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  1. I'm wondering if I can replace my older G3 Director that is already mounted in a metal box with the controller? Will I be able to take that one out and replace it with this one?
  2. Wow, beautiful work! I can't even imagine try to sequence that many pixels let alone that song.
  3. That is awesome!! I don't have a lot of RGB flood lights , but if you decide to share I would love to get a copy. Willing to share anything I have but I'm not that fancy, still learning. Eric wally1@teleport.com
  4. any chance I can get a copy too? I have the music for the TSO version, just having a hard time trying to create a sequence to it. Never know there was an Ozzy version. wally1@teleport.com
  5. I wouldn't buy the whole whole transmitter, I heard they aren't very good. I bought mine on Amazon and got free 2 day shipping. I'd do that, and in 2 days you're be back up and running.
  6. Not to be a thread jumper but I just saw this. If I could have a copy as well I'd be willing to share anything I have. Eric wally1@teleport.com
  7. Does anyone have and is will to share Ozzy's Shot in the Dark? I want to add it to my Halloween but I am so slow at sequencing. I'd be happy to trade whatever I have. Thanks in advance. Eric
  8. Wow, that's awesome. I wish I could do something like that! I too hope there will be a tutorial!
  9. I searched this forum and was curious if anyone has and would willing to share Bing Crosby's White Christmas. I'm just not very good at sequencing and my wife loves this song. I'll be happy to trade whatever I have. Eric wally1@teleport.com
  10. Sorry to add my name to the list but I would love a copy too, I'm willing to trade anything I have. Eric Wally1@teleport.com
  11. Ya, I saw that too....I will check when I get home from work today. I may have turned it up because I wanted the music to be louder but it could have created just more distortion. I'm also going to stop and get a new audio cord so I hope I can solve this. Last year it came through pretty clear, so I must have changed something. I'll have to set it up exactly like I did before and check one thing at a time. Kinda frustrating to have it all set up and then hear static.
  12. I had my display set up for Halloween and all I heard was static this year. I searched this forum and saw this thread and one thing that struck me is one of the above posts mentioned to keep the transmitter away from the led lights. The only thing I changed this year was the placement of the transmitter, I put it on top of a hedge that had net lights. Now I'm wondering if that is the culprit? When I get home from work I'll have to place it somewhere else. I'm running my show from a director so I have limitation where to put it. I'm also going to try and plug the transmitter into its own circuit. Thanks for the suggestions. I have the CZH-08 from Amazon a few years ago, 60 bucks and works great when it's not throwing static.
  13. There was a vendor selling a relay with everything you needed to hook it up to an AC controller. It basically involved taking your old controller apart and soldiering a wire from the kit to it. After doing this it allowed you to continue to use the fog machine button like normal or have the relay control it. Took me about 10 minutes to hook up. I can't remember where I got it from but do a search for "Fog Timer Relay" and I'm sure you will find something. Eric
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