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  1. chadh wrote: Cool. I'll check that out!
  2. Darryl Lambert wrote: Darryl, Thanks for the reply. I was afraid someone was going to say this. I found this and felt like it was quite cumbersome. I guess it's not too bad but it makes progress a little slow. We need a new button or a context menu (right click) to set the intensities, or, better yet, the RGB values from 0 to 255! Better yet, a cool slider tool like in the Hardware Utility test program that shows us the color we're setting. I confess I don't quite know how I would implement this, but the folks at Light-O-Rama have come up with some pretty good stuff so far so I expect something pretty nice before too long. Chris
  3. HELP! Got my CCR today .. finally. I can make it do stuff, but what I don't know how to do is easily set intensity. How do you EASILY set intensity?
  4. rstately wrote: Cool! How many channels run it? How did you do te star and the shooting star?
  5. bubba reed wrote: Don't have my CCR's yet. I've read the 2 tutorials. I'll probably go with macros this year unless I some time to figure it out. Looks like arch, accent (in a line), or tree are the intended uses so far. I've actually wondered if folks have tought about cutting the CCR up and making stuff like a star or maybe cutting a couple-a-three up to make like a mini-jumbotron. Actually I think if LOR made the mini-jumbotron and had some tools to draw or create text then scroll it they'd have a cool gizmo.
  6. bubba reed wrote: Bubba, I failed to say thank you for the insight on how to do this. I plan to implement one of my CCR's this way.
  7. rstately wrote: Cool tree! Can you describe the materials used? The upright rods look like rebar maybe? The pipe maybe plumbing or electical issue? The tough thing is the bottom ring. I guess a metal shop with bending equipment could do that. Is there somewhere you can buy such a ring? Also, what king of wire is that wrapped around the tree? I'd appreciate it if you would describe how you did it in some detail. I thought of trying something very similar to this, but not nearly this nice. I was thinking of cutting out a round ring from plywood (within my skill level - welding and such is not). And maybe using a small PVC of some sort (1/4" or 3/8") for the up rights. I'd just use screws to attach the uprights to the base and use the same plan on a smaller wooden ring at the top. The problem with my plan and the ribbon, I think, is how to attach the CC ribbon to a tree similar to yours and not pinch the CCR ribbon. It would be nice to have some sort of structural support that wrapped around the tree that was wider than the CC and then the CCR would be attached to this underlying support by cable tie. In other words, I haven't figured out what is relatively sturdy that I could wrap around the tree and then attach the CCR to that. Duct work hanging metal ribbon comes to mind, but I'd have to figure out how to attach that to the tree. If I were you, I could weld it.
  8. Does anyone have thoughts on how to make a Christmas tree like the one in the CCR demo? He says it is a 3'8" tree made of plastic fence. If anyone can provide detailed instructions on how to make such a thing that would be great. I have mini-trees in my light show that are made of triangular floral stands. I'd like something 5 or 6 feet tall. Can you buy something like that somewhere and put the CCR on it? Thanks! Attached files
  9. bubba reed wrote: Interesting. I was thinking you'd have to heat the tubing or something. I guess this would snap back straight when taken down and that would be an advantage in storing it.
  10. I have a question for everyone. How are you planning to deploy your Cosmic Color Ribbons (CCR)? And, how do you mount the thing on your planned application so as not to damage the ribbon over time? In the demo's on LightORama's website they kind of show 2 ways. Once as an arch and one as a Christmas tree. An obvious way would be just a straight ribbon on the house or ground or something. Even using cable ties to mount the CCR on PVC as an arch is not that straight forward. How do you get the PVC to arch? How do you store it? I would really love to hear what people are planning to do and how they plan to do it. I don't have my CCR yet and am trying to decide how to deploy it. I was thinking I'd go the Christmas tree route. Looks like the ribbon will wrap around about a 5 or 6 foot tall tree frame of some sort. Not sure how to make the frame. Maybe PVC teepee style with a string around the bottom to control the width the legs can spread. A little worried this might be too flexible for the ribbon over time. I'm also worried you won't be able to see the LED's on the back side from the road. Maybe twist the ribbon so they all point forward? I'd love to know how to build the tree in the LOR demo. Photo's and design suggestions would be great.
  11. JeffBlan wrote: I don't have my CCR and admit I know nothing about anything. But, I would think to do your 2 arches you could set the resolution to 2. Not sure what this means to the macros. Will they work like you have 2 separate CCR's or will it simply make 75 pixels work together as one on each half. I saw something about having 10 Unit numbers in legacy mode. Perhaps you could convince the ribbon it was two units and have macro control on the different units making the CCR work like 2 CCR's. Anyone have ideas on this?
  12. Wow! Thank ya'll so much for your quick replies. I feel better that I am not out to lunch. I would agree with you posts that there need to be some demo's. Or, I think actual sample .las files that we can copy and paste the channels and names. From what I have read there should be several. There should be one for... 1. Demo for each pre-defined Macro - Macro Mode 1 – Fill from Controller to End - Macro Mode 2 – Fill from End to Controller - Macro Mode 3 – Fill from Ends to Center - Macro Mode 4 – Fill from Center to Ends - Macro Mode 5 – Chase towards Controller - Macro Mode 5 – Chase towards Controller 2. Demo for Color effects - Setting the RGB channels) - Color effects (Dazzle & Twinkle) 3. Demo showing how to set the different logical resolutions (1, 2, 5, 10, 16, 17, 25 & 50) and how one might choose to use this. I think I have an idea of this, but I'm sure there are some clever uses. I suggest this because I am thinking I would like to copy and paste the channels at the end of my existing sequences. I can set the unit # after paste. Then I can just tweak it to go with my existing sequence. Does this sound reasonable? How do you plan to incorporate into your existing sequences?
  13. Hi! I am a kind of new to the LOR world. I ordered the Cosmic Color Ribbon (don't have it yet) to add to my 48 channel setup I purchased last year. I've been reading through the Forums and I read the documentation. BUT, I don't know how to set it up for sequencing. I looked at the demo .las squence LightORamaJohn released and it looks very simplistic and merely uses the Macros. I want to do a little of everything including the RGB. I just installed the latest version of LOR (2.4.10) and thought it would be as simple as adding a CCR as a unit, but, to my surprise, it's not there. I read other forum threads who were mentioning this and asking how to program RGB. A little guidance of what to do would be appreciated. I don't mind hand adding the 157 channels if I need to, but would like to know where to go. If I had a vote, it would be nice if you could add the CCR as a unit in a variety of ways. Like, macro mode (as the demo from John had it) and in a variety of pixel modes. If anyone has advice on what to do, I could use it. I am anxious to get going but don't know which way to turn.
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