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  1. LOR equipment to Canada

    I request that they don't ship UPS, their fees are astronomical. It can delays my order a few days but saves $$$
  2. Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    I have a few 350w knock off supplies and the fan does run constantly, no real effect just that I find the little cooling fans only make it about 2 years before a bearing goes.
  3. Rgb in SE

    I do 90% of my sequencing in SE. I find the individual control is better. You can see results the the display forum
  4. Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes

    What has turned out to be another popular one this year
  5. 2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"

    Mostly the young...lol. It plays right after my Frozen mashup so the kids get a little worked up
  6. Whole House FM Transmitter

    Just another happy customer with CZ model from Amazon. Just pay for rush shipping
  7. 2017 Kids Pick "You're Welcome"

    Here is the actual version not a visualizer. proving to be popular with the kids.
  8. lagging on my show

    A couple things to check. what is the file size you can also run sequence through the verifier to check it out. Last check your audio file. A glitchy audio file can cause problems
  9. Pixel power injection problem

    Which controller are you using?
  10. 2017 Drone Video

    Looks good. Oh to have that space, i have to cram into a pie shaped cul-de-sac lot
  11. Basic light setup

    You can create a short animation sequence that just turns everything on and set it to loop like you mentioned On the show builder you need to check off "Turn lights off box" Search the forums, there are posts with full descriptions
  12. Trouble with multiple controllers

    The controllers can be linked in any order, they don' t need to be sequential. I would test each controller individually on its own, use a cable you know works and test one at a time, no others hooked up. Confirm the hardware utility can find them and confirm the unit number on each when its found. this will do 2 things - check each controller and rule out an issue - if each controller works on its own its very possible a cable issue

    Have you tried something else in the outlet to confirm it has power?
  14. Transmitting Songs

    Like mentioned above, i doubt you will have any issue.....as long as you don't collect money If you find legal jargon interesting Google "Fair Use Act"