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  1. you must use the hub and not the hardware director when using S5. As long as you have your files in the correct directories and haven't moved anything, than simply drag the loredit file with the latest date into the hub where you deposit the sequence. the audio will automatically connect if it is in the correct location. You only have to put the sequence file in to the hub. Hope that helps some.
  2. You may need to upgrade your license also. The basic only runs 2 unit IDs and BAsic plus gives you 4 unit IDs. For a chart showing what each license allows you to do and its limitations go to http://www1.lightorama.com/showtime-sequencing-suite/#levels
  3. ITunes is one possibility.
  4. if you are using a director you can change the speed in the HU when you are setting up to put your programs onto a card. You'll be asked how many ports and then you are given the chance to select the speed for each port. I have a 2 port director and network one runs at regular 57K speed, the second I have set to run 500K which is the network I'm running my CCRs.
  5. Your license says Super star demo... did you use super star for programming? If so you may need to upgrade your license to include SuperStar program (not demo). I haven't started using S5 yet so I'm just taking a stab at possible problem.
  6. Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas Pentatonix, Mary did you know they have several great songs Christmas Vacation
  7. As far as I know S4 only has one hub. S5 is a different story and I believe the hub is gone or not used in the same way.
  8. If you are using S4 you should use the S4 hub to set up your SD card. Not sure what new hub you are referring.
  9. John, my flashing red light would go off when the card was inserted. No I did not use the new hub -- I'm using S4 this year. I downloaded & installed S5 to look at it but decided it was too much of alearning curve to use this year. I uninstalled and reinstalled S4 and used the S4 hub to program my SD card. I may have stumbled upon the answer or go around. I had set up my regular network to run at 115 and my aux to run at 500. I decided to use the 57.6 level for my regular while keeping my aux at 500. When I put that SD card into my Director it worked and started playing the song. I
  10. I have had a program running for past couple days using my director. Today I went to test my show for tosnight and it keep getting a message which i cannot interpret. But it is not reading or using or something with my SD card. The flashing red light goes out when I insert the card but I do not see the blue light. I have tried different SD cards, quick formatted and full formatted each card. Still nothign is working. Attached is a picture of the screen with the error code. It did update the time from my card but that was all it did. Looking for help quickly in hopes that I can salvage m
  11. I create a very short animated sequence (5-10 seconds) that runs between songs. Not so long as to bore anyone, but just long enought to provide a small intermission between each song. I agree you don't want your house dark or just static lights for extended times (even a minute can seem like an eternity if you're standing there waiting for something to happen).
  12. to add a channel you can simply right click on the channel column and click on the inset channel...If you have more channels then fit on the screen you have to scroll down or up to see all of them. Depending on how many, you can also make the channels smaller in height by zooming out which will allow more to be seen in the window. It sounds like your play selection has been changed to something other than play full sequence. Look under the Play tab. There will be a check mark on the method chosen. if all that fails, I would put in a help ticket. Don't expect an immediate reply tough as t
  13. I do believe you will have to correct first. I had some similar problems and required putting them in the preview layout before they would work.
  14. i am not familiar with the G4 director but do use the original director. Since I'm still using S4 this year I use the Hardware utility to set up my programs and I can set each day to start and stop at specific times. WHen It gets close to Christmas eve I simply create a new SD card with revised times so that my programs run past midnight on Christmas eve and all day Christmas Day. I know S5 does not use the hardware utility to create SD cards but I would guess it does provide the ability to create specific times for your programs to run from within the director.
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