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  1. Make sure all rows are together and you are on the 1st column, then click on the 1st row you want to delete, hold the mouse button down and drag down until you've selected the rows desired. then right click and select "select rows" and then right click and select delete.
  2. Well done. I too would like to know about those large balls.
  3. Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I use both as well. I don't have the standard type of singing faces but I have created faces on my roof matrix that I use for the kids songs (Jingle Bells by Tigger & Pooh). On songs like Pentatonic I don't use any type of faces and just utilize effects to create a feeling for the vocals. Have never felt or had anyone say they didn't like the songs with vocals. They usually help stir the crowd up a little because adults & kids alike will start singing along (especially with the "fun" songs).
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    shaken not stirred
  5. Our 2017 Christmas Light Show

    Looks great!
  6. TSO Showtime Central

    Is it connected to a power source?
  7. G3-MP3 Director playing two netwokrs

    Are the sequences you are trying to put on your SD card using both networks? I recently created a card to do a test run on a series of lights that will run on my aux network. there was nothing in the sequence list that was on the regular network. I told HU that I had 2 ports on my director but when I got to the next screen only port 1 (aux) was active. The 2nd port was grayed out. However when I put sequences that are set to run on both networks than port 1 shows up as my regular ad port 2 is my aux and both are active and selectable.
  8. Who has a firm publicized start date Poll

    My soft date is alwyas Thanksgiving Weekend; but last year was Dec 4th and planning on Dec 1 this year. Thanksgiving coming early this year made it feel ok to light up a week later. Most years I light up sometime between Fri & Sun after Thanksgiving Day.
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    Spread joyful love
  10. Gen3 mini director uMP3g3

    I use the Hardware utitliy and not the show builder to put my sequences on the SD Card. I used the mini director for a couple years with no problems. Now using the standard director so I can run 2 networks. I've not had any problems when creating my show on the SD card using the Hardware utility. I could be mistaken but thought I read somewhere a while ago that only the hardware utitiliy should be used when creating cards for the directors.
  11. Starting up - Help Please

    yes you can add speakers. simplest way if your broadcasting on FM is to use a receiver tuned to the FM channel you are broadcasting on and attach by wires or bluetooth to outdoor speakers. there are other ways as well especially if using a computer to run your show but this is probably the quickest, easiest method to start with.
  12. FM frequency

    You will also find differences depending on the time of year you check. Channel may be clear in summer but during the winter you might find a station coming through. Know this from personal experience. has to do with atmospheric conditions which change through the seasons. Learned about this years ago when I was into ham radio.
  13. Complete NOOB H E L P

    As Mega Arch stated, LOR has great tutorials; Also search YouTube for LOR as it has lots of videos that demonstrate how to do many aspects of creating LOR shows from users. And this forum is another deep well of information. Just look through topics and you'll be amazed the knowledge you can pick up here. You can search the forum as well if you're looking for a specific topic. Welcome to the fun! It is addicting.
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    lights you up
  15. I'm sequencing both CCR matrix, CCBs and regular light strings in Superstar. I set up my visualizer with my various fixtures and when I import into SS they all show up as I need them on separate lines. My problem is when setting up effects (ie shockwave, spiral...) within my CCR matrix. If I have a shockwave set so it is larger than my matrix so that I'm getting an arc instead of a full circle for example the following happens. The shockwave does exactly what I want but because it flows off the matrix grid it is activating lights on other strings. I've tried everything I can find in forums in trying to set up visualizer to separate my other strings so that effects won't overlap on them. I've tried setting rows/columns, using row vs real visualization. Nothing I do seems to correct the problem. I can overcome this problem if I only seqence my CCRs in SS and then using SE I can go in and delete all the overflows when I sequence the rest of my lights in SE. I'd much rather do everything in SS but need to figure out how to keep the effects that flow off the grid from interacting with the other strings. I have a 10 row matirx using CCRs which are the 10 rows starting at the bottom although they are shown at the top in my visualizer file. I've searched the forums but have been unable to find this specific problem. I attached a screen shot of my SS. Thanks for any help you can provide. Tom Superstar image.pdf
  16. SS effects bleed over into other strings

    THANK YOU JIM!!! Manual clip did the trick. I appreciate the help. Always learning new things. Tom
  17. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    time is near
  18. Loved your video and explanations of how you did things. Too bad about the GCLF this time. Like how you are using ordinary items (couch tall lamp for example) to build light displays. Very creative. thanks for sharing your story & lights.
  19. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Add more pixels
  20. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    nice and tight
  21. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    is THE LAW
  22. Running multiple networks?

    Thanks for some great information. I'm currently using the Director to run my show but it is only a matter of time until I will have to switch to computer controlled as my show continues to grow. This information will be handy when that day arrives. I appreciate your sharing all this. Tom
  23. Need information on Pixel Tree Kit

    I don't have a pixie controller but I do run CCRs off a director. My regular controllers & one CCB controller run off the lower speed just fine and I also use 2 linkers to go across the driveway. My CCRs and this year CCBs on my roof run off the 2nd network output on the director at 500 speed. I've had no problems with this set up.
  24. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I will turn 69 in November and will have been using LOR 4 years in November. Still doing my own roof work.
  25. New Feature in SuperStar - Pixel Extender

    Does this work only with DMX or will it work with LOR? would this allow me to use the LOR cosmic bulbs as a 100 bulb string instead of 2 50strings? I have not run into what others are referring to so I may be misunderstanding this. thanks for any clarifications.