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  1. Yeah im sure its just a typing mis hap but they emailed me and told me when the sale started and yes my order went through on those prices and I also saved an extra 2% total for paying in whole up front
  2. Every price is marked down... it saved me over 500 http://www.holiday-light-express.com/M6_mini_LED_Christmas_Lights-35.php
  3. Congratulations! Our local newspaper is actually supposed to be stopping by today to get some pictures of our display
  4. You can pick up a czh-05b fairly cheap and also heres a nice 16ch whe house setup they doubled up on alot of items being very well balanced
  5. Just my 2cents but if your not wanting an elaborate setup with 1,000 color possibilities then just buy some nice C6 or C9 retro fit LEDs from some of the vendors on here and buy a cheaper animated power strip or all in one box so your whole house can fade between green and red You'll save a ton of money and still achieve the LED low energy cost/bright colors and most all the vendors sell sealed socket full wave leds so no water problems or the typical led (flicker) Just my input You can also do as many on here do myself included and use PVC pipe for mounting the light strands to and then mount the pvc pipe on your soffits
  6. i didnt want to wait and possibly not have some of the items i wanted so i went ahead and bought the LEDs from HLE they started their pre sale today but im waiting on the controllers and if they do go on sale ill snag up more C6s to build a mega tree
  7. im not sure but i emailed HLE and they told me the sale starts today and iv already ordered about 13,000 leds and i noticed that the case of 24- 100 ct strands of red c6s were already gone after i placed my order ( or it may have been a web glitch but they wer gone) nvrmd that! lol just double checked and theyr back on there
  8. im about to place another order but this time for my spt with C9 sockets, i noticed they also offer a C9 rubber socket washer the info reads that they help hold bulbs in place and keep moisture out... do i really need these on my strobe lights and LED retro fits???
  9. already planning for next year i just placed a decent size order to convert all my already blue leds on my house and add green and red to have 3 colors on the roof 6" spacing and i already built the ideas i had for mounting them to the ridge line so next year the whole roof will be outlined with all 3 colors as will the door and windows, and the wife wanted me to do the arches for next year in purple so thats what i ordered all commercial sealed full wave LED's cant wait to see them in action next year! 2013 = 4,700 LED's, 32 channels 2014 = 13,600+ LED's 112 channels (not counting if i decide to do a mega tree) <-- wife wants one
  10. i think me and the family are going to be making the drive up in the next week or so! pretty excited
  11. thank you sir! im really happy with how they turned out, and i believe the town is too that's all they have talked about since i put them up!
  12. awesome i used 30" LED canes from menards when they went on sale! good luck thank you!
  13. haha thats almost my exact reaction i had! i already had my whole display done(being my first year 16channels) and i seen a few videos pop up somewhere of them and i was like " I will build that!" thanks for the kind words im still very green to this hobby but learning quickly thank you kind sir! me and my family love them and surprisingly enough its made the town visitors stop by twice as much and iv had tons of compliments on them!!
  14. New video with both up and going
  15. Heres a video of both spinners up and working with a short clip of a dub step Christmas song just happened to be the song on when we left for town
  16. Could you message ir email me some more info on your trees please? Palletco@gmail.com
  17. Got the idea of just a straight line pin wheel and then I just happen to see a video of a Christmas display with a candy cane pin wheel and I was immediately hooked I did some research on here and on planet Christmas and found tons of helpful info as well as a 12ch cane pinwheel prop for my visualiser
  18. Id love the sequences sir, any and all can help Palletco@gmail.com Ill post pictures as soon as I can
  19. Well this is my first year and I finally have sone footage of the show and kast night I added 1 of the 2 7' tall candy cane spinners
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