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  1. Loose Comm ports

    No joy on anything today. Question on the phone cord. When using that connection do you have to use it throughout the whole daisy chain? If so, I didn't do that. If not, then the phone cords didn't fix the issue either. Hated to do it, but opened a ticket to see what/if anything else I can do. If I can get an 8th controller working, I can run my show and not lose much. If I can't, then I lose a nice portion of my show. Learning lessons right and left this year. I'll be grabbing an extra controller or two in one of next years sales. I appreciate everyone's help. I'm hoping the help desk comes up with something we haven't thought of or provides a good next step suggestions.
  2. I finished setting up my display this weekend. Got all lights and extension cords run and secured. I took a shortcut this year and didn't test the controllers before putting them out and hooking everything up. Of course when I went to test them there was a problem. I have 9 CTB16PC controllers daisy chained together. I opened the HU to test each controller. Problem is it only sees 4 of the 9 controllers. I'm testing the Cat5 cables today and will skip the # 5 controller and see if the HU will see 6-9. I noticed the center comm port on #4 and #5 seem to be very loose. I bought the controllers pre-assembled. Assuming the issue is not the Cat5 cables, could it be that I just need to re-solder the com ports? Different question. When linking the controllers together, do I have to use the Cat5/Ethernet com ports or can I use the "telephone" line port?
  3. Loose Comm ports

    That will be the next step after the phone cord.
  4. Loose Comm ports

    Do I lose anything? Slower/delayed response? And is it just standard phone cord or something else?
  5. Loose Comm ports

    I have not, but will if you think it will help. I think I've made some progress. Current state: 7 linked and working #4, 5, 6 all work except when plugged in to the center comm port. All three are loose/shaky, but nothing crazy. I've run all the wire combinations multi and single connected and I'm pretty much convinced the loose ports are my issue. Can I link the controllers using the "phone line" port? (I don't know the technical name. Haha)
  6. Loose Comm ports

    Have 6 of 9 connected and working. I can make show adjustments if necessary. Two of the non-working controllers have brand new cables coming in and out, but are the original two that wouldn't work. The third is strange because it was working up until the last test of last night. I have been powering down the controllers before making cable adjustments/changes/swaps. Is it necessary to power down? Good precaution? Doesn't matter?
  7. Loose Comm ports

    Ok, everybody cross your fingers. I'm heading home to get started on this. I'm just going to start from controller 3, work my way through all of the others to make sure all my connections are good and hope the cables I'm replacing fix the issue.
  8. Loose Comm ports

    Now it's a mess again. As stated earlier when I tested 1-9 without 4 and 5, everything worked properly. Now I'm only getting 1-3 and 6. 7-9 didn't show. It seems strange. Nothing changed between 6-9 except the "in" on 6. Had to step away. Will look at it again tomorrow with a clear head. While disappointed I can't start testing my shows, I am encouraged that each controller registered in the HU today.
  9. Loose Comm ports

    Ok, here's what I've done so far this evening. The problem I'm having is with controller # 4 and # 5. I skipped both and ran the Cat5 from # 3 to # 6(which is daisy chained to 7, 8 and 9). Opened the HU and all controllers were visible and numbered properly. Next I went from # 3 to # 4. Worked fine. Next went from # 3 to # 5. Worked fine Linked #3 to #4 and # 4 to # 5 and the signal stops at # 4. First question, does it matter which cat5 port is in and which is out? Next question, if it's not the com port, what else could it be?
  10. Video Cameras

    I can only afford an Escalade, so I too am jealous of your Z06. Hahaha Thanks, I'll check it out.
  11. Maybe for next year. James or JR if you don't mind sharing. Namecips@yahoo.com
  12. Video Cameras

    Are there other good video recording drones that don't have a comma in the price?
  13. Christmas Expo 2018

    Maybe one day they'll have it in Cincinnati
  14. While sequencing I move all of my string colors together, white with white, red with red etc. I'm moving the channels out of their groups. My question is, is there an easy way to "regroup" the channels or do I have to manually move them back as I am currently?
  15. Just watched this video. I'm such a moron. I'm guessing this track stuff is going to save me a ton of time.
  16. Yes, I've done it that way for a couple years now. Never knew any different and so far, haven't had any issues. Educate me on tracks. If I create a "color" track or track 2, when I group my whites together and sequence on track 2, does that carry over to track 1 or master track?
  17. Thunder - Singing Faces

    I'm pretty sure if you've heard a song that you think is sequence worthy, chances are someone has done it and offered to share it here. Searching "Imagine Dragons, Thunder" worked for me. (Might help if I read the thread before commenting. Didn't see that you were looking for signing faces)
  18. I have two each of red and green flood lights to light up the house. The bulbs are 100W Westinghouse Incandescent. They look and feel very cheap. The paint is already peeling on one of them and not sure they're going to last very long. They are part of the show and will be constantly going on and off. I'm looking for recommendations on some good flood light bulbs(red and green).
  19. Small singing faces

    I have framed mine with 2x4's. I have four. One on top, then the controller and then the other under the controller. I left "legs" on the frame and stand mine up in between the windows on the front of the house.
  20. Being original.

    Probably for another thread, but why?
  21. Being original.

    I am guilty of asking for free sequences. Mostly for the singing faces. (Thank you again to all who have shared with me) I know when I started doing the blinky blink, flashy flashing thing, I was in way over my head. Started late in the year and maybe had 4 songs my first year(3 of which I got from here). The first song(Jingle Bells) I sequenced took me about 30-40 hours to sequence. I think people watch the Christmas Light Shows on TV and think they're smart and computer savy and think they can just jump right in and make it happen. Once they get started they realize it's much more than plug and play. They panic and run to the first place/person that can help. I've gotten pretty good at manipulating existing sequences, but I'm still terrible at starting from scratch. I spent a lot of time upgrading my lights and display this year. I hope next year I can spend more time on sequencing and less on hardware. There are many songs I'd like to try to do myself. That's my two cents on the topic, feel free to give me change.
  22. I've done the "Contact Us" thing twice and still no response. I plan to call them tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they'll replace the one ordered this year, but wondering what they'll do with the 3 from 2014.
  23. I started testing all of my lights this weekend. I found 4 strings (full wave C6's from HLE) where only half of the string will light up. I also have one string that was purchased in February that hasn't been used where only half of the string is lighting up. I checked and changed the fuses. No changes. I emailed HLE to see if there was something else I could try. Waiting for a response. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions on something to try?
  24. Country Sequences

    You will probably have better luck if you name some songs you're looking to get.
  25. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Love this song. Please send a copy to namecips@gmail.com