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  1. So I got my Halloween lights down and tested the controller. Looks like its the channel 2 and 5 that are giving me problems. I turn the lights on full intensity and it turns off, the other way leaves it on. All the other channels are fine. The Mosfetts even look darker than the others. I'll order some replacements and try to fix it.
  2. Thanks guys! I did a reset and it seems to be working. After my Halloween show I'll take it down and test everything. If it doesn't work then I'll replace the parts. Sounds like I may be able to repair it if I have to replace the mosfetts. I didn't want to go in there not knowing what I'm doing. Love these forums, always get great help! Eric
  3. Think I will just limp through my Halloween show since I already have it set up. Will try to fix it for Christmas. Where/how to I order the parts?
  4. Sorry for all the questions, I don't know a lot about the electronic part of this. I knew enough to attach the pigtails and make them change colors to the time I wanted them on. I think I can solder. So basically on the back loosen off the old solder, remove the tab or mosfet, insert a new one on and solder that? The ferrule goes on the end to protect the little strands from touching other parts and causing a short? Do those get soldered as well. Are these parts I can order from LOR or Amazon, or Radio Shack? What type, size, etc? If I can fix this myself it would be great. I could work on it this weekend. My neighbors really like my little show and all the kids in the neighborhood always come by to see it. I'd like it all to work. Sorry for my ignorance but I appreciate the help!
  5. Ya, I'm sure nothing was left on. I'm using a show director and I didn't have this problem last year. I'd hate to have to send it in because I'm in Oregon and it would probably take a very long time to get it back.
  6. Okay, I did that. Unplugged it and plugged it back on and they go on. Stupid question.... What is a mosfet and how do I fix it?
  7. I have a small problem in my CMB-24D and I hope someone can help me. I have it hooked up to 4 10watt RGB floods, and 3 dumb RGB strips. They all work great during my show, but afterwards 2 of the strips remain on and are light green. They stay there all on night. In the morning I unplug the whole controller to try to reset everything and it does it again the next day. I double checked my sequences and nothing is on after the show. Could this be a firmware issues? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Eric
  8. Hey James, I have a couple of your sequences, you do awesome work! Can I add my name to the request? wally1@teleport.com
  9. I'm wondering if I can replace my older G3 Director that is already mounted in a metal box with the controller? Will I be able to take that one out and replace it with this one?
  10. Wow, beautiful work! I can't even imagine try to sequence that many pixels let alone that song.
  11. That is awesome!! I don't have a lot of RGB flood lights , but if you decide to share I would love to get a copy. Willing to share anything I have but I'm not that fancy, still learning. Eric wally1@teleport.com
  12. any chance I can get a copy too? I have the music for the TSO version, just having a hard time trying to create a sequence to it. Never know there was an Ozzy version. wally1@teleport.com
  13. I wouldn't buy the whole whole transmitter, I heard they aren't very good. I bought mine on Amazon and got free 2 day shipping. I'd do that, and in 2 days you're be back up and running.
  14. Not to be a thread jumper but I just saw this. If I could have a copy as well I'd be willing to share anything I have. Eric wally1@teleport.com
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