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  1. Before discovering LOR, I had the same static display year after year. Nothing really changed, maybe add a blow up or a blow mold, but otherwise same thing over and over every year. THEN, I discovered LOR and saw thousands and thousands of new options, unlimited songs to choose from, LED's, Pixels, animated wire frames, singing trees, arches, mega/mini trees and on and on and on......mind blown "poof". Hahaha I believe 2018 will be my 5th year with animated Christmas lights. I started with one 16 channel residential controller. I now have nine of them. I started out with a single strand of assorted LED lights from a big box store outlining the house, windows, doors etc. Now I have red, green, blue and white strands of LED lights from HLE twisted together outlining my house, plus all the trees and bushes surrounding the house and 4 singing xmas tree faces and 4-5 blow ups and 5 arches. I started out with 4-5 sequences, this year I ran 12. So to the point of the thread, How do you keep it fresh? New songs? New display additions? Do you ever go back and re-sequence entire songs to change things up? I'm sure those that have been in the hobby for years have sequenced every related holiday song out there. Do you just change up the show by mixing in the different songs? One year Jingle Bells, the next year Jingle Bell Rock? What do you do different each year to keep your display fresh, people interested and almost as important, yourself interested and motivated to do this each year?
  2. Connecting P10 LED panels to LOR?

    Whew, made it through page 10 today. This project has definitely made my list of things to do and add to my show.
  3. How do you keep it fresh?

    I have several planned changes this year. I've never been able to incorporate my house roof due to the steep pitch. I really didn't want to spend $200-300 renting a cherry picker or lift to get me up there and then another $200-300 to take them down. While I haven't figure out exactly how to get it done, that is priority number one this spring. Already have the hardware/supplies needed to add some RGB arches(Johnson arches). Just need to put them together and start sequencing. As far as songs/sequences, this year I'm going old school with the more traditional Christmas songs(Rudolph, Frosty, Jingle Bells), you know all the kid's songs we sang when we were little. JR, I'll be hitting you up for some faces sequences. Hope you'll be able to help me out. (I am going to try and sequence my own faces, but I'm not all that confident I can that my first shot at it will be good enough for public viewing) The other big addition to my display is still being debated in our household. I live on a pretty busy street with no parking on either side of the street. I have a good size driveway that has an extra side spot at the end by the street. I have talked to the wife about making that a temporary parking spot for people to pull in and watch the show. I still have to convince her and work out how I could separate it from the rest of the driveway. I don't want my whole driveway filling up with spectators. The last thing will be create a small (6-8 foot) RGB tree. I want to start working with some RGB stuff this year in hopes of converting the whole house to RGB in 2019 or 2020.
  4. How do you keep it fresh?

    Bobs MIIP ??????? I guess I haven't lost my newb status yet. I have no idea what that is or how I would be able to let a stranger control my show. I have to admit when I first read it, I thought there was another "o" in there. Mind meet gutter.
  5. Light Type Where?

    HLE for me as well. Reasonably priced, great customer service and will work with you even if the lights were purchased years ago and then go out.
  6. Thank You!

    Monday was the last day I ran my show for this season. I just wanted to shout out a big Thank You to everyone that helped me this year. Special shout out to DibbleJr, James Morris, Whitebuck, 75redman and roverdish for sharing sequences with me. I learned a lot looking at how you sequence. Major shout out Thank You to the help desk who responded to my ticket on Thanksgiving Day. I would not have been able to get my show up and running without your help. I've started working on my song list for 2018 and can't wait to add some new things to my show. I am adding some RGB components this year, so that will be a whole new learning experience for me. I hope to find some people who will share some RGB sequencing so I can learn how to do that too. Anyway, Thanks again to everyone who helped me. I really do appreciate you taking time to share your experiences and advice. That's what makes this a great community.
  7. I finished setting up my display this weekend. Got all lights and extension cords run and secured. I took a shortcut this year and didn't test the controllers before putting them out and hooking everything up. Of course when I went to test them there was a problem. I have 9 CTB16PC controllers daisy chained together. I opened the HU to test each controller. Problem is it only sees 4 of the 9 controllers. I'm testing the Cat5 cables today and will skip the # 5 controller and see if the HU will see 6-9. I noticed the center comm port on #4 and #5 seem to be very loose. I bought the controllers pre-assembled. Assuming the issue is not the Cat5 cables, could it be that I just need to re-solder the com ports? Different question. When linking the controllers together, do I have to use the Cat5/Ethernet com ports or can I use the "telephone" line port?
  8. Blue Christmas - Porky Pig

