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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3eJ-Z17akk&feature=youtube_gdata_player Finally got them done and created a small test sequence
  2. Im super happy with the leds and how everything is coming together I have ordered some yamaha outdoor speakers and a czh fm transmitter I have 1 16ch controller and the advanced software pack 5,000 LEDs 6 24" mini trees that I built 4 8' firesticks Ill post videos as I finish more projects and add to it but heres my first test with the mini trees! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3eJ-Z17akk&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  3. Well the guy just got back with me via emal and his fire sticks and the trees are all coro plast and tons of holes drilled... so not 3d but super uniform looking and bright doubt ill be trying that this year but I did get the trees done finally and pretty full looking ill post a picture tomorrow
  4. Well the first thread was more so about the fire sticks amd now that im started on my mini trees im having second thoughts about how I want to wrap them
  5. Wanting tips or pointers on wrapping my mini trees theyr 24" tall and 13" around at the base I built them from 1/4" steel round rod I have 200 lights wrapped around this one and its not even 1/4 way done I want them bright and full looking similar to the guys trees in this video Thanks for any tips guys
  6. awesome thanks for the advice i have been thinking of ways to have the poles upright and stable without wires or string also what size pvc did you use?
  7. iv ordered my LEDs from holiday light express finally and when they arrive ill be building my sticks and wrapping my mini trees! my only question is on the sticks, i have 3/4" & 1" PVC in 10' sections... do i construct them the same way as most do an arch say 100ct 5mm led per 11"-15" sections of PVC and is 3/4" or 1" more preferred in building these? ill attach a few videos of my favorite poles or sticks iv seen... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuwTTkRCYOk&feature=c4-overview&list=UUIrmjp7Lmia6h0W_8UOFR2A also would love to know how he got his mini trees so full looking? in the video above^^^^^^^^^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zjXr6Qnpcw any advice would be great before i waste anytime!! thanks for everything guys!
  8. Awesome man thanks agn for your feedback now on to finishing up the mini trees and on to the next song! Im pretty excited to get this rolling
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I had some stuff like that going on but i took some of it out i felt me being a drummer i was doing too much... like i said thats why i posted it to get feedback from you guys that are more experienced! Also Thanks for the info on the trees ill go pick up the 200ct minis for each one tomorrow So in your opinion how did I do for starting from scratch and being my first sequence? I tend to over think alot of things like is there too much going on right here or I wonder if it will seem empty or blank here..
  10. Ill have close to 5,000 lights this year And while im on the topic whats a good number of mini leds to put on 24" tall mini trees standard iv seen was 100 of each color but my trees will stay white so is 100 enough? Or should I double that? Thanks
  11. First off id like to say thank you to everyone on this forum with out reading and researching on here theres no way I would've been brave enough to buy and attempt this lol! But im doing it, I plan on buying some sequences or "borrowing some to make my own" for my small show this year if it does fail or if hate this sequence when it goes on the house and real lights ill either stick to others sequences for this year or just do a gradual fade and some on off animations. .. lets hope I dont have to do that!!! Id say iv got 10 hours into sequencing but granted the first few hours I was piddling trying to figure out the software Anyways iv got the video uploading of my first sequence to carol of the bells by august burns red. Current setup C9 blue led roof trim lights All other lights are c6 or mini Blue led window and front door trim lights Ultra white led "fire sticks" I have 4 of them but ill have each one wired as a whole just as say a solid light bar bc of the shortage of channels (tempo and timing accents) Ultra white 24" home made mini trees with 1/4" round rod rolled into hoops and all the straights as well I have 6 of these. Next year if this goes decent ill be adding red white and green to the roof and all the windows and hopefully wiring the fire sticks like they should be and adding some arches but like I said we'll see how it goes Im in a small neighborhood and not many people do Christmas lights in our town much less neighborhood lol hopefully it will be a success and good for the community Again I thank everyone for the knowledge and know how on this site its helped me a great deal! Thanks Blake Ill post the video as soon as its done uploading
  12. Anyone willing to share plz send them my way Palletco@gmail.com
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