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  1. I am adding to my display this year jumping to 128ch but only using like 118 anways I had 4 poles last year that wer 9' and 7ch this year I was thinking about a few different options -2 poles 20' tall 14ch on sister channels wired togetger but on opposite sides of the yard with stars on top -4 poles 11' tall 9ch each all on sister channels wired together - 2 poles 9' tall inside the 10' spiral trees Idk I might take them out of the display all together??? I cant make up my mind
  2. How big are your stars on the trees?? and also how many lights are on the mini trees looks amazing!! off of your help through messages im building 2 10' spirals for this years display thanks for the help sir
  3. I know everyone is going to say research and search tool but I looked around here and it seemed that most were using 34' 100ct strands on 20' and less trees but I used a Mega Tree Calculator and I put in a 30' center pole height 15' base diameter And it said I needed 31' string length that just doesn't seem right to me so thats why im asking And opinions from anyone with a 30' tree on base sizes and string length and if I dont use a radio tower what is the other materials you use for your center poles? Thanks Blake
  4. I think c9s would look good just not as many per strand = more strands and usually larger spacing between bulbs so it may take more to get a full effect Just my 2centa Cents*
  5. Most all I have seen have used c6s but im sure m6s would work as well I'll be using c6s on my arches spiral trees and mega tree next year
  6. I was still contemplating ordering over 100 50ct strings for some smaller spiral trees
  7. Im glad they are aware of this I just purchased a ton of c6s and retrofit c9 bulbs r,g,b,w hopefully no failures all 70ct and 100ct strands
  8. these topics that i found in the search on the forums is where i came up with my ideas http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/14437-new-twist-on-candy-cane-spinners-idea/?hl=%20candy%20%20cane%20%20spinner post number 52 and 53 his facebooke link is where i got my idea from http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/18895-pinwheel-test/page-2
  9. Alright ill ask the seller to look at that, any big differences in the gen2 controllers vs my gen3's?? Im also using all commercial leds next year if that makes a difference on the gen2
  10. Hey everyone im looking into purchasing some used controllers but he is unsure of what gen they are but said they wer bought a few years ago... just wondering when they wer first sold and also what is tge the difference in a gen2 vs my gen3 controllers I already have?? Thanks Blake
  11. On a new post or on this one? Im mainly interested in controllers if any are gen3
  12. Looks great how many channels are you using this is my first year as well
  13. Well I just bought a bunch of blue led snowflakes for the roof, hopefully that will look good caught them onsale at Menards
  14. And lots of it!! I thought 1000' would be way more than I needed and im out lol Start off next years supply rte now during all these sales I just purchased 4000'
  15. Good looking display! But if I build a tree it will be a minimum of 25' tall
  16. Im thinking do the 7 snow flakes across the roof in a zig zag pattern and ill also have the roof ridge outlined next year to draw your eye higher as well and then start planning the mega tree id love to do a 25-30' but id have to have a pretty big base and at that height id eat up 32-64 channels alone on the tree easily
  17. yessir my thoughts as well as i said above in the 2014 list of must haves if i can snag up some BIG snow flakes on sale id like to have 7 offset on the roof, and funny you say that the spinners were built to go there and all the ice and snow prevented me from mounting them so i attached long steaks to them pounded into the ground with 2 guy wires also thought about a big merry christmas sign up there
  18. dont know if its much help but you can look at a few of my crappy videos being my first year this was 16ch and then i added another controller for the candy cane spinners and now have plans of over 100 channels for next year.... theres other videos on my channel
  19. hey guys i know its early and i know everyone is busy but im trying to configure next years setup, this year was my first year and 32ch next year i know will be 112+ channels Roof gutter and outlining roof ridge in red/green/blue retro fit led C9's 4 - Windows and front door outlined in red/green/blue led C6's 4 - 7ch fire sticks in cool white led m5's (possibly running 2 sticks together to save on channels?) 4 - 7ch leaping arches in purple led C6's (wife wanted something purple in the display) 7 - 24" mini trees in cool white led m5's 100+ strobes on 1ch 7 - snowflakes for the roof led (if i can find a decent deal after Christmas or make some) 2 - 8' tall 12ch candy cane spinners (wired together but reversed to spin in opposite directions) any other ideas?? i have been tossing around the idea of doing a 25'+ mega tree on the far left of my front yard but it may be too much for this small of a yard... ill attach some pictures also keep in mind we have no landscaping or bushes this year and will next year across the front thanks for any and all help just trying to think of some cool new ideas
  20. Looks good! I wish I had an extra controller lol I was actually just talking to my wife about doing some inside animation... she quickly said I don't think so ha ha ha ha oh well
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