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  1. Hey all, My wife and I built a new house last year and the show got a lot bigger as a result. We quadrupled the number of CCRs and CCDs we had going. When the show goes, it does work, but, there's a weird effect going on with some of the RGB devices. As the show goes, they just flash/blink quick for some reason at random intervals, and sometimes the RGB devices try to fire but don't and just blink out, like with the CCR lights going from the center out and back in, it just flashes the entire bar, blinks out, then continues. It's like there's too much for the network but we didn't break the single network upper limit. Some of the 50W lamps also had a flicker issue (we have 5 total). Overall, the shows performed at 99% effectiveness, and all of the regular non RGB LEDs worked perfect. Just the RGBs had these issues, and it takes away from the show when they blink like that. Any thoughts? Also unrelated, last year two of my CCD boxes burnt out, like dangerous burnt out. The inside of the little green boxes had black burn marks on the lid and when I plugged it in after the season, the circuit board shorted out in a fantastic display of sparks which thankfully didn't burn 'me' but still the unit's dead. Anyone else seen this happen?
  2. I have a show where I am not using any of the cosmic color devices but the strips keep flashing randomly during the show, like they're glitching? Any ideas? one LOR network 8 CCR controllers and ribbons 4 CCD controllers and 8 strings. 1 CCB controller and 2 strings 7 standard 16 channel controllers 5 50W floods 4 10W floods and controller Using 500k network speed About 600' of Ethernet cable daisy chained.
  3. Are you using an extension cord on the light that's having issues by chance? I had a similar issue just tonight with blue not going to one of the lights off 10,11,12 and it was the extension cord from a couple years ago got cooked. No idea how. But I replaced it and am good to go.
  4. morden11

    CCR - No Status Light

    Can you describe your setup? (Where are the controllers on your network relative to the rest of the daisy chain? Beginning, end, middle?)
  5. Hi everyone! Here is the issue: Of the 6 CCRs that I have in my show this year, one of those ribbons is not firing Controllers: There are 6 '16' channel standard controllers There are 6 CCR controllers There are 2 CCD controllers (accounting for a small tree with 200 ccd bulbs on it) **Note: The controller going dark at 500k is about a year old, all of the other ones I purchased new this year. Not sure if that means anything. Situation: I was having a major issue with lag on the CCRs during various points in all shows I found that adjusting the network speed from the 57k (recommended) to 500k did the trick, except... When I made this change, the one ribbon stopped working during the show Tests: I tested the ribbon via the hardware module - The hardware module found the ribbon - I was able to manually light some of the ribbon's LEDs via the hardware module When in 57k or 115k, the ribbon still lights up with the show Only at 500k does it remain dark However, regardless of the show's network speed, none of the other controllers have any issues going dark, there's just some lag at 115k and a LOT of lag at 57. PLEASE HELP!!!! What is causing ONE CCR to go dark at 500k in a show where everything else is working flawlessly?
  6. morden11

    Major LAG when adding 6 CCR to my show

    I did also notice that if SE is up and I uncheck 'control lights' it works fine in the SE. I will test a CCR now. Thanks again for your counsel -E
  7. morden11

    Major LAG when adding 6 CCR to my show

    I shut off all of the items you recommended. It made some difference but didn't completely clean up the lag. In particular when the CCRs are going and other lights are twinkling or shimmering it gets really bad. It will skip a second here or a second there. Question, will this lag necessarily carry over to the show or is it just an editor thing? Meaning that if I pipe it out through the lights will the show run fine even if the editor does not?
  8. morden11

    Major LAG when adding 6 CCR to my show

    Hi there and thank you for responding so quickly. It's an Alienware high end gaming machine. Pretty heavy duty graphics card. There is no lag in the S3 when I set up the CCR sequences there, and no lag in the SE prior to import. But once I export the .sup as a .lms and import that .lms into the SE, it gets real choppy in areas where the CCR has very high activity (but only in the SE). Not in S3 by itself and not in SE by itself. Just when I merge them.
  9. Hi all! This is year 2 for me and I have expanded the number of CCRs from 1 to 6. I upgraded my license with S3 to be able to export up to 8 ribbons, but when I did, and then played the song back in sequence editor to check timings, there is MAJOR lag in the areas that the CCRs are going crazy. This lag then dissipates in the areas of the sequence where the CCRs are de minimis. What do you all recommend? This Lag makes the sequence unusable in the editor. -Elye
  10. morden11

    This time last year...

    Carbonite has saved my rear end several times. It's fire and forget backup as well (subscription fee annually but nominal). If you have not looked at it, I urge you to do so. It's cloud based storage and they have among the best customer service of any entity I've worked with (regardless of industry). No more hard drives, no more thumb drives, and you can access it from any computer with an internet connection (provided you have the login credentials). I'm new in LOR town and am glad to see such a supportive and caring user community. -Elye
  11. morden11

    Spot Lights or Flood Lights

    I'm using the LOR DC RGB board with their RBG 10W Floods currently. Solder some ring tongues onto 12 gauge wire, connect those to the leads on the DC controller board (the LOR one) with screwdowns, and put banana plugs on the other end to pipe into a DC power source. Really really bright for such small lights. The controller can also be added as a device to your LOR Sequencer using the controller configuration menu but it's dumb lighting, so you have to specify which colors fire and when on the sequence editor. For example, if you want purple you have to instruct the blue and red LED on the flood to fire (as opposed to selecting purple directly like with the Cosmic Color Ribbon Superstar utility). Remember also that your DC controller will need its own unit ID on the hardware editor just like the standard 16 channel controller. I hope this helps. If not, let me know and we can dive into it more deeply.
  12. morden11

    1st year, 1st test show, WOW!

    1st year for me as well. It's addicting. Must...have...more lights!