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  1. Thanks for the info. Not sure when this changed but puts weight into "If it ain't broke don't update"
  2. Hello All, Has anyone run into the issue below before? Create playback files is not an option in my S5 File menu
  3. Import your old sequences, this will create your preview in S5. Once you have your preview, go in and add the mega tree as a new prop. Once you have your tree setup in your preview you can use that preview for anything.
  4. i'm hoping someone out there might have a singing face to share for Whats this from nightmare before xmas. Lyrics are just too fast for me to make it look good.
  5. here is his youtube page https://www.youtube.com/user/listentoourlights/videos
  6. Hit up youtube, there are lots. jstorms has lots of good ones
  7. Have you tried right clicking on the file and selecting "Open With"
  8. I have multiple PS of that style that the fun runs constantly, only thing that happens is the fan bearings start to make noise after a year or two. Replacement fans are cheap on Ebay
  9. I would love to see a reveal effect on its own. I know you can use multiple layers or Left reveals right but just an effect to do different types of reveals would be nice. (maybe I just need more teaching)
  10. click on the icon beside "Show All Item" and click export. (can't remember the exact terminology) That will export your channel config to a file that you can take with you to your other PC
  11. Always nice to see another canuck trudging through the snow with me Nice job
  12. Sorry to hear. At least the few that I have heard about around here, it’s just theft of cords for the pennies in copper. No major decorations damaged
  13. As Don mentioned, just draw do it the old fashioned way
  14. It is a prop, on the sequencing screen right click on your props, insert new prop above or insert below. I can grab screen shot when off phone
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