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  1. Work like a charm. This will save a lot of time. Thanks Bob.
  2. With the pre-sales going on now, I am looking at doing a Mega Tree in 2016 and possibly outlining the roof. Which would be better for each, strings of pixels or the strips?
  3. I ran with version 4.1.2 Advanced, computer was unattended and ran without a hick up.
  4. CraigB

    Layout Schematic

    Attached is how I laid out my house. Craig 2015 LOR Layout.pdf
  5. I'd really appreciate a copy also if you don't mind. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
  6. Would appreciate if you could send. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
  7. Would appreciate acopy also, please. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
  8. I would much appreciate a copy also please. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
  9. Would also like a copy if you don't mind. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
  10. Sorry, cabarnes02@gmail.com Thanks, Craig
  11. Hi James, Could you please send if you don't mind. Thanks, Craig
  12. Sorry, cabarnes02@gmail.com Thanks, Craig
  13. I'd much appreciate the Pentronix sequences if you could also send them. Thanks, Craig
  14. Does anybody have Light of Christmas by TobyMac they are willing to share? Thanks, Craig
  15. Bryan, Could you please send when you have time. Thanks, Craig cabarnes02@gmail.com
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