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  1. Please send my way if you're willing! Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  2. If you're still willing to send the Grinch Singing Faces and rest of the sequence, thank you!!! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  3. Would LOVE this. Thank you! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  4. Please include me as well! kzziboys@yahoo.com Thank you!
  5. Wow! Awesome! Could you send to kzziboys@yahoo.com ? Thanks!
  6. kzziboy

    Bruce Springstein - Santa is Coming to Town

    Love this as well. kzziboys@yahoo.com
  7. Thanks for your generosity... kzziboys@yahoo.com
  8. Would love a copy as well. Thank you so much for everything! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  9. kzziboy

    Any halloween sequences with a singing face

    Hi Omniadmp, Could you share whatever you have with me as well? Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  10. kzziboy


    If you're willing. Would love a copy of the singing faces and whatever sequence you have for the rest of your lights for Thriller. Thanks! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  11. kzziboy


    Please. Thank you! kzziboys@yahoo.com
  12. Me as well... Thank you. kzziboys@yahoo.com
  13. Please! and thank you... kzziboys@yahoo.com
  14. kzziboy

    Five Nights at Freddy's sequences/faces?

    I'd love that too! Thanks. kzziboys@yahoo.com
  15. kzziboy

    Now Sharing ~ Oh Yeah ~ singing faces

    Me too! kzziboys@yahoo.com