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  1. sticks4legs

    Controlling LOR via DMX

    I believe LOR sells a XLR to RJ45 cable. You'll have to check to store.
  2. sticks4legs

    Need help with purchase

    You can purchase the flood light kits ready to go, it's a plug and play option http://store.lightorama.com/10wrgbflplpa.html If you want wireless you can purchase ELL http://store.lightorama.com/ealili.html
  3. sticks4legs

    My first year

    Looks good, not overly blinky blinky flashy, all well timed with music
  4. sticks4legs

    Colors follow eaves.....

    Right click on the prop, see the bottom row. Mine says remove channel level from Pixel Prop, you should be able view or add...sorry can't remember You can then draw your desired effect on your first row and due a manual chase across the pixels individually. In the example below I drew my pattern on Pixel 70 and then used the chase button across the rest of my garage eaves. You can see I didn't use my motion effects row.
  5. sticks4legs

    Colors follow eaves.....

    Two methods come to mind. Make a specific group of those runs you want to use, when setting it up in the preview make sure you pick the correct arrangement/stack you are looking for or works for your orientation Or go old school - add pixel level lines to each prop and then do a chase manually across them
  6. sticks4legs

    Mega tree base recommendations

    Permatex silver or copper anti-seize works great too
  7. sticks4legs

    Mega tree base recommendations

    I don't like pointing you to another forum but there is a great thread over at DIY Christmas with pictures and info on what people have done. Everything from PVC, conduit to gas pipe. Its 30+ pages so get comfy
  8. sticks4legs

    Custom Effects

    As i'm now in the stretch going back and touching up effects or adding in here an there, I'm curious what custom motion effects people have come up with with different layers and reveals. If you have a screen shot of effect generator on arches, trees, straight lines I'd be interested to see. I'm a big fan of originality so I would not use anything setting for setting.
  9. sticks4legs

    Background Effects on RGB channels

    A method I have used. Put the effect you want in the background at the start and end of your desired chase. Fill starting point in with background effect and then use the fill tool. Hard to explain, maybe below will help. I used this method alot on my arches or straight eaves strings. in this case don't use actual background button, just fill the with the desired effect. On or specific percentage intensity, color, etc 1- create colors and size to chase, but what you want in the background at beginning and end 2 - complete chase effect 3 - Fill vertical columns at beginning and end with desired background 4 - use fill tool to fill in the spaces. B-CCC-B B (FILL) B-CCC-B (FILL) B B (FILL) B-CCC-B (FILL) B B (FILL) B-CCC-B (FILL) B B (FILL) B -CCC-B (FILL) B B (FILL) B-CCC-B (FILL) B
  10. sticks4legs

    Clipboard S5 won't work

    I had the same issue. I used the work around below. Cumbersome but wasn't too bad I kept S4 on a separate computer, created the sequence on that computer first (just did the signing faces) , copied the clipboard, saved the file and then moved it over to S5 computer and opened it with S5. It opened just fine. Just make sure preview is setup to match channels.
  11. sticks4legs

    Falcon controller setup

    Your F16V3 is an E1.31 controller that should be connected to the ethernet port of your computer not via the LOR usb dongle. Search youtube or the manfucturers forums for that specific device, there is lots of info. As for the LOR setup, there are also tutorials to setup your light o rama network preferences and settings
  12. If I could ask a question as I'm in a similar situation. The RS485B does support enhanced networks with Pro level license. Will the enhanced network and smaller intensity files help the situation?
  13. sticks4legs

    Edit Audio

    Another vote for audacity here. To fix your timing problems, create a new sequence with the new audio find specific timings or specific part of song to line up and then copy/paste from one sequence to the other. Done it before, wasn’t a hassle at all lining it up
  14. sticks4legs

    S4 Visualizer Prop Import

    May have solved my own problem switching to condensed view, please do let me know if i have a setup issue though
  15. sticks4legs

    S4 Visualizer Prop Import

    Evening, When creating my preview from S4 visualizer file, is it normal for props to import with the Motion Effects row and Channel row full of X's (see below) i'm still able to sequence as needed just not sure why its importing like this. Is there an issue with how i set things up in visualizer? I want to be able to sequence at a channel level as well as use effects row. So i like the fact I have both, just would prefer not to have the extra rows of x's Just curious if thats how it is or its a user error. I also don't want to go through adjusting a full setup if there is something i need to to first. Using 5.1.4 Pro