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  1. Right there with ya....any would be appreciated. cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  2. Thank you Speedster for the help-Appecaite the help. Chris
  3. Thank you Richard for the help-is there a You Tube Video you would recommend? Deeply apperciate the help. Chris
  4. Stupid question but got to ask-So all of my sequences that I have were purchased through LOR or WOW Lights. I was recently sent a sequence and purchased the music via Amazon. How do you link the two together? Thank you! Chris
  5. Really in need of a sequence of Sidewalk Prophets What A Glorious Night (with Linus). Any help would be appreciated-🙏🏻 Cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  6. Does anyone have a arched car port going down their driveway? I would really like to see how you designed it and hear some tips on what you learned. Thanks!
  7. Hey Doc-can I get a copy of Baby Sharks? I'm the same as you-I don't have pixels but the inch has set in for next year. Thanks! cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  8. That's what I do-I what to expand in this area but right now that's all I know.
  9. In need of a few sequences-for my 16 channel display-any help would be appreciated-Baby Sharks, All I Want For Christmas-Mariah Carey, Let It Go--Idina Menzel. Thank you.... Chris Cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  10. I was wondering if anyone uses video with the light shows? I use 2 movie projectors in windows for Santa & Mrs. Claus but want to expand, If you could share I would love to see. Thanks!
  11. I threw out there on FB that if someone donated 100 cans of food for the ministry I'm raising canned goods for I would add Baby Shark-Guess what? Someone donated. If someone could please send I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Cmuller@ajaxturner.com
  12. Omg-livestrong5150 would love to add VH-Thank You-Thank you-Thank you!!! cmuller@ajaxturner.com
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