    I don't know that I've ever heard that one. James, you got a video of your sequence? If not, please send me the sequence and tell me where to get the audio. namecips@yahoo.com
  9. So the wife asked and I didn't know the answer. I know someone here does. Do we have any liability exposure by replaying songs like Thunder by Imagine Dragons over our FM transmitters? I'm using an open station in our area. I also have purchased all of my music and can prove it.
  10. RGB

    Do you have an existing image with light layout in the Animator in another sequence? If not, save yourself some time and use the visualizer to draw your light layout. It's much more robust with options and tools to help.
  11. Superstar Instant Sequence questions

    It may just be me, but I've never been able to put together an instant sequence that looks good or remotely "dances" to the song beats I'm using.
  12. Controller not working completely

    What is the impact of changing the network speed? I've never heard of it before.
  13. Boxes not working

    I think it would help if you started over and gave a more specific description of your setup. There are so many different variables in play. While they're joking around a little at your expense, they just need more info in order to help you. And they will help you.
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy / Hooked on a Feeling

    If still in the giving mood, I'd like a copy as well. Namecips@yahoo.com
  15. Blinking green lights

    I had a problem with my com jacks in the controller this year. The wires inside the jack had been pushed to the back of the jack and weren't making contact with the cable when I connected it. Took a while, but I was able to straighten all 8 wires and the jack worked. Check the wires inside the jack in the controller. IF they are pushed back, I found a metal dental pic works best when trying to get behind the wires to push them out.
  16. Loose Comm ports

    Great News! My ticket was answered on Thanksgiving morning. I was blown away that someone had read and responded to my email on a holiday. In the email I was given a few things to review before we started talking swaps. Well, long story short, the wires in my com port were crushed up against the back of the jack. After about an hour of straightening the wires in the first "broken" controller, I found a better way to get this job done and took 15 minutes to fix the other two. Those wires are small and the jacks don't make it easy to get behind the wires. However, all controllers are working and I was able to test all my lights. I will be starting my show tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone who offered up suggestions. I really appreciate your help. Special thanks to the tech who read and responded to my ticket. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  17. Loose Comm ports

    No joy on anything today. Question on the phone cord. When using that connection do you have to use it throughout the whole daisy chain? If so, I didn't do that. If not, then the phone cords didn't fix the issue either. Hated to do it, but opened a ticket to see what/if anything else I can do. If I can get an 8th controller working, I can run my show and not lose much. If I can't, then I lose a nice portion of my show. Learning lessons right and left this year. I'll be grabbing an extra controller or two in one of next years sales. I appreciate everyone's help. I'm hoping the help desk comes up with something we haven't thought of or provides a good next step suggestions.
  18. Loose Comm ports

    That will be the next step after the phone cord.
  19. Loose Comm ports

    Do I lose anything? Slower/delayed response? And is it just standard phone cord or something else?
  20. Loose Comm ports

    I have not, but will if you think it will help. I think I've made some progress. Current state: 7 linked and working #4, 5, 6 all work except when plugged in to the center comm port. All three are loose/shaky, but nothing crazy. I've run all the wire combinations multi and single connected and I'm pretty much convinced the loose ports are my issue. Can I link the controllers using the "phone line" port? (I don't know the technical name. Haha)
  21. Loose Comm ports

    Have 6 of 9 connected and working. I can make show adjustments if necessary. Two of the non-working controllers have brand new cables coming in and out, but are the original two that wouldn't work. The third is strange because it was working up until the last test of last night. I have been powering down the controllers before making cable adjustments/changes/swaps. Is it necessary to power down? Good precaution? Doesn't matter?
  22. Loose Comm ports

    Ok, everybody cross your fingers. I'm heading home to get started on this. I'm just going to start from controller 3, work my way through all of the others to make sure all my connections are good and hope the cables I'm replacing fix the issue.
  23. Loose Comm ports

    Now it's a mess again. As stated earlier when I tested 1-9 without 4 and 5, everything worked properly. Now I'm only getting 1-3 and 6. 7-9 didn't show. It seems strange. Nothing changed between 6-9 except the "in" on 6. Had to step away. Will look at it again tomorrow with a clear head. While disappointed I can't start testing my shows, I am encouraged that each controller registered in the HU today.
  24. Loose Comm ports

    Ok, here's what I've done so far this evening. The problem I'm having is with controller # 4 and # 5. I skipped both and ran the Cat5 from # 3 to # 6(which is daisy chained to 7, 8 and 9). Opened the HU and all controllers were visible and numbered properly. Next I went from # 3 to # 4. Worked fine. Next went from # 3 to # 5. Worked fine Linked #3 to #4 and # 4 to # 5 and the signal stops at # 4. First question, does it matter which cat5 port is in and which is out? Next question, if it's not the com port, what else could it be?