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  1. I think I could be wrong, but the appearance of the power panel in the above example exceeds the "Squirrel Trip Factor" built into most power substations. This accident waiting to happen would likely allow the substation to trip and the re-closer to activate and likely hold, frying the individual within 25 feet of the power panel. Can you say - "Smells and tastes like Chicken"!
  2. I use my old walkman tuned into the station, and just turn it up and hang the headset on top of the camera. A couple of things we have done for years - always use a tripod - and take your videos either as the sun is setting or just before it comes up. The additional ambiant light makes your show just that much nicer. But most of all - have fun!
  3. Keeping lights on before and after your regular show time? Wonderful idea -and very easy to do. Here is a little history how things have worked for me for the last 7 years. Early on I used rope light to outline the perimeter of my yard. We would always get a light snowfall and it would cover the rope. So, I learned if I kept the rope on say around 40% brightness, it would create enough heat to melt the snow and the rope would show through - and the glow was awesome durring the show. So Create a couple of "Animation" sequences (those without music) with some simple nice things happening like your lit christmas packages in the yard glowing faintly, some slow chase effects going on - slow is better , and just create an "After Glow" of your display. Using the "Show Editor" create another show and call it something like "Glow". Then working with your "Scheduler" run this "Glow" show 5 or 10 minutes after your show is over, and schedule it to run till 11:59. Then schedule it again at 12:01 until say 6:00 am. Your show is off during the day and will start at your scheduled time (I assume). After the show - your "Glow" will run all night except for that brief off time of a couple minutes or less. You'll see why I do this as you build your schedule. Thats all their is to it. Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment, and don't be afraid to ask how us old timers make all them little people giggle.... Papa...
  4. I to do a lot with VMware - over 160 servers/workstations on a daily basis, operating on 7 hosts a total of 32 cores - big boy tools. Our experience on products like Player and Vm Server (affordable in our home enviornment) , with ports is problem- matic. The challange I had 16 months ago when trying to virtualize my machine was sync with audio and port output, could never keep them together. The USB port always lagged. How have you over come this issue?
  5. Thanks - Something to share - one of the reasons we do this - a little girl in the crowd watching the show, she appeared different. Closer examination would show a sweet little girl with a facial disfigurement caused by burns. She was with Grandma and brother, and was very excited and excitable. Grandma told my wife the girl (about 7) had been intentionally burned (to which she didn't elaborate much). But all she wanted was a picture with the "Frosty Snowman" . We made that happen and sent the pictures to her. The laughter of a child - the glimmer in their eye - need I say more......... Yep - I'm an old softee -- but then so is My Lord whom we strive to follow...
  6. Techster - you’ll notice that Mike Z is in the background of my video - Mike and I work together on our projects - when we can that is. Wayne - Details on the mechanics - I use servos that will push at least 100 inch oz of torque from Servo City. I created the gimbal from scratch with bearings on 1/4 inch hardened rod held in place with Teflon bearing blocks. Hand built bell cranks welded to 1/4 inch collars. Servo on the mouth, one in each arm, and one on the hips. Its built to hold up to years of use, and the weather. I had no trouble when "Lester" was outside in the sustained 50+ MPH wind. Rain and snow doesn't bother him. His body is covered by two layers of material - the white fabric you see, and a layer of (boat storage) heat shrink plastic under that - thus the statement by the news media "The guy used Boat parts to build his snowman". When I teach on projects such as this the intent is to help folks to open their thoughts to different ideas on how to creatively solve problems. For example the covering - this was my second attempt - and it worked, but it took me several months of pondering to resolve the issue. Lester the snowman was a 2 year project. The thought is if they just copy what we have done nothing new has been created, its just a xerox copy. I get excited when folks take my ideas and "Brand" them with their creativity. I have modification plans for Lester, but the first project is to replace his mouth servo - you see he got Laryngitis two days after Christmas this year. After two years of songs we calculated he moved his mouth over a half million times - that poor servo was just cranking! I will pull the servo and send it to servo city for examination. These guys will help me decide on a better resolve. Come by the meeting in Olympia WA. the first Saturday in May as we share our thoughts and ideas.
  7. I have 40 sets of these connectors in my display last season - the only one that had a problem was the one i split the seal on. Got most of my from Ray Wu at ALI Express along with my 1000 pixels. No complaints here. Trust me - you will use them, or they are easily sold.
  8. You might want to check out what we did. Here is a demo from the Mini workshop in Olympia last spring. http://vimeo.com/44241659 Happy Trails.
  9. macchn - I have been contemplating that move - (going to 16 gig of RAM on my I5) - Did it make a difference? I did bump my paging file up to double my 8 gig, and actually haven't seen a lock up since. BobO - I appreciate that feedback. I have been removing my large clipboards before I save, and i upgraded to 3.9. The really good news - the show is running - folks are enjoying - and the little ones are marvled at the singing snowman.
  10. For those of you that know Mike personally like I do - Mike your passion for the entertaining that you do is what places you at the top of the world. I know your mom loves what you do - and those of us in your personal circle see your love for entertainment. The giggles and smiles you have drawn out of all us children both young and old places additional jewels in your crown! Never stop being Mike ! Another outstanding show! Well worth another Emmy to go with the one on your mantle. Wish I could be there - maybe next year Laura and I can return for a day or two. Lowell
  11. Narrowed down a "System has stopped responding and must close" error. (Not exactly the error message - but close). While saving a sequence - if I have a custom clipboard selected which is a export from Nutcracker the system stops responding and forces S3 to close giving me the option to check on-line for a solution or just close, but no option to recover in any form. I have a number of exports from Nutcracker for my 800 pixel mega tree, and none seem more prone than any other. This crashing challenge has been plaguing me all season - and it just now dawned on me what was in common. (Sorry I don't have a screen capture). Other than the obvious (choose regular clipboard B4 saving) any thoughts for a software fix? ***The good news is I am a faithful sequential file saver since early sequencing days ( filename_year_XXX. .... replacing the XXX with the next number in sequence) to go back to a sequence that looked better than what I just dreamed up. BTW would be a great feature in an upcoming version. ***
  12. When I try to duplicate a keyboard and add some of my own keystrokes when I name my new keyboard map and select enter it gives me an error - "Path not found". Is there a location where i can address this path issue?
  13. Those are really awesome! Boy - it is really hard to choose just one - Kevin does such a great job. He has been doing my voice overs since the second year we we have been doing an animated display - this is our 6th or 7th year, I forget.... My suggestion to you would be to choose your favorite - or mix it up. You can use more than one you know. I have a half dozen different announcements in our show. Once again - for those that have not used Kevin's services - give him a try - you'll be glad you did. That address is www.thedementelf.com .
  14. The shear number of hits overwhelmed my server - moved it to Vimeo Try this https://vimeo.com/44241659
  15. Some of you were there at the Decorators Mini in Olympia last month - and watched Snowman Lester sing to Ray Stevens "The Streak" - we did have a good time - didnt we. Here is the video that was taken. Two versions - high quality and a smaller version for mobile apps. http://www.papasplace.us/video/2012/Lester_The_Streak.wmv (this version for mobile apps or slow connections) http://www.papasplace.us/video/2012/Lester_The_Streak_LQ.wmv Happy Fathers Day!
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