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  1. Yeah I have a transmitter and a big tune to sign I just surprisingly dont have a small portable radio
  2. well i just got them up and i have a few sequencing things to work on but the overall product turned out great for me! also my first time using spt cable and ends and man o man was that the way to go!! sry in advace for the quiet music but i have lots of close neighbors and i always shut down at 9pm on weekdays so i thought they may not like me testing at 11pm got to keep the neighbors happy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fwtYlkOHqI&feature=share&list=UUk2YwrV--jvvzUfDntgZGMw
  3. bhunt240

    Hello All!

    yes as stated above make an animation light sequence with all lights on then when you go to the show editor and show scheduler not the simple show builder just add the lights on sequence before and after your show and have it loop repeatedly until the time specified (and for an all on sequence you can make it as long or short as you want) just have a separate shows during the night with only the lights on sequence from 4pm-5pm and then a separate show for the animation for 5pm-5:30pm then lights on for 5:30pm-6:30pm etc.....
  4. yes sir that is what its about there's no one in my area at all that does a full computer animated set up like these, most have a plug n play light show from lowes or home depot and quickly found out that it is nothing the same as LOR or these full animation set ups! this is my first year and have had it running daily since Thanksgiving night and i have had all kinds of visitors and a few kiddos dancig in the yard and driveway and man did that make me smile not to mention i love seeing my 4 year old sons eyes light up every time we pull into our neighborhood and he says daddy turn the radio up for the Christmas lights!! not going to lie its a good feeling to see that many people get enjoyment out of some flashing lights!! i brought a guy over to my house from work that said "awe i do the same thing at my house, the little green box that plays music and you hook all the lights too?" i said maybe? but im not real sure you should just swing by tonight after work and ill show you how mine works... lol needless to say he was stunned just by my little small setup especially when i explained to him that we sequenced the lights to the music and have to tell every channel when to come on, fade, twinkle, and shimmer.... his jaw dropped he congratulated me on a great show and said ill never compare my little box to what you do with your lights this is awesome this being my first year and starting 2 months ago i had 16ch and now i have 32ch and planning on 112 for next year im uploading a short video of my test run on the candy cane spinner on my house, i just finished them today and need to finish up the cords to the other side of the house tomorrow and get them both going!
  5. ahh i see id say thats what it is i thought about putting like a shadow of white coro behind mine being that they are against our tan brick home but i decided that would be to much work to do individually lol! You have amazing display sir
  6. How did you get the candy canes on the garage doors so bright?
  7. Clamps like these http://www.hardwarestore.com/conduit-hanger-with-nut-and-bolt-616612.aspx
  8. That isnt my house in the video but the way we did mine although not lit this year we went ahead and got it rigged for next year's display We did 10' sections of 1/2" Conduit pvc with spring type clamps permanently mounted
  9. Id like to see the pictures! Although I know im going commercial next year just enjoy seeing the differences
  10. Already have plans for next year and already mapped out the 96 channels and running a few test sequences on all the new items ill be adding *All commercial LEDs on the house and windows and doors (Red/Green/Blue strands) *4- 7ch 10' long arches *wire my 7ch firesticks with individual channels to make them chase instead of the plain (off/on) *adding stars ontop of the 4 firesticks *snow flakes cascading across the roof or down the fascia of the house in between the windows *And hopefully a mega tree on 2 dedicated controllers
  11. Finally got a few videos of my first ever lor and christmas light show, we have been in our house a little less than a year now. I went out on a limb and bought a controller to see how id like it before I went overboard lol anf now iv already built 2- 8' tall candy cane spinners and purchased a controller im just awaiting the snow and ice to melt enough to get on the roof!! Anyways heres a few videos I have more to the show but this gives you an idea of how I sequence and my take on all of it 16 channels all led Blue house outlines Fire sticks pure white Mini trees pure white Dont be to harsh on me lol I bought the software and controller in late November and worked non stop to get it done and actually fired it up the night of thanksgiving but iv still been sequencing and adding to the show! Big thanks to everyone on here and all the knowledge on these forums!
  12. Sorry this was a mis post I made another thanking everyone and a few pictures and I think a short video I need to get out and video my whole show! I did 16ch at first and I couldn't take it I loved working on it so I bought another controller and built 2- 12ch candy cany spinners for on the roof that are about 8' tall each awaiting the ice to melt enough to put them up and now iv gotten all my sequences adjusted and added to with the candy canes hopefully I didn't do too much but we'll see!!
  13. Thanks guys all the info I needed We got a good dose of ice and a dry snow here in ky and made the light show look even better! Looking forward to next year with 4 arches, red green and blue leds, and the fire sticks hooked up properly instead of just being all on or all off!!
  14. iv been doing a lot of thinking about next years display and being after Christmas sales will be coming i want to try to figure out if theres any truth to this video?? i agree that my phillips (target) C9 leds on the roof dont seem as bright as my windows, fire sticks and mini trees.... but is it really that big of a difference or is it just light spacing differences? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiAV5ZbeoMY&list=FLk2YwrV--jvvzUfDntgZGMw&index=4
  15. looks great!! I just started this year about a month ago with 16ch and iv already added a controller and added to all my sequences for this year to add 2 - 12ch candy cane spinners on the roof but wired reverse so one spins clockwise and the other is counterclockwise stuff is addictive i lv already got plans and most of the props made up for next year i plan on going to 96 or 112 channels
  16. Thank you sir just wondering if anyone was doing this already bought the lag bolts and tar like roof patch tube so now onto the building and waiting on my controller
  17. Well guys I couldn't take it anymore lol I bought another controller to add to my first year 16ch display and im building a 12ch 7' candy cane spinner im in the middle of building a hub for them and a pole with a base mounted on the same angle as the pitch on my roof but im unsure wether I should just use lag bolts and silicone them or try to do guy wire to the gutter or something? ? Any tips would be great we plan on finishing them tomorrow Thanks
  18. +1 on the CZH-05b Mine works great and picks up clear about a mile away
  19. Next year I plan on adding ridge line lights and everywhere you see blue will be 3 channels, blue, green, and red 3 10' long arches 7 channels 3 more mini trees to make 9 2 or 3 channel stars on top of each fire stick 1 candy cane spinner with 10 or 12 candycanes Hopefully some snowflakes on the roof
  20. got mine done with 7 channels and 7' tall with 5" empty at the bottom of each one to keep out of the snow etc
  21. Heres some more progress All on 100% is super bright(to me anways)
  22. Thanks I couldn't have done it without these forums and all the how to videos! Coming along pretty nicely for only having bought everything in mid November
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