 sections for each arch bob
  2. It is a case by case basis on how you promote your display. We used to contact the media the first 2 years we did a show, now they just show up and ask me comment on every story regarding christmas lights. I have even been asked to comment on led lights in the business section of the local paper. You have to think of your neighbors first. If you are on a dead end street, do not call the media. imagine 300 cars on your street and how upset your neighbors will be. We see anywhere from 500 to 1000 cars nightly, and we have the perfect setup in the neighborhood to move traffic right along. But there have been many displays shut down by the authorities for causing a neighborhood disturbance. I would suggest for your first year, see how the traffic is for the first 2 weeks before you put the word out. People will find out about your display from word of mouth, and before you know it, you will be declining interviews from the media to keep your neighborhood a sane place to live year round bob
  3. Radio shack carries the fuses, just bring them an old one and they can hook you up. Something we do to help out, is to tape 2 extra fuses to the inside of every box. it makes it easier to find them later bob
  4. Evan, My garage door actually has the Galaxia rgb strings covering it. it took over 1600 zip ties to get them on there just right bob
  5. Yeah. there 2 10ft leaping arches on the roof. And we have 12 mega trees reanged in size from 6ft to 27ft high bob
  6. someone shot some video of our house during the TLC filming sunday night. let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWN1KJOg2AM Bob
  7. Steven wrote: Steven, I will check it when i get home. I called lor and the are thinking it is the procesor chip. They are sending me a new one bob
  8. It is not the led, the hardware utility won't find the board, this is board that worked all through last season, and was able to be found by the HU. I will give a call today bob
  9. I just got one of my boards pulled out tonight, and went to wire it up and i have no led status light. I double checked the power cords, and replaced both fuses with known working fuses. It worked all of last season and was stored in a dry place in the garage. I did notice that when i first plug it in the lights plugged into the board flicker for a brief second. It is a pc board that i built as a kit last year Any ideas. I am on a very strict time schedule and I havae to have the christmas display running on Oct 25th for the TLC filming How fast is the turn around time on the LOR repairs Bob
  10. I have also bought strobes from wowlights, which is an authorized light or rama dealer. $5.49 each flash rate is not as fast as christmas light show, but still good http://wowlights.com/ProductList.asp?Category=14 bob
  11. Just a heads up for those planning on using on using the pump controllers. from my extensive background in saltwater fish tanks, Magnetic drive pumps do not like to go from on to off constantly. this will cause them to fail over time. most of the wavemaker controllers they sell simulate a quick fade up and down to protect the pumps. Keep this in mind when sequencing for these. bob It appears on the LOR network just like any other LOR controller. It has unit address switches and network connections just like a LOR1602W. The first three channels control three 120 VAC sockets designed for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM.) You must not plug other types of devices into these sockets. The pump motor is part of the circuit. PMSM refers to the motor technology and is the type commonly used in pond pumps. The type of motor to impeller connection (magnetic or solid) is not relevant. We are negotiating with a US distributor to sell pumps that we know work well. We have found that Split-tube PMSM pumps that have rigidly (not magnetically) attached impellers work very well and are very efficient. This controller does not require S2. The channels are manipulated just like lighting channels except that twinkle and shimmer are not supported because they would be really rough on the motors. On, off, %level and fade up/down work as expected.
  12. Richard Hamilton wrote: Free chicken for a year, and $1000 20 min left to vote!!! bob
  13. Thanks alot buddy, we have been doing our designing for next year, and will be making some huge changes. and the one thing that will come is you guessed it, MORE lights. the theme for next year is going to be mega trees. LOTS OF THEM Bob
  14. The voting this week will determine the winner. you can vote here http://www.kfc.com/traditions/vote.asp if you think my display is the best then vote for #13 Robert C. Pittsburgh for those who haven't seen the video of my house here is the video with the music. Bob
  15. i know you were kidding, we have already started designing for next year. whats gonna be different? you guessed it more lights!!! bob
  16. 3 different color strings (red,purple,green) evry 5 inches. Isn't it amazing the difference between a good camera at 10 mp and a cheap camera that claims to do 12 ? and i was just checking out the manual, and realized i had the image quality set at norm. I will change it to fine tonight and see if that makes a difference bob
  17. My wife gave me my christmas present early this year. a nikon d40x 10.2 mp digital slr i got a few pics last night, these were taken on the auto setting with the flash turned off they are the first pics i have taken that actually show the true colors of my house bob
  18. Jeffrey wrote: Jeff, If you make the trip let me know, i will give you a behind the scenes tour bob
  19. Texan78 wrote: thanks alot, the theme park referencs is new, I like it. its funny about the lights, i still watch the shows and think i need more, there is always next year bob
  20. thanks guys, 112 channels. 211,000 lights. my goal for next year is already set to hit 250,000 lights and to add 64 more channels bob
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