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  1. Does anyone have a "Countdown" or "Test" sequence they use leading up to the day they go LIVE with there actual Christmas Sequences? Like something that Turns on random controllers and inputs? I can record something that says how many controllers I have and how many separate channels...just something that gets people's attention that the show hasn't even begun yet, but that they should check back. Thank you so much! If you have anything, could you send it my way? Email is below... Paul kzziboys@yahoo.com
  2. Hi Dibble! Is there a light show part with this sequence besides the singing faces? If so, could you send my way? Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  3. Greetings! Does anyone happen to have a sequence for Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy? Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  4. Greetings! A copy would be great. Thank you... kzziboys@yahoo.com
  5. If you'd be willing to share...my kids would be grateful. kzziboys@yahoo.com
  6. Could I have a copy as well? Thank you!!! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  7. Please send my way if you're willing! Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  8. If you're still willing to send the Grinch Singing Faces and rest of the sequence, thank you!!! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  9. Wow! Awesome! Could you send to kzziboys@yahoo.com ? Thanks!
  10. Would love a copy as well. Thank you so much for everything! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  11. Hi Omniadmp, Could you share whatever you have with me as well? Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
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