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  1. sticks4legs

    Low voltage AC/DC Adapter

    I didn't think so, just wanted to confirm your original post. Thanks
  2. sticks4legs

    Low voltage AC/DC Adapter

    I just wanted to double check. I see this transformer outputs AC. you hooked it to your CMB with no issues?
  3. sticks4legs

    Low voltage AC/DC Adapter

    Thanks all for the replies. Looks like I have some testing to do this weekend. As asked for more detail. Currently I have my low voltage landscape lighting running across the deck and through the trees. There is combination of (6)5 watt led floods in the trees and (8) LED flush mount and stair lights running on the deck. (just your basic cheap big box white LED) All currently run on 12V AC transformer. I had hoped to dig up some of the landscape wire and connect a CMD24 and add 2-4 RGB floods into the trees and shinning out into the yard. What I was concerned about was running AC current into the CMD 24. I do have extra landscape lights, I will see if they run off a DC power supply. If not will look into the bridge suggestions. Thanks again!
  4. sticks4legs

    Low voltage AC/DC Adapter

    Not even sure they exist, hoping someone here might know. Looking to add to some lights to low voltage landscape lighting. Had planned on using CMD24 and a couple floods. I already have 12v low voltage wiring to the area however its AC. Does anyone know of 12V AC/DC converter? or low voltage unit that would work?
  5. sticks4legs

    LOR equipment to Canada

    I request that they don't ship UPS, their fees are astronomical. It can delays my order a few days but saves $$$
  6. sticks4legs

    Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    I have a few 350w knock off supplies and the fan does run constantly, no real effect just that I find the little cooling fans only make it about 2 years before a bearing goes.
  7. sticks4legs

    Rgb in SE

    I do 90% of my sequencing in SE. I find the individual control is better. You can see results the the display forum
  8. sticks4legs

    Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes

    What has turned out to be another popular one this year
  9. sticks4legs

    2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"

    Mostly the young...lol. It plays right after my Frozen mashup so the kids get a little worked up
  10. sticks4legs

    Whole House FM Transmitter

    Just another happy customer with CZ model from Amazon. Just pay for rush shipping
  11. sticks4legs

    2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"

    Here is the actual version not a visualizer. proving to be popular with the kids.
  12. sticks4legs

    lagging on my show

    A couple things to check. what is the file size you can also run sequence through the verifier to check it out. Last check your audio file. A glitchy audio file can cause problems
  13. sticks4legs

    Pixel power injection problem

    Which controller are you using?
  14. sticks4legs

    2017 Drone Video

    Looks good. Oh to have that space, i have to cram into a pie shaped cul-de-sac lot