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  1. Flood Mounts

    Looking to see if anyone can share some pictures of how they are mounting their RGB floods. Currently would like to put some just about the gutters, currently looking at an idea of using split PVC pipe pressure fit into the gutters so rain/snow can still flow underneath. Also not sure on a good idea to hang from the gutters.
  2. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    As others have mentioned, I don't believe there is a specific time max or min. I do know from my experience people do come to see specific songs..repeatedly. If its a long time between...ding dong!!! "Excuse me, can you make the lights play ........" (Oh, Frozen...) I haven't gotten into the MIIP program but if you are running a long show might be something to consider.
  3. 5.0.0 How do you edit the RGB lights?

    +1 to bringing back the button. I still draw and design effects by hand for my pixels
  4. Needing details to add pixel led strips for arches.

    To make my arches I attached pixel strips to PEX pipe with zip tire and then covered them with white 2" wire loom. The loom diffuses the light a bit so you don't get the bright spots of each bulb. I have them running off a e6804 but I'm sure the new pixie would be easier depending on your application.
  5. 10w 8-pack RGB floods

    Perfect thanks. I grabbed a set at the mad grab, just trying to get an idea of what the coverage and placement will be
  6. 10w 8-pack RGB floods

  7. I'm in the minority to say that I find it best so sequence pixels in the SE. For my opinion there is nothing that can give you the same control. Superstar is close but I find it more work on the individual level. It can be time consuming at the start but once you get the hang of it its not bad. If you want effects from Xlights just use the clipboard exporter and it works well.
  8. Pixie4 Network Requirements

    Thanks for the response. The LOR network would have my singing faces on it so any lag would look horrible. I'll look into a second network or HS network.
  9. I'm looking at adding a few RGB snowflakes next year with around 70-80 pixels on each. Looking to add 4 in total. I read that the Pixie4 will run on the traditional or enhanced LOR network. I currently use an ELL from my computer outside to eliminate the wire. If I remember correctly it has limited network speeds, (115K I believe) Will a Pixie4 work at these speeds properly or will I required a wired network with high speed usb adapter. Currently the LOR network only has 2 CTB16, the rest is running on LAN based e1.31
  10. HELP The show keeps crashing every other night.

    Check your background operations or scheduled tasks as well. I had problems a couple years ago where a defrag and other software updates would cause this.
  11. Power Supply Cooling Fans

    Always good to hear. Thanks
  12. Power Supply Cooling Fans

    I went by Princess auto, The one they had is too big to mount inside the the case but if last minute fix needed I could mount it external.
  13. Power Supply Cooling Fans

    I have two different types. On a couple units the cooling fans are always on a low speed, even with nothing connected to 12 volt output immediately whey they are plugged in to 120 volt. The cooling fans speed up with draw. The other units only turn on when they reach a certain temp and I have yet to hear any of them ever turn on. Its the supplies where the fans run constantly that are starting to fail. Cheap components probably not meant to spin 24/7 The fact that I've never heard the others turn on makes me a little more relaxed they will make it the next 12 days. I'm also going to try an computer parts store today, but my first attempt was not succesfull. I don't need massive CPU fans
  14. Power Supply Cooling Fans

    2 of the cooling fans on my 12V 350W power supplies are starting to growl, i assume its bad bearings? I removed them and shot them with some white lithium spray..LOL.. I just need them to get me through 12 more nights. If they fail will Canadian cold temps keep the PS cool enough? Let me know your thoughts.... Also, if anyone in Canada has any spares for sale let me know.
  15. Making a movie

    You can use screen capture software. There are multiple available on line for free and $$$