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  1. Hi Roverdish, just saw this post. I'm a big fan of Imagine Dragons and have a similar set up as you without the curtain. I'd appreciate giving your sequence a try. produce@telus.net. Darrell
  2. At our house, the glass is half full and the lights shine bright.
  3. I appreciate being one of the winners of the Win Back Your Purchase from the summer sale. The early Christmas present was a pleasant surprise. With the 40% added cost of the Canadian exchange rate every little bit goes a long way. I won over $1,300 in hardware. I wanted to say thank you...and my neighbours thank you too! Darrell
  4. Had a great sale season for LED strings of all types at Home Depot in Canada. Their Christmas lights were put out late (Nov 15 and later). When I arrived at the store on Dec 24, to check out the Boxing Day deals the sale had began at 50-70% off. Early Christmas present for me...
  5. Hi Jame, If you are still willing, I'd appreciate a copy. Cant get enough of Blake on The Voice. dkomick@telus.net. Mahalo. Darrell
  6. I'd appreciate a link to the sequence. dkomick@telus.net
  7. James, Thats a great song. I would appreciate a copy. dkomick@telus.net
  8. I'm still a rookie at building Christmas light shows. Is the CLD 12 RGB Smart Strip system plug and play with the Light-o-rama software, or are there some tricks to making it compatible?
  9. Thanks Don, It could not be more obvious. D.
  10. Thank you for the solutionRJ485 B solution to connecting the ELL directly from the computer to the first controller. Could LOR put this important piece of technical information in the "buying" section in the store? This would help the next LOR enthusiasts. Cheers. Darrell
  11. Did others from Canada have success ordering during the Spring Sale? I tried three different orders.
  12. HI Meegan, By the group of 4 idea, I wanted to create the maximum effect of the light show, without the need for too many LED lights or too many structural items to create. The rule of four allowed me to consider that the LOR units have 16 light channels, so I could have four trees with four colours of lights, or eight trees with two colours of lights. If I grouped my light colours and special effects based on groups of four channels, I could also work with pre-programmed light sequences to complement my own. It appears that many LOR enthusiasts intentionally develop their shows and displays based on multiples of 4. This year, I'm challenging myself to make the best possible show with only 16 channels. Let me know if this helps. Darrell
  13. Last Christmas I was so new, I had the new car smell. My best advice to someone new is to ask questions. LOR users share, share and share their knowledge and expertise. I built a 64 channel show plus a 12 CCR ribbon tree in less than 2 weeks. Here's my best advice for the first time user: 1. Go for it. Spend some time to understand the value of the combination of 4. Four groups of four, four colours, four stars, four trees, four levels of dimension. 2. Build a frame for the 12 CCR Christmas tree using 3/4" tubing. Where we live, we have Chinook winds, and it can be +10C to -40C in the same day. By attaching the CCR ribbons to the frame, there was less chance of breakage due to cold or blowing away. 3. Think like the blue sky, then simply your construction of your features. The bigger the feature, the more lights you are going to need. My largest tree was 8 feet high, my smallest tree was 2 feet high 4. Use rope lights to build 1/2" dowel stars - I used two colours (red and yellow) on 8 stars. Be sure to size the stars to the size of the rope light you buy. It took a complete controller to operate, but the effect was great. 5. I used a pre-programmed sequence for the CCR Christmas tree, then programmed the balance of the channels and features around it. 6. Be sure to buy the right arrangement and length of the song. Enjoy yourself. The audience will love whatever you do. Darrell
  14. At times the temperature outside will be -30 degrees. Do we need to protect the CCR controllers from the cold? If so, any ideas?
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