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  1. Hey, James... I'd love a copy as well if you have time to send it. JonathanM.Simpson AT gmail.com Thanks! -J
  2. I'd also like a copy of The Greatest Show (mega tree and firesticks/arches). JonathanM.Simpson@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Oh, and if you need "real" singing faces, try hitting up James Morris' thread. He sent them to me, and they looked great in the editor, but I couldn't use them because I only have a 2 channel mouth on my reindeer (open mouth, closed mouth), so I had to re-do. Man, this song made that a lot of work LOL! Very fast singing sections!
  4. So, I just finished up "The Greatest Show" from the movie The Greatest Showman if anyone wants it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c13736ad8rtgg53/GreatestShow.lms?dl=0 Here's the channel breakdown in case anyone cares: House: 2 center channels (foyer window and door) 4 room windows UL, UR, LL, LR (UL = upper left, etc.) 6 ridge lines 1 bushes channel ---------------- Other items: 1 Snowman yard prop 2 yard trees 1 Singing Reindeer (four channels - nose, outline, open mouth, closed mouth) 12 channel candy cane pinwheel 8 channel
  5. James... Do you mind if I snag a copy as well? JonathanM.Simpson@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  6. I would like a copy if at all possible... JonathanM.Simpson AT gmail.com Thanks!
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