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  1. Thanks all. It will work out. My Things are in a storage unit. Trying to work something out with them.
  2. Well all, I will not be having my display this year. We were forced out of our house by our Landlords wife. We now live in a small apartment and all our Christmas is in storage. As of right now we are locked out of storage and are facing losing all of our belongings. I am so depressed right now that I do not know what to do. Just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for letting me do that.
  3. Hello Old Sarge. Thank you for your service. I myself and my son were in the Military. May I have the link also. Thanks, dfarish54@outlook.com
  4. What I need to now is if someone has ordered from Ray Wu's store, what were the customs fees for the amount you ordered.
  5. Thanks for the answer about the customs fees,but that did not answer the main question. Which of the smart strips is compatible to the CCR strip that LOR has? I want to order from Ray but want to get the right items. Thanks, Doug
  6. I guess they are the 5050 smart and dumb strips. Ones that I have is a CCR 150 x 5060 SMD RGB LEDs, 36 watts @ 12 VDC and was purchased from Light O Rama. The others are dumb strips.150 - 50/50 RGB LED - 16' (5 meters) long, Input 12VDC, 20 Watts. Thanks, Doug
  7. I know this has been asked before but when ordering from Ray Wu, which rgb strips are compatible with the LOR controller? Also do you have to pay the customs fee on the order? Thanks, Doug
  8. I am sure that it blew something on the board. I had a open channel and the strip workes just fine. Thanks, Doug
  9. I am having a problem with the wiring on a dumb rgb strip. The connection that was going into the strip came lose. I looked and two of the wires had broke ;lose and I had to cut the strip. I wired it back according to the way it said to do but the strip stays on. Doug
  10. That is what I thought. I was just wanting to make sure. I have had m y ham license for over 20 years now and sure do not want to lose them. I can live with the part 15. Thanks all for the answers. You really helped. Doug
  11. Not sure if this is the place to ask but here goes. I am a ham radio operator, does this limit me to the low power part 15 or can I do more? My lic is Tech Plus. Thanks, Doug
  12. I know that this has been brought up before but I can't seem to find what I am lookinmg for. Here is what I need. I am going to build an arch that has eight channels. I am not sure on how to get it to do a chase. I have tried and can not seem to get the timinmgs right, The output just does not look right. Any help would be great. Doug
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