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  1. Very cool. I live in a cul-de-sac and would love to do something like this, but buy-in is limited
  2. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    You don't need a null if windows 1 & 2 are working correctly. Controller to window 1 is your longest run and appears to be working properly. The last pixel on window 2 will regenerate and send the data to window 3. I would agree, I believe you have a power problem. 80 pixles on a 24 foot connection from your controller, I would guess your power injection is also running a bunch of pixels on window 2, along with 3 and 4
  3. Smart RGB Extension Cords

    Is this what you are looking for? http://store.lightorama.com/piex.html
  4. 2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"

    i'll try that next time, thanks. My issue is more with the video, I can see some movements on the singing tree and mini trees that are missed.
  5. Who is ready to laugh at me

    i chased cords, connections and computers for hours.......all over a tripped GFCI. Most have a face palm story at some point
  6. Kids pick for 2017. i need better capture software, this doesn't seem to keep up with everything. You're Welcome - Moana
  7. Controllers at the prop locations

    Rubbermaid containers work great, just cut a small whole for data & extension cable to come in and out. Easy and cheap at any big box.
  8. Virtual Santa

    I had the projector turn on with a timer in the daylight and then used a batch file to start the video once it got dark out. Since then I've moved to a projector that will play from the USB and just let it start early with the screen blue startup screen.
  9. Uninstall S5?

    Yes i went back to S4 with no issue for main sequencing and show computers. I left S5 on another machine to test S4 sequences in S5 as thats the way its going I figured it would might save a headache down the road.
  10. Setting Up DUMB RBG as a newbie using CAT5

    Always good to show what you did, even if others agree or disagree it can sometimes spur thoughts and ideas for others. Tip for your solder - after you twist them together, get some flux on there, get a big blob of solder on the tip of your iron and touch it to them, it will take quickly and easily.
  11. Re-ordering RGB to BRG

    Agree with K6ccc, just change the setup on your controller based on each output. That is how I do it on my E682 and 6804
  12. Complete NOOB H E L P

    Another great source of info is John Storms. He is on these boards and has a youtube channel ListentoourLights
  13. Preview and sequence questions

    Thanks again for all your assistance. Can I also say your attention to issues on the S5 beta is very much appreciated. As for the driver update, the Intel link came back with no update. I will continue to poke around.
  14. Being original.

    A thought that has crossed my mind countless times. All mine are originals. I did share a sequence when I first started and quickly saw someone selling it and another taking credit for it. Won't make that mistake again I am even starting to find all the preset effects on pixels getting repetitive. When watching displays or videos you can see the people that create or merge two effects and my hats off to them for the creativity.
  15. Sounds like you need 2 things start from the beginning. plug in your USB adapter. Run the hardware utility and setup your com port. second is not to enable a schedule and run the sequence editor at the same